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Bangladesh Group Gives Government 24 Hours To Shutter French Embassy In Dhaka

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Bangladesh Group Gives Government 24 Hours To Shutter French Embassy In Dhaka

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On November 2nd, Hefazat-e-Islam Bangladesh issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the government to shut down the Embassy of France in Dhaka.

Junaid Babunagari, secretary general of the organization, issued the ultimatum after calling off their march and siege program near Malibag-Mouchak flyover of Shantinagar.

Prior to that, a rally of several hundreds of Hefazat leaders and activists, who gathered in front of the national mosque Baitul Mukarram, started marching to lay siege on the French embassy in Dhaka.

The rally was called off after the rally crossed Bijoy Nagar intersection, following a police barricade.

“Showing respect to the duty of law enforcement officials, journalists, and the emotion of the participating Muslim brothers, we are stopping here today,” Junaid Babunagari said while addressing the rally from a pick-up van.

He also warned:

“We will not stop here in our next program. We will go to the embassy and destroy it if our demands are not met.

“[French president] Emmanuel Macron should beg for forgiveness. We will not return home until the government presses home the demands. Statues made in the name of sculptures should be taken down,” he added.

Before the march began, Junaid Babunagari demanded introducing capital punishment for anyone found guilty of insulting Prophet Muhammad in Bangladesh.

He also demanded that the Bangladesh government sever all diplomatic ties with France in protest of the display of a caricature of Prophet Muhammad.

He also urged all the Muslim majority countries as well as OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) affiliated countries to cut all the diplomatic ties with France.

“France insulted our Prophet (pbuh). We ask everyone to boycott French products. Keep French products under your feet,” he added.

More than 20 European Muslim organizations have called on French President Emmanuel Macron to end his “divisive rhetoric”, as the fallout between France and the Muslim world continues.

In an open letter published on October 31st, the organizations from several countries including the Netherlands, Finland and Italy said the French leader has failed to provide “strong moral leadership” following the killing of a teacher and three worshippers in a church in Nice.

“Maligning Islam and your own Muslim citizens, closing mainstream mosques, Muslim and humanitarian rights organizations, and using this as an opportunity to stir up further hatred, has given further encouragement to racists and violent extremists,” the signatories said, urging Macron to rethink what they called his “unilateral assault on Muslims, Islam and Prophet Muhammad”.

“The moral high ground that we invite you to, is to reject hatred, marginalization and divisive rhetoric, and use your leadership to bring people together.”

While Muslims in France have condemned the killing of the teacher, they have also expressed fears of collective punishment amid a government crackdown targeting Islamic organizations and attacks by vigilante groups on mosques.

In their letter, the signatories denounced the French government’s crackdown, including the closure of mosques and charities authorities had accused of inciting hatred, among other things.

“This opportunistic behavior undermines the principles of the rule of law by closing down associations based on political motivations and without sound legal procedures,” they said.

French President Emmanuel Macron, in an exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, said his words were distorted, stressing that political leaders had intentionally led people to believe the caricatures were a creation of the French state.

“The caricatures are not governmental projects, but emerged from free and independent newspapers that are not affiliated with the government,” he said.

“I understand the sentiments being expressed and I respect them. But you must understand my role right now, it’s to do two things: to promote calm and also to protect these rights,” Macron said.

“I will always defend in my country the freedom to speak, to write, to think, to draw,” he added.

He also said the “radical Islam” he was trying to fight was a threat to all people, especially Muslims.

“Today in the world there are people who distort Islam and in the name of this religion that they claim to defend, they kill, they slaughter … today there is violence practised by some extremist movements and individuals in the name of Islam,” Macron said.

“Of course, this is a problem for Islam because Muslims are the first victims,” he added. “More than 80 percent of the victims of terrorism are Muslims and this is a problem for all of us.”

In France itself there’s a standoff between Armenians and Azerbaijani’s, since Paris supports Yerevan in the fighting for Nagorno-Karabakh.

There haven’t been any other attacks, but there have been protests against the treatment of Muslims.


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Great Khan

Little monkey Jew man Macroni…stoopid…marry grandmother make many beeble angry with horseshit talk…France kaputenheimer,,,with Armeni loser hahahha

Mr T

and they thought Erdogan does not have power in the Muslim world, just with one word France is thrown out from Muslim countries….


erdogan is easy to kill. if his own people do not kill him soon with a failed economy, then another country will

Mr T

okin mean time armenia’s future is destroyed… I saw the soldiers they send now, young, old, girls to the front…

shame no armenian men wil be left for the armenian girls…dont come to our borders when you are hungry.

dont worry there is enough Russian and Turkish men for these Armenian ladies.

When Russia takes over armenia, they will open borders and let the hordes of Turkish men in to look for girls, enjoy in armenia vegas.


