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Ballistic Missiles, Combat Robots And Drone Counter-Measures: Russians Flex Muscles Amid Global Instability

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The Russian Defense Ministry released a series of videos showing various units of the Armed Forces involved in armed drills across the country.

Iskander ballistic missile systems:

Ballistic Missiles, Combat Robots And Drone Counter-Measures: Russians Flex Muscles Amid Global Instability

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Uran-6 tracked unmanned combat ground vehicles:

Counter-measures against hostile drones:


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Tactical nuke tipped Iskander’s is the 1st. thing that those ( who intend to make things really difficult for Russian bases ) make their 1st move against those Russian bases.

viktor ziv

Is this sarkasm???? Yup, and Russia is waiting for 1st move. Neutron bombs are first things to drop against enemy, Iskander is to destroy HQ’s, missile systems, radars, etc. so that conventional army can roll over after.


why sarcasm?! True “Iskander is to destroy HQ’s” and all similar “high priority, high value targets” like enemy military bases, airports, etc. because of low CEP. Iskander would be used simply because Iskander is already there in Syria just like Kalibr! and Kalibr nuke tipped missiles (from the ships + Kilo sub on Syrian coast) would be used also. I don’t know if Russia has any neutron bombs in Syria….

viktor ziv

Neutron bomb is placed on carrier, ICMB, it kills andnot destroys, leaving infra as is. Sorry, I must misunderstood your post.


I know what neutron nuke bomb is man! I doubt that there are any NEUTRON tactical nuke warheads so small to be put on Iskander ICBM stands for “intercontinental ballistic missile” (Iskander is short range, hardly considers to be BALLISTIC missile since there is no typical BALLISTIC trajectory) Open attack on Russian military bases could only be intro to the WORLD WAR 3 so why would Russia use NEUTRON tactical nukes?! They would nuke the s h i t out of them with regular tactical nukes because Russia hws the BIGGEST stockpile of tactical nukes on the planet!


You forget about distances. So you would be using ICBM’s from 10 000 km away for attacking Israel (for example) instead of retaliating with Iskander in Syria immediately?

Mr T

russian garbage

Lone Ranger

Never go full retard…


Cool mine clearing robot, of course the fearsome Iskander, conventional and nuclear tipped, it would be expedient to deploy nuclear tipped Zircon on half a dozen SSGN patrolling the eastern and western US coast lines.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Always confusing with Iskander as it has the ballistic missile and short or long range cruise missile (9M728/729) variants using the same name.


Those S400’s aren’t scaring anyone anymore, unfortunately. Russia needs to make a big public relations show of brandishing it’s tactical nukes, hypersonic weapons and underwater nuke drones. These are the only systems that still give western planners pause.

Lone Ranger

Lay down the LSD. It’s bad for you…


The S400’s are the ONLY air defence missiles anyone wants these days chumpstein . . .

Potato Man

Maybe once think in your fuking life… Why would both India and Turkey go buy S-400 systems? Both of those countries could have bought other “western” AD system but they didn’t because West AD system are shit. US/EU NEVER gonna make good AD system as US/EU heavy need their air force and missile systems…to kill civilians in other countries that don’t obey them. Not fuking Zion use west AD and they had to “upgraded” Americans Patriot system which is shit…it can’t even hit balloon bomb or 20 dollar rockets from Gaze.

Russian S-400 works and can hit some pigs of the sky and stop pigs.

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