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JUNE 2021

Baghdad Issues Ultimatum After Turkish Army Moves Into Iraq Uninvited

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On December 7, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reiterated the withdrawl of Turkish troops from northern Iraq within 24 hours.

Baghdad Issues Ultimatum After Turkish Army Moves Into Iraq Uninvited

Iraqi Security Forces


Turkey were invited by the Kurdish Regional Government, with no coordination or communication with Baghdad.

It has since said it will replace existing troops in Iraq that number a few hundred, with as many as 2000 soldiers. The Iraqi security forces and the Shi’ite militias are overstretched with their fight against ISIS and they have little presence in this Peshmerga controlled area.

It can only be speculated that how Iraq will respond to the Turkish invasion once the 24 hour ultimatum expires.

We remember, Turkish troops numbering “around one armed battalion with a number of tanks and cannons” had entered its territory near Mosul without request or permission from Baghdad authorities on December 4.

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muntador adams نٌ ر

the KDP Kurds of Iraq has been sucking Iraq dry .when ISIS took over the KRG were happy as they knew the Faces of them, back then the sunni rebels were known as “revolutionaries” by countries like Qatar..the KRG are aggressively expanding in non Kurdish area at the behest of the Iraqi government..do not fear there are Iraqi Patriots from all creeds in the Hashid AlShabi who will pay money to Fight Turkey & there Kurdish Allies

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