1000 dead from 3 million ok camel

Fog of War

” Turkish men for these Armenian ladies. ” Why do Turkish men hate their women so much ?

Jens Holm

Anybody can comewith comments like that. More like Macron has power too. He follow the French Constitution and what I stand for.

We do have free speech and that includes commics. That devllop us in steas of selfcreated dark and being poor by purpose.

Some muslim randoms dont decide what non muslims has made as some artificial creation 1500 years ago.

Mr T

micron started to shift …..

lets see the economic impacts on the poor french.


french doing well and remember that being in france in worst ghetto you ever seen is always better than live in Turkey . It sums up huge difference when it comes to standard of life in France and 3rd world country like Turkey. Who want to travel to France ? 90% people , who want to live in Turkey ? huh ? anyone ? hello ? xD

Jens Holm

I partly agreee in this. If it was that bad people would not come here, so we sometimes think we should shoot them in their swimming wests or parashute them back.

I only know the living standards in the poor suburbs in France is pretty low. I also know why. If people behave as displaced they are. Many also seemes to have been lied for by their own telling them this is some Mecca or Medina.

As I see it a main reason for it is muslims dont have in their raising that Our freedom also demands responsability even when we are not under command.

Its the same for many things. When we have relative free and open sex, we also know of and learn about how all bodyparts are and they have to be treated nice and in agreement. Or else it rape or semilar. We all let all know, that its possible and a good thing because You can use many kinds of contraseption(incl abortion).

Many more things are allowed or a right here, and we help – BUT – we learn own responsability and the Governess is in it having a cane as well as candy.


I’m really curious too :) anyway the rulling banksters of EU are prepared to avoid being scapegoats in case of chrisis.

And if I was a migrant in EU and start to read in financial publications new titles like ‘process of deglobalidation’, ‘financial contagion’, ‘exogenic chrisis’ I’d pay even more attention to this signals.

Or you think only Erdogan can use nationalism to cover the internal chrisis? :)

Jens Holm

Yes, he think so. For him its soap for Erdogan. But soap is not enough to cleanf Erdopedia,

Furkan Sahin

Erdogan is worse than Assad

Jihadi Colin

Just about anyone in power in West Asia is worse than secular, civilised Dr Assad.

Duda & Cami


Jens Holm

Fine with me. Many of the poor in France are incommers doing absolutly nothing and should do nothing or get a job where they come from.

In the danish budget last year we paid muslims 3 billion dollar. Thats OUR money. Those who contribute are welcome.

We are a sekular state semilar to France in those matters and not runned by some christian fanatics, so why should we be runned by muslims ones. We have made space for both and other religions in most of its moderate versions.

So there are space for most incommers and people living here. If not they can go to 180 other countries.

We ´never can accept several of the Islamic traditions. Many are not even from Islam but as we say “The Devil writes the Chrisian bible”.

So Our sekular Constitution is above any religion and religion by that more or less is a privat matter and even as long as that private matter is inside the constituion and Our laws made from that fact.

Almost all muslims are fine with that ot at least accept its like that even they are poor and has no job.

We had 300 of more then 200.000 muslims demonstrating here in Denmark for Macron was not good – and the kiling of comic writers and a tacher follow the rules in France.

By that I ignore what som manipulated crowd do somewhere else.

Number one is Islam dont decide above us in any matter and number two is many muslims dont care about drawings of Muhammed or Allah at all or accept in a tolerant way, that shit happens.

..And I am sure many more here hates Erdogan doing thois confrontation to blur his own fiascos taking the cheepest card named religion.


Why does france even maintain any embassy in a useless hole of camel shit muslim country? there is nothing productive in these inbred dumps

Mr T

right they should leave all Muslim lands …


i agree and all muslims shoould be deported from the west or shot


France has killed 1.5 million Algerian Muslims.


very nice, great start!


that as long time ago , playing victim card is outdated , people of france have nothing to do with this in Algeria

Jens Holm

I agree. Things are both ways.

The Objective

The behavior of the French shows they are still the same or even worse than their forefathers. That means they can be held responsible for what happened in the past.

Jens Holm

A typical comment. Where is the future ???

…And France didnt kill representing ots people.

I can tell my own story. Even Denmark had dome small colonies my family back in time was all were poor peasents hands and fishermen and had nothing to do with slavery, sugar and rum. We diodnt get rich by that. Some few godt overwhelming rich.

Those ancisters of mine were not slaves but bound to where they lived as feudals and had to have good reasons and visa even to leave their village(church district).

4 of my Grandfaters siblings emmigrated to USA and Argentina, because the were amoing the poorest in the whole country – And many many was just as poor as them. The only plus was they actually went to school 5 years, but here they most of the time did gardening for the local priest.

They by a globe in their school knew where Virgin Island and Greenland was and a few more things and it was almost romatiseized.

