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Azerbaijan’s Troops Practice Victory Parade, Armenia’s Citizens Attempt To Practice Their Civil Right To Protest

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Azerbaijan's Troops Practice Victory Parade, Armenia's Citizens Attempt To Practice Their Civil Right To Protest

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On December 4th, Azerbaijan began preparing for its very own Victory Parade, after the success in Nagorno-Karabakh.

More than 3,000 servicemen will participate in the military parade that will be held on Azadlig Square. Up to 150 military vehicles, including new military equipment, missile and artillery pieces, air defense systems recently adopted into the armament, as well as warships and boats will be demonstrated at the parade.

“Some of the war trophies seized from the enemy defeated by the Azerbaijan Army during the Patriotic War will also be presented at the parade.”

Azerbaijan also provided a list of prisoners of war it held, and that it was ready to turn over in a prisoner exchange with Armenia.

On the basis of the application of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, today for the first time Azerbaijan provided to the ECHR detailed information on a number of POWs and civilians held in Azerbaijan. The ECHR has set a deadline of December 11th to provide photographs and medical documents of POWs and civilians held in Azerbaijan, the Representative of the Republic of Armenia before the ECHR said.

In Armenia, the citizens are holding another protest demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

Armenia’s opposition parties warned Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan there would be civil disobedience across the country if he does not resign by noon on December 1st. He clearly didn’t.

Pashinyan refused to step down, defending the peace agreement as a painful but necessary move that prevented Azerbaijan from overrunning the entire Nagorno-Karabakh region.

More than 20,000 protesters rallied in Yerevan on December 5th, chanting “Nikol ,you traitor!” and “Nikol, go away!” and then marched to the prime minister’s official residence.

“The seat of the prime minister of Armenia is currently being occupied by a political corpse,” Artur Vanetsyan, the leader of the opposition party Homeland and the former head of the National Security Service, said at the protest rally.

Veteran politician Vazgen Manukyan, whom 17 opposition parties have nominated as their candidate for prime minister, said at the rally that his transition government would seek to renegotiate some vague aspects of the Nov. 10 peace deal.

Armenia’s Health Ministry said on December 2nd that at least 2,718 Armenian servicemen were killed in the latest fighting. At least 55 Armenian civilians also were killed.

Pro-Armenian government media are reporting that an opposition leader had called the Armenian population sheep.

“A video surfaced where the new candidate for Prime Minister calls 10 % of the population sheep, which goes against the point of view of the opposition, which claims that their candidate will soften hatred and hostility between people.

But how will calling 10% of the population sheep and threats of physical destruction of Pashinyan lead to stabilization in the country? It is noteworthy that Vazgen Manukyan, during the demonstration, indicated as a goal that Armenia should join the anti-Turkish coalition, which also does not coincide with the statements of the opposition.

Opposition statements say that Vazgen Manukyan will only be interim Prime Minister and his goal is only to organize new elections, which also raises suspicions. Why a whole year for elections? Isn’t six months enough? If a candidate already decides on foreign policy, how much does this correspond to his status as interim Prime Minister? There are a lot of questions, and Vazgen Manukyan has not yet accepted the offer of Petros Ghazaryan (the country’s chief political interviewer) to give an interview.”

The question is, also, how will Pashinyan lead the nation when he hides in a basement, releasing videos on Facebook?


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Free man

The Azeris felt humiliated for 30 years. It’s their time to celebrate. It is better for both peoples to focus on peace and cooperation.

Jimmy Jim



What celebration? you dumb Jew, the Zionists and Turks attacked a small country with drones, you stupid drongo.

Random Dude

Which small country? The military operation was carried on within Azerbaijan’s internationally recognized borders. Internal sweeping from separatists is an internal matter of Azerbaijan.

Vox Populi

Armenia brought this defeat upon itself for its 30 year old hubris and mistaken over-confidence. Even in defeat, they proved very unworthy by destroying homes and civilian infrastructure. Azerbaijan, being a rich country will hopefully resettle all the displaced people and rebuild Nogorno-Karabakh and also establish a large and well equipped territorial army to defend the region against any future Armenian adventurism.

Free man

Keep crying little man.


So the casualities are even ~2700 for each.

