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Baghdadi’s Cousin Says Terrorist Leader Is Sick, Group Is Witnessing Internal Conflicts


Baghdadi’s Cousin Says Terrorist Leader Is Sick, Group Is Witnessing Internal Conflicts

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is sick and the terrorist group is suffering from several internal conflicts, according to the terrorist leader’s own cousin.

Rabah Ali Ibrahim Ali al-Badri said during his interrogation, a record of which was released by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) on September 5, that he met his infamous cousin a few years ago in eastern Syria.

Al-Badri, who was an offical in ISIS agriculture directorate, said that his cousin [al-Baghdadi] appeared to be in a bad health condition and was recovering from a surgery he had in his left ear.

“Weariness, fatigue and signs of aging had appeared on al-Baghdadi,” al-Badri told Iraqi investigators.

Al-Badri also revealed that ISIS is witnessing several internal conflicts, confirming that his cousin had survived a coup attempt launched by foreign fighters of the terrorist group. The Guardian was the first to report the failed coup.

“Most of those who were promoting disagreements and claimed that there was no Caliphate were the Tunisians in the ranks of the organization … We were also suffering from the Saudis in the organization’s ranks because of their extremism and exaggerated fanaticism,” al-Baghdadi’s cousin said.

Several recent reports suggested that al-Baghdadi is currently hiding in Syria’s Homs desert. Al-Badri didn’t confirm or deny this.

The information provided by al-Badri show that ISIS is slowly collapsing on all levels. The terrorist group received many blows in Iraq and Syria during the last few years. This tendency may read to the further fragmentation of the terrorist group into smaller terror organizations that use the ISIS brand for their own purposes.

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