That was Denmark for them. Ad before that Our family most likely was slaves for the Vikings too.

So when You blame France blame the ones, which actually are dead but remeber the ones, which are alive and also stopped that kind of domination insode and outside countries.

3 of 4 of my Grandfathers sibling did very well and 1 died. We dont know how Hans died, but the other ones made a fresh start, where they could use their skills and was paid for it.

So I do understand Immigration. I also understand sending help “home”. After WW2 all in Denmark was very poor, but the richest ones from USA for many years gave my Grandfather adn Grandmother packages with clothe, chokolate, tea, coffee and cans with meat. It was things they hardly had themselves as children.

Jens Holm

Its not like that. If anything agressive happens most of us will be in alliance with non hostile well integrated muslims doing fine – And You will be deported or shot.

Maybee Trump can get Greenland for free if we can send non untegrated European and Muslims to there. The inuit need an income and they just now are building their first real jail.

It was decided long time ago if we could protect the polarbears and whales better.

Jihadi Colin

Why don’t you put your hands where your mouth is and try shooting them? Are you too cowardly to take the first step?


i have killed a few before

Jihadi Colin

The only thing you ever killed is mosquitoes.


and your mutters fat pussy

Jihadi Colin

She never had a cat, so you miss again.

The Objective

Treat this guy rough and make his day bad. That’s how you handle a madman like him. I’ll watch out for him here. He’ll have quite a treat.

The Objective

No, your mother’s cursed pussy.

Jihadi Colin

As a Hitler worshipper you are of course too ignorant to know this, but there are no camels in Bangladesh.


all muslims import camels as sex slaves

Jihadi Colin

All Hitler worshippers are too illiterate to read Hitler.

I’m still waiting for you to tell me where Hitler said what you claim he said about blacks, Muslims, and Jews. You claim you read him daily. Right, so tell me where he said that, chapter of Mein Kampf and quote. I’ll check it on my copy, so don’t bother to lie. Again.

The Objective

Many before you have been filled with anger to see Islam destroyed. But like them, you’ll also die and find your place in eternal hell (unless you repent). People like you can only vent your anger and nothing else. We Muslims hold our religion dearly, and be angry until you run mad with anger, but we’ll still be around, growing in strength and number, and practicing our religion better. So hurl your moronic abuses. It only hurts you. It’s a sign that you are angry like hell at Muslims. And I love to know that. This irrational anger should develop into high blood pressure for you whenever you see Muslim forge ahead. But be careful that the curse of God does not fall on you and your generation for your insane hatred. You can rant and stamp your feet until you’re blue in the face. But Islam and Muslims are here to stay. So fuck you.

Jens Holm

Thats a bad question. Bangla desh produce a lot to other countries in a very cheep was, and we and France buy it. Therefore and embassy is very important. Bangla Dash also has an embassy in France.



this is good for wiping shit from your asshole



who cares ? their standard of living is similar to democratic republic of congo . 99,9 % of them if get any chance then they could sell their mother to get vise to france :D

Jens Holm

Thats higly untrue.

There is a poor zone which includes that corner of India. Her its true anything unfortunatly can happen and does, but dont blame most of them. They are not like You.

Jihadi Colin

Have you ever met any Bangladeshi?

Or Indian Bengali for that matter?

Porc Halal

If not what?!…what motherfuckers?!…fuck off!!…you pices of shit!!!…your sex-maniac guru can suck my dick!…

Jens Holm

You dont have that long dick.

Porc Halal

What are you trying to say is that mahomed likes to suck only very long dicks?…this is what are you trying to say Jens?…maybe you don’t know but he olso liked to “suck the tongues” of very young boys…I think the today interpretation would be that he liked to kiss, adult style, young boys…maybe someone from your beloved somali minority can give you more details if you ask them so…

Alekai Mordechai

Lets look at it this way:

1) Despite call for an ultimatum for embassy closure. Bangladesh government will not respond to these protesters in any shape or form. At this moment hurting or arresting them will snow ball the whole scenario

2) Rumor has it, Turkey is backing this protest. I mean it not like most Bangladeshis can afford French products in first place. France has nothing to lose!!

3) As long as these protesters don’t vandalize places or hurt people. Govt will not act.

4) Everybody has rights to express their angers and emotion. After all these people are simply exercising ”freedom to protest” afforded by their government right??

or perhaps freedom of expression is reserved for only one group of people?

With all that said, these protesters got a good coverage and that what they wanted. Some obscure political movement got attention. Great job SF!!

Ivan Freely

For clarity on Point 4, Freedom of Speech does not allow freedom to loot, murder, rape or riot. Those four acts are not “expressions” let alone speech.

Alekai Mordechai

So far there’s no account of looting, murder, rape or riot during this ‘Islamic Andolon’ protest.

