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JUNE 2023

Ballistic Missile Attack In Saudi Capital – Reports

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Ballistic Missile Attack In Saudi Capital - Reports

A missile being fired from the direction of Yemen toward Saudi Arabia. FILE PHOTO: Press.tv

A ballistic missile has targeted the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh, according to the Yemeni state media (source). Then the information was dissiminated by a wide range of pro-Houthi sources.

The report said that it was the first ever missile attack on the Saudi capital, adding that the missile hit a military base west of Riyadh.

There are no confirmed reports about casualties or destruction as a result of the attack.

Pro-Saudi sources have denied the reports.

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Do you know why I an going out of this “champagne” for the truth. Because its to late, and I know it. And the glows are of. And this attach, witch is an false flag, along with probably more coming, is what they need, and things are indeed acceleration fast this days. My hart and soul goes with the Houtis, but the greater war is coming, Houtis, be prepared and never trust anything coming from anyone, the ONLY one so far is Iran, the rest isnt worth an camels turd.

My initial response to the Trump was because of the American people and the American economy, we need it to be driven back to what it once where, before the beast from Jekyll island,where the beast raised, and now the beast is wide awake, and never ever forget one single thing, all wars are bankers wars.

But now, I know we have been fooled. Yeah this was even faster than the stoned monkey Obamalama the child slayer.

But what bugs me, is that i Know Russia will do nothing when Iran is coming to be the next target, nothing, and China, whom hides their coward and rotten souls behind an policy of non interventions, witch basically means it rats will hover over Iran as an vulture, and come down only when they can profit from it, not an moment before. I have lost every bit of respect, and to the Russians, well, huh, I expect nothing, I hope the Iranians are blinded by Putin’s sniveling drivel about an “block”, thats an death trap, never trust them, more than you can trow an Chines.

The reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLS5h1ZDKvE

The war is coming, and anyone whom denies this is sleeping. Wake up, Trump is an raving mad war lord, the beats whom will ram us all down. And this escalation (false flag), is what I fear, is what the Trump will use for what its worth, its all there. This is my last message.


Jose Caputo

You’re overreacting, USA doesn’t have any condition to wage war against Iran, it’s too early to say Trump is a traitor, but I agree there isa real chance he is, or perhaps he is not strong enough to take the controle back from the deep state, but all this might be only distraction, he is keeping a hard rethoric to fool the neocons while building his base of support.

It is too early, the system is rotten to the core, you can’t expect that a single man can go there and change everything overnight, the age of autocracy is behind us, if he is trying to fullfill his promises his job is certainly tha hardest in the world, any mistake could be used as an excuse for coup d’estat, or he could even face assassination.


I dig this, but i’m not there yet. Do you believe in God? And why this dim view on Russia? You don’t think Russia knows that if Iran goes down, Russia’s next? Who else can stop the anglozionazi inferno except Russia?

Pave Way IV

This is kind of an odd take on the attack, hvaiallverden. The Houthis have been getting hammered for almost two years. The base at al-Mazahimiyah was a legitimate military target (and it’s 40km from Riyadh). They have launched these types of missiles at the Saudi air base in Jeddah and a military target on the island of Zuqar. There is no messaging here – they have the missiles and will continue to use them against Saudi Arabia as long as the Saudis are bombing them. The fact that the missiles ‘could’ hit population centers is disturbing, but I don’t think the Yemenis would have much sympathy for the Saudis at this point. If the rebels did hit Riyadh directly, what would the Saudis do? Just continue to bomb them like they already are.

The false flag part would be something to give the US an excuse to become involved directly. That would take sinking of a US warship – the Cole was probably sent there for that ‘mission’.


The houthi missile strike could be a kind of suggestion to everyone screaming against Iran. A suggestion to keep calm. Houthi beggars succeded with an old missile. Iranians could do better If attacked. May be this is the message. Sorry for the late. PS They targeted a military base.


Dude it is ‘too late’ for the last 70 years, maybe even 200….

Daniel Martin

South Front, you must mean west of the Saudi capital Riyadh, not the Yemeni capital?


At first Saudi social media claimed the sound of explosion was from an earthquake or large meteor! I guess the patriot operator was taking a nap. Not to worry, one Yemen source said it was only a test. Just like the Iranian missile launches. :)

Brad Isherwood


2011,….Hezbollah may indeed now**… have some ….bring the hurt….for Israel In 2006 war….rockets and missiles were not very accurate.



If any upper level Saudi officers get killed in these periodic missile attacks on Saudi bases, by Yemeni Republican Guard who have these systems and are allied with Houthi’s, the Saudi media will generally report their officers as having died of heart attacks or some other non missile related medical ailment in weeks after.


Trump still has not realized Saudi Arabia is the enemy. The Saudi genocide of the Houthi should be called out by every fair minded man.


Alleged video from the attack:


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