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Bahrain Group Announces Separate Unit To Hinder Israeli Interests, Following Normalization Deal


Bahrain Group Announces Separate Unit To Hinder Israeli Interests, Following Normalization Deal

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In Bahrain, a reportedly Iranian-backed group operating in the country has announced its opposition to the Israel-Bahrain normalization deal.

Saraya Wa’ad Allah [God’s Promise Companies] it has vowed to target Israeli interests with a new specialized unit formed just for the purpose.

The group released a statement [pdf] on September 16th.

In the message, the group states that “this false normalization with the Zionist enemy is nothing but an update to the enabling of this cancerous gland on the body of the Ummah [worldwide Islamic community] and the rotten fruit of years of betrayal by Zionist governments.”

Saraya Wa’ad Allah, as well as other Bahraini militia groups, “have long considered Bahrain and other Gulf monarchies to be clients of Israel and have called them ‘Zionist’ as a response.”

In the statement, it further says that “what is being woven between puppet regimes of arrogance with the Zionist enemy is rejected by reason, Sharia law, and the people.” In denouncing the ruling Al-Khalifa family, Saraya Wa’ad Allah says that the peace deal is “nothing but a mirage” and that King Hamad al-Khalifa will soon “taste his pursuit.”

The group claimed that its men, as well as the people of Bahrain, “are passionate about fighting the Zionist enemy” and that it will continue to resist “all of the arrogant policies that are intended to be imposed on our people and our Ummah.”

As a result, the group said it will be creating a new sub-group, the “Martyrs of Jerusalem Company,” to specifically target Israeli interests on the island, and that it has now “opened the door” for recruitment into the specialized unit.

Formed in July 2015, Saraya Wa’ad Allah has been behind some of the deadlier attacks inside Bahrain. One example is the November 2017 bombing of a bus near Manama that killed one police officer and injured eight others.

Much like other other militias on the island, Saraya Wa’ad Allah brands itself within the so-called “Islamic Resistance,” a pro-Iran moniker.

The Long War Journal reported that threats such as this from this same group are somewhat commonplace, but very little results from them.




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