Govt is letting them express their anger. Nothing wrong in that.

As we speak the protests already died out and these people already vacated the area yesterday.

Jihadi Colin

The situation is the creation of successive governments of Bangladesh. In its origin, after the civil war against the Pakistani army and Indian invasion of 1971, Bangladesh was a secular state. But after the coup and murder of its founder Mujibur Rahman, successive governments deliberately courted the Islamists – who were denounced as Pakistani collaborators (Razakar Vichy militia) by ordinary Bangladeshi people, both Hindu and Muslim. By the 1990s after the ouster of the last military dictator, Ershad, the Bangladeshi government kept switching between Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina. Both these women courted the Islamists as the holder of the balance of power, and said Islamists steadily became bolder. Now there’s an ISIS presence in Bangladesh, secular bloggers are regularly murdered, and the Islamists openly throwv their weight around. The geronotophiliac Macronist regime is just an excuse, if it wasn’t there something else would have been found.

The Objective

What’s happening is the Islamic Awakening. This always precedes the rise of Islam and Muslims. There is still a long way to go though, but we’ll get there.

Jihadi Colin

Bengali Islam has historically never been Wahhabi, both in India and Bangladesh. It’s always been culturally entwined with Hinduism. But it’s been deliberately changed in recent years so that even the Bengali language is different in Bangladesh now than it is in India.

Alekai Mordechai

Ironic isn’t??

You claim Bengali indians cannot understand Bangladeshi Bengali. Meanwhile, most of these bengali indians have a heavy indian accent while conversing in Bangla.

Usage of Arabic, Urdu is prominent in religious sermons and writings. On other side, cultural programs all all have old bengal associated with it.

Try not to make unsubstantiated claims by pretending to know all. Never heard Arabic or Persian words there. As for Urdu, funny you mentioned Indian Muslims also uses them. So where’s the difference again?

Jihadi Colin

Bengali in India is of a particular dialect, used by West Bengal Bengalis. East Bengalis use many different dialects, but formal East Bengali – used in East Pakistan and then Bangladesh – used to be the same as Indian Bengali. Now it’s been drastically Urducised, so that some words can only be understood by context to non Urdu speakers. For instance, words like jahan (instead of duniya) for world, or dawat (instead of nimontron) for invitation. It’s well on the way to mutating into another language.

What do Indian Urdu speakers have to do with this? Indian Bengali isn’t being Urducised.

Porc Halal

“While Muslims in France have condemned the killing of the teacher”…where and when?!…show me where the muslims in france have condemned the killing of the teacher…


“I will always defend in my country the freedom to speak, to write, to think, to draw,” Emmanuel Macron.

Unless it’s about the Holocaust, in that case to hell with what I just said! (Twitter blocked the account of Ayatollah Khamenei in French which asked a simple question: Why is it alright to insult the belief of 1,8bn people, but it’s against the law to question about the Holocaust?) Now that he announced he will defend freedom of speech and cartoonists, I introduce to the the 3rd international “Holocaust” cartoon festival in Iran. I hope he remember he promised to defend all cartoonists!

“radical Islam” he was trying to fight was a threat to all people, especially Muslims”. Also Emmanuel Macron.

Are you talking about your Wahhabi buddies which you armed and supported (with other usual suspects) and unleashed them on the people of Syria, Iraq and now 4 corners of the world? Didn’t you think at some point some of them will pay you a visit?

Ask yourself why at this point this scenario of caricatures is executed?

Taking the lives of innocent worshipers in the church or even the French teacher’s beheading are despicable acts, the like of which we only see from the Wahhabi terror groups. Insulting believes of other people with no ground is also condemned. Why are they insisting on doing it? Do you see Muslims (minus the takfiris which do not act Muslims anyway and are the worst plague unleashed on Muslims) draw cartoons of Jesus or Holy Mary?

Icarus Tanović

Yes, he’s talking about his Wahhabi buddies. In Islam it is forbiden to, insult others via caricatures. Someone came up with idea to draw caricatures of Isa S.A.W.S.? It is on you to say that’s not right, and do whatever you wanna do, I just don’t care. And turn your head to the other side. This is all set up, and these Satanists aka Wahhabi attacks are planed and ment to demonize and discredit Islam and Muslims.


Who cares, how many French actually want to go to Bangalesh anyway. Europe should cut ties with these Islamist states.

The Objective

Soon, every Muslim country will become Islamist. In fact, Islamist by western definition mean Islam in its purest form. Most Muslims desire to return to the purest form of Islam cos that’s the only way to regain our glory.

cechas vodobenikov

the past cannot be changed; it is the present that irritates many. anglos and French continue to meddle, invade. France /anglos bombed Libya. France has troops in many Africans Muslim nations and ties them to the African franc. US does the same. If US, etc did not invade in ME, Afghanistan the antagonisms would be few

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