Vox Populi

Armenia may have suffered higher casualties as many of its soldiers were also taken prisoner and the losses to the drones were almost one sided and very heavy. Azerbaijan has given a pretty accurate accounting of its casualties and they are around 2500, both military and civilian. The Syrian terrorists also lost over 150 dead and 270 wounded according to their own sources.


Are you saying that Armenians do not report casualities made by drones, and also prisoners should be counted as casualities?

Vox Populi

They have been under-reporting their losses. They lost almost 80% of their armor. They had the worst military propagandist Shushan Stepanyan, a woman with no military experience and an absolute liar. The benchmark for professional military reporting and factual situational press briefings is the battle hardened Yemeni red beret special forces general Yahya Sari of the Yemeni armed forces, whose every word has passed the credibility test.



They reported around 2700 loses and Azerbaijan reported the same number. What is your estimation for real Armenian loses?

Vox Populi

Your guess is close to reality, they perhaps suffered 3000 dead and 5000 captured, wounded or MIA. Some just went AWOL.


‘perhaps’ or wishful thinking?


Not quite even if you consider the 541 Syrian terrorists/mercenaries who died.


These numbers are spiraling like crazy :)

Vox Populi

Around 6,000 dead on all sides. It was pretty much a one sided affair.


It is clear that Armenia lost the teritory but it’s interesting that the casualities are almost even with all those drones…

Vox Populi

In recent memory, only two other nations have suffered a colossal defeat and national humiliation, Pakistan and Argentina, both headed by brutal military dictatorships, but people in both of defeated nations overthrew the governments. Armenians seem to be an exception in shameless cowardice as a vile traitor like Pashinyan is still very much clinging to power unashamedly. Armenia has set the lowest standard in defeatism.

Ashok Varma

There needs to be a lot of soul searching and a genuine quest for accountability in Armenia.

Random Dude

Think of the military parade from an Armenian point of view, where your tanks go through Baku streets. Same tanks you still haven’t managed pay up the credit yet. Parade will be a pure trolling


So SF doesn’t like Pashinyan calling him a basement PM. SF also doesn’t like this opposition leader that called the population sheep. I wonder what statement is a candidate expected to make, to have SF satisfied. I will give a guess. “A certain country is out strategic ally and we will indefinitely be grateful servants to her”:)))) Oh SF, you are making it obvious:))

Vox Populi

Well. Sheep is a kind word for such a shameless lot. SF is correct, Pashinyan spent the whole war in the basement of the US embassy while his wife shopped in Paris, in designer military fatigues.

catalin zt

Are the muslim jihadis of Erdo the Gypsy parading too? Or busy to bring their ninja wifes to settle in NK ?

Vox Populi

According to Indians, some are going to Kashmir.

Rhodium 10

Pashinyan failed!..it was an open war Armenia vs Azerbajan…but he didnt used all military resources of the Armenian armed forces included the air force and the iskander vs gas/petrol facilities and left NK army alone…when he started to lose terrain in the south due that troops deployed didnt have air support/air defense vs drones…Pashinyan would had to invade North Nakhshivan closer to mainland….then Russian armed forces and even some NATO countries would have intervene to stop the war and negociate a deal!…but he let the time passed and therefore was in weak position vs AZ….now NK without agriculture lands, Tourism, wineries, gold mine,trade with Iran and service…is done!..it is non-viable territory.


Meantime as liberation celebrations take place,take heed:

The first train carrying goods from Turkey to China arrived in the northwestern Kocaeli province on Sunday.

It stayed in Kocaeli for a while and then set off again.

The train, which will reach China in 12 days, is scheduled to leave Turkey on Dec. 8 by following the Ankara-Sivas-Kars route.

It will make a stop at the Akhalkalaki Station in Georgia, and then travel across Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan before entering China’s Xi’an province.

Operated in collaboration with the Turkish State Railways and Pacific Eurasia, the train will pass through two continents, two seas and five countries.

The 8,693-kilometer journey includes 2,323 kms in Turkey, 220 in Georgia, 430 in Azerbaijan, 420 in the Caspian Sea, 3,200 in Kazakhstan and 2,100 in China.

No more fk assing about:

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