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JUNE 2023

Back To Spring 2014: Slaviansk Defense, Orban’s Claims Amid Biden’s Luck (Video)

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Here is a news video from May 15, 2014. A coup d’état, called Euromaidan, had already happened in Kiev. Crimea held a referendum and became part of the Russian Federation. Numerous nationalists flocked to Russian-speaking regions in eastern Ukraine to seize local power. Donbass rose up. Fighting broke out between supporters of the “Russian World” and Ukrainian armed formations near the cities of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

This video shows what happened in just one day, May 15, 2014. The armed conflict in Ukraine has been going on for nine years. It did not begin in February 2022, but in April 2014, when the so-called transitional government of Ukraine, led by Turchynov, began an “anti-terrorist operation” against the Russian-speaking residents of the country’s eastern regions.

Today, the battle between Ukrainian fighters and the DPR people’s militia broke out near Kramatorsk. Military formations of the Kiev regime used heavy armored vehicles and aviation. As a result of the clash, the Ukrainian militants lost 2 armored personnel carriers, 2 Kamaz trucks and 30 personnel killed and wounded. One member of the DPR militia was killed and another was wounded.

Earlier today, the Ukrainian militants retreated after the attack of the DPR militia near Slavyansk. The people’s militia continues the onslaught to free the corridor necessary for supplying the city.

Valery Bolotov, the people’s governor of the Luhansk region survived the assassination attempt in the morning. He was hospitalized with a gunshot wound. But this did not prevent the start of negotiations on the possible unification of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Today, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban demanded autonomy and dual citizenship for Hungarians living in the Ukrainian Zakarpattia region. The demands include: receiving dual citizenship by the Hungarian community, all the rights of the national society and the possibility of self-government.

Ukrainian gas producing company Burisma Holdings announced the appointment of Robert Hunter Biden, the son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, as director of the company’s legal department. Euromaidan is just over, and the U.S. has already begun to skim the cream off…


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Russia won the war a while

US soldiers be like: I’m an American terrorist, and I love terrorizing innocent civilians.


gorgia känds det bättre med skivna order ?! 0:41


As reported by The Guardian, in 2014, the first two fatalities in this conflict, was at 2am at a checkpoint, in Eastern Ukraine on Easter. The men were celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Some Nazis from Western Ukraine drove across Ukraine, specifically to massacre them on Easter. In addition to the two who were killed 2 others were wounded.

That news article has since been taken down, as it is an “inconvenient truth” regarding who started this conflict.


No loss that men who celebrate Christ’s resurrection disappear.


it ws a big mistake not to start the military operation against ukros back than. than the whoule thing would be accomplished in only few weeks


ska du ha skiftliga papper ??? på det ??


Moreover, at the time, Stelkov was on the road to victory, but had been recalled by Russia, which instead signed the Minsk Agreements. I was already aghast back then about such stupidity.


tom cruse oreder is exakt — DRAG OUT THE WITTNES — Civil War (w/ lyrics) – Immortal Technique feat. Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D


1:20 if yoyu get a order you do it or die HIGH tim cook dassian eminem HIGH low how carzy kane west is now HAHAHH Ausa usa usa I-E SKIIN BLEAHED DONT MAKE YE STRONG sekt sekt sekt


obesly justin trumph dasians kanye west IS NOYT my people … i ratrded mongolid can undtrand that infact if you dont understand that DIE luke mongoliod ( birth diffekt ) not the real steep RIDER

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