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JUNE 2021

Bahraini Authorities Claim They Arrest Dozens Of Iranian-Backed Terrorists

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Bahraini Authorities Claim They Arrest Dozens Of Iranian-Backed Terrorists

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On March 3, the Bahraini Ministry of Interior announced in an official statement that Bahraini security forces had arrested 116 “terrorist elements” in many areas of the country during a security operation. Several weapons including machine guns and RPG-7 rounds along with 42kg of explosives were seized by security forces, according to the ministry.

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior claimed that the “terrorists” had been a part of “terrorist organization”, which had been formed by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). The ministry accused the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Iraqi Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq of arming, training, financing and recruiting new elements of the supposed organization outside Bahrain.

According to the released statement, the “terrorist organization” was planning to carry out attacks against the country’s security forces and oil facilities.

“The organization was planning to target the leaders and personals of the security forces, patrols and transport buses of security force, in addition to oil and vital facilities, in order to disturb the security and public order and damage the national economy and endanger the security and safety of the country,” the statement said, according to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV.

The Bahraini Ministry of Interior didn’t provide any evidence to support its claims regarding the involvement of Iran along with Lebanese and Iraqi parties in the support of the supposed “terrorist organization”. Pro-Iranian sources and experts already saiid that these Bahraini accusations had been a part of the ongoing propaganda war between Iran and the Saudi-led block.

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Michał Hunicz

Streets in Bahrain de-facto support Iran. It can be another place of distraction for the ZioWahhabis.


They don’t get tired of lying. Terror attacks by Bahraini Shi’as? How many terror attacks did they do so far?
Right, NONE. So why should we believe they planned to do it this time? Because some drum-bellied fat Bahraini Wahhabi royal said so, and ofcourse without any evidence?

It’s amazing they didn’t include Houthis in the list. Perhaps next time?

Bahrain is another proof of west’s hypocrisy, just like Yemen. Their precious “human rights” situation in Bahrain is described as “dismal” by HRW. All kinds of abuse against various groups (Shi’as, Christians, women, the stateless, unions, immigrants, medical workers, the press, you name it) is being done on a daily basis but not a peep from the champions of human rights.
The conditions is so bad that even Tillerson criticized Bahraini rulers.


Don’t you know? Human rights abuses and terror bombing of civilians is only an issue if you’re a regime that is not allied/friendly with the West. Then zero fucks are given. Cause hypocrisy in politics? Shock! Say it ain’t so!


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you should export of your fanatics. otherwise you will finish terribly.

kill your ayaollahs!

You can call me Al

You really are a stupid, boring tw..at, get off or otherwise we will all get you banned.


also in the middle age the shia assassins were terrorists. you are genetically terrorists.

You can call me Al

I am a white, male, Christian Brit – you numptie.


in one word: troll


You can call me Al

Grow up lad.


See.. I told you so.. lol..!

Concrete Mike

Ah yyeah two can play that game bud.
Remeber when babylon enslaved your people. Yeah thats right you were babylon’s bitch alright.

Im a call you BB from now on

Shut thw fuck up BB and bring solomon. Back


i love babylon. pfuy, now there are dirty moslems!!!


you get me banned? you, moslem terrorshit? :DDDD

You can call me Al

Nope, because you are quite funny at times.


yeah.. he’s really stupid indeed..!

You can call me Al

Bahraini rulers are Saudis…

Regards The Yemen, you should look at the BBC World – promoting the Saudi genocide. It is both baffling and just amazing to watch, bloody shocking.

Concrete Mike

I know CBC in canada is the same. It sickens me.


Let’s hope Iran ends “Bahrain” in the next war.




not Iran.. but Bahraini trained & supplied arms up to their teeth by Iranian army.. just like how the US & Co are doing it.. only different is for the good cause of humanity


The money wasted by Saudi regime in Yemen war could brought progress and prosperity in Yemen if it was utilized for peace and development of the Yemeni people….. Same for US regime that they have wasted money on Palestinian and Syrian war could brought progress and prosperity in Palestine and Syria if it was utilized for peace and development of the Palestinian and Syrian people.

Amine Mansouri

why everybody here in southfront are the same?!?!?
They all say the same thing, sunnis are terrorists, and shia’s are good people.
For me bashar al assad regime has been one of the bloodiest regimes in the world, and shia can go fuck khomeini if they want.
Iran is doing a bad job when trying to get influence in Yemen by helping the Houthis. I can assure you that this won’t happen, even if we had sticks we would go and fight those fire worshipers from persia. Iran is trying to dominate the middle east!!!
From morocco to KSA, we will defeat those shitheads


you as sunni are the same shit, little moslem barbar

Richard M

So? No one blocked your insipid tirade did they? You are free to reveal yourself to be a brainwashed dunce as much as you like.


If you don’t like it, you can take your complaints to CNN, BBC, NY Times etc forums. Sure they will be able to console you. Anyhow, the generalizations you make have no foothold in reality. If there really was a human rights issue, KSA would have been targeted right now. By since this is just pretext, I ll let you in a secret. It’s all about interests, and the claim that jihadis are Sunnis reinforced by the major Sunni players (Turkey, Qatar, KSA) is absolutely true, either you like it or not. Assad might not be an angel, but then again, I would take Assad anytime if my other choices were MBS or Erdogan. Maybe the political system in Iran is also much prohibitive and maybe it is striving for further infuence in the region, but so do several other UNINVITED factors in ME. Now, pull your shit together and start thinking for starters.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Why do you make a nonsensical comment without support other than your prejudicial Al Qaeda /ISIS/FSA supporting idiocy and willingness to deflect from the facts and spew hatred on others you are some little sick individual.


subhumans are not welcome on this site, you might find yourself more at home on an ISIS website.

Richard M

Fake News!

Samantha Green

Bahrain must defend ABORTION RIGHTS from Iran!


These sewage systems of the Bedouins nomads of ksa never stops advancing & promoting BS of their satanic master..

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