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‘Banderaland’ (Ukraine) Is Repeating the Iraqi Scenario

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'Banderaland' (Ukraine) Is Repeating the Iraqi Scenario

Pro-Kiev militants are a ground for creating a ‘New European ISIS’

This article originally appeared at Topwar.ru, translated from Russian by Olga Seletskaia exclusively for SouthFront

Ukrainian Werhmacht’s offensive in Donbass which was expected in the night of August 16-17 to commemorate Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24, did not happen. But in the morning of August 17 … the junta’s media announced strong artillery strikes from MFN (Military Forces of Novorossia) near Mariupol. Donetsk does not confirm them (as usual), but most likely they did take place, and they might be the reason why junta’s offensive on August 16 did not happen.

Military analysts mentioned that the main focus of Junta’s offensive would be Mariupol with the purpose to break through the narrow strip of territory of Novorossia, to come close to the Russian border, to split the republic of Novorossia and to block Novoazovsk. This is a steppe region, not agglomerated with Donetsk and Gorlovka, so it is a lot easier to attack there.

The plan must have been unraveled by the General Staff of MFN or the information was received from their intelligence, but apparently artillery strikes in the night of August 16-17 at the places of junta troops’ concentration near Mariupol were so heavy, that junta’s planned offensive became impossible and pointless. Serious artillery duels took place near Mariupol the day earlier, they were quite effective; for example, a mechanized unit of MFU (Military Forces of Ukraine) came under fire.

The same tactical move was used by Soviet troops on the eve of the Battle of Kursk during World War II, shelling the German fascist troops which were getting ready for the offensive. And now Novorossiya troops are using the same tactical move against Bandera-fascist junta .

Berlin and Paris are silent despite the apparent worsening of the situation in the Donbass. Only Washington as usually blames Russia and the militia in the conflict escalation. European Commissioner Martin Schulz proposed to extend the ” Minsk- 2 ” in 2016. Moscow, in turn, ignores this proposal. Maybe they have already come to an agreement, that Poroshenko does not know about? Or is Poroshenko being blackmailed by some “anonymous from the GPU ” , who threaten to make him the world’s ” rogue ” or hint at his involvement in the “Boeing” crash?

Vladimir Putin has repeated many times that Russia will not fight with Ukraine. Until recently it was unclear how this can be done if Banderaland is so keen to go to war with Russia, they even announced Russia as ” aggressor”. American “Stratfor ” also imagine various scenarios of Russian – Ukrainian war and hypocritically talk about such a possibility. Bandera Nazis agree with them, and “Stratfor ” are happy – soul mates found?

Strategic Forecasting, Inc. — known as Stratfor — is an American publisher and global intelligence company founded in 1996 in Austin, Texas, by George Friedman, who is the company’s chairman. Shea Morenz is president and chief executive officer. Fred Burton is Stratfor’s vice president of intelligence. Other executives include Chief Operating Officer Mark Ozdarski, a retired Navy SEAL officer who also has worked as an investment portfolio manager; former U.S. Special Operations Command officer Bret Boyd, vice president of custom intelligence services; and Editor-in-Chief David Judson.

But even if NATO military forces and weapons will appear in Ukraine, the war between Russia and Ukraine will not happen. Because in such a case the war will be not with Ukraine, but with the NATO contingent in Ukraine, – feel the difference …

There is no need for Russia to have a war neither with Ukraine, nor with what’s left from Ukraine. Why to fight when one can impose economic sanctions against Banderaland; they have not been imposed yet.

It would be enough to simply shut the border and stop moving goods through them – such as coal , gas, electricity, fuel and many more that we don’t even think about, and no war will be needed to destroy what is left from the ” ex- brother.” Especially since Banderaland, born to be Europe’s lackey, hit upon the idea to join sanctions against Russia.

Kiev still has time left until December 31, 2015 (until the “Minsk-2” mandate is valid) to resolve the conflict with Novorossia peacefully. In the new 2016 instead of Minsk armistice Kiev can get full sanctions to hurt the economy, as it is done in relation to Russia. They would help either to clarify the cold remains of Banderaland’s brain, or they will shut it down completely. By coincidence, the Crimea will be connected to the power system of Russia and disconnected from the Ukrainian one by the New Year, which is very handy.

It is speculated that Bandera Ukraine will have the same fate as Saakashvili’s Georgia, but it seems that it is rather the Iraqi ending that is prepared for the existence of Ukraine. Georgia was lucky to get rid of Saakashvilli, but Ukraine welcomes the guy!

The February coup in 2014 in Kiev was a success because it was comprehensively backed by Washington and the West in general, but would October Revolution of 2015 which is being actively prepared by ultra nationalists who declared a “referendum” on the distrust to the Poroshenko’s government be the same success?

Conditions for the referendum exist; its irrational component is present . There is a possibility that “Right Sector” and other Nazi battalions will come to power in Kiev, and then we will see Bandera ISIS in Europe, just like American democracy ended in Iraq.

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