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Azerbaijan’s President Mimics “Big Brother” Erdogan’s Rhetoric And Attitudes

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Azerbaijan's President Mimics "Big Brother" Erdogan's Rhetoric And Attitudes

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On October 26th, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev made an address regarding the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict with Armenia.

Some of his statements are quite notable, and remind of another close ally of his – “big brother” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which Aliyev strongly appears to be “cosplaying”.

Azerbaijan is restoring historical justice today, President Ilham Aliyev said.

According to him, in recent years, official Baku has done a great job of informing the world community about the realities of the South Caucasus.

“Baku explained and substantiated to the whole world that Nagorno-Karabakh is the historical land of Azerbaijan and this fact is based on historical evidence,” Aliyev said.

He noted that the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairs did not even try to put pressure on the occupying state – Armenia.

“I have repeatedly called on France, Russia and the United States to impose sanctions against Armenia. Nagorno-Karabakh is the only issue on which the positions of these countries coincide. This is because the occupation and the status quo met the interests of the co-chairing countries and Armenia,” the President said.

“No one is allowed to play with the feelings of the people of Azerbaijan. The mediators must either achieve the withdrawal of the occupying forces, or move out of the way of Baku.”

He noted that as soon as Azerbaijan began to liberate the occupied lands, international players began to actively declare the need to stop hostilities. Attempts are being made to save Armenia from defeat.

“Today Azerbaijan alone is fulfilling the UN Security Council resolutions. We are shaping new realities! The conflict must be resolved either by peace or by war. We are ready to stop as soon as Baku presents a clear schedule for the withdrawal of Armenian troops from the territory of Azerbaijan,” Aliyev said.

The head of state stressed that Armenia can use the new ceasefire regime for another round of armaments.

“Over the past month, they continue to actively supply weapons to Armenia. Will a country striving for a ceasefire to arm itself?” Aliyev said, stressing that Baku has irrefutable evidence of the transfer of weapons to Yerevan by air.

The President of Azerbaijan called jesters who danced in Shusha and thereby offend the feelings of the Azerbaijani people.

“During the fighting, 252 tanks of the Armenian Armed Forces were disabled in a month, 53 were taken as trophies. Six S-400 air defense systems were destroyed. I ask, where does poverty-stricken Armenia get this amount of money from?” Aliyev said.

The President of Azerbaijan highly appreciated the position of Turkey calling for UN reform. “In the UN Security Council, a number of countries tried to pass an anti-Azerbaijani resolution, but the member states of the Non-Aligned Movement did not allow this document to be adopted. This is because there is international law and justice,” Aliyev said.

The President of Azerbaijan called on the supporters of Yerevan to achieve an end to the occupation of Azerbaijani lands.

“No one is allowed to play with the feelings of the people of Azerbaijan. The mediators must either achieve the withdrawal of the occupying forces, or move out of the way of Baku. Over the past month, the mediating countries have only tried to put pressure on Azerbaijan. These states should abandon the preconceived position,” Aliyev said.

The leader of Azerbaijan said that Baku is ready for a political or military solution to the conflict. “The main thing now is to achieve a complete and early settlement of the conflict!” He noted.

The President also drew attention to the deployment of F-16 aircraft of the Turkish Air Force in Azerbaijan.

“These planes arrived in Azerbaijan to participate in the exercises, and after the escalation the situation remained on our territory. F-16s of the Turkish Air Force will be used to prevent aggression from abroad,” Aliyev said.

The President also noted that Azerbaijan is ready to ensure the security of every Armenian living in Nagorno-Karabakh.

“The peoples will coexist peacefully throughout the country,” Aliyev said.

The President of Azerbaijan announced the liberation of 18 more settlements of the country during the last battles.

“4 villages of Zangilan, 6 – Jabrail, 7 – Gubadli regions, as well as the city of Gubadli, have been liberated from the occupation,” Aliyev said.

A video was also shared online showing the level of demoralization and presumed fear among Armenian soldiers.

The ceasefire is all but done, as Armenia continues noting violations by Azerbaijan, while Baku also accuses Yerevan of the same.

At around 10:00-10:15 local time on October 27th, Azerbaijan reportedly violated the ceasefire and used drones to shell border guard guiding posts of the Republic of Armenia at its southern border with Iran.

Noting this latest violation of the ceasefire and the shelling of the state border of the Republic of Armenia, the Artsakh Ministry of Defense declares that it is forced to strike retaliatory blows at the Azerbaijani forces.

“The Armenian armed forces retaliated against Azerbaijan. As a result of the enemy’s shelling of the southern border of Armenia, the Armenian side did not suffer any losses,” Armenian Ministry of Defense spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan said.

Despite reports in Armenian media, the truth is, and it is evident in Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan’s admitting that concessions will be necessary is that Azerbaijan has the upper hand in the situation now, and its advantage is becoming greater with each day. It is unclear if Russia plans to step in, but it also could be too little too late.


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comment image comment image
Today marks one month since the beginning of the Karabakh war. Within a month, 4 cities, 3 settlements, many strategic heights, 162 villages were liberated! More than $ 2 billion worth of military equipment was destroyed.

There is a peak above all heights – the peak of martyrdom. It is the greatest honor and pride to rise to the peak of martyrdom by sacrificing one’s life and blood for the protection of our lands and the defense of our Motherland.
May God bless our martyrs who gave their lives for the integrity of Azerbaijan and the protection of our lands! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

We wish God’s healing to our wounded heroes, fighters and fearless soldiers!


Concrete Mike

Long live the goat fuckers!!!
Its funny you president cries about arms shipments to yerevan. How many arms shipments went from bulgaria, through azerbaijan and onto jabhat al nusrah?

You are nothing but an imperial tool!

Later goatfucker!


You’re right, you’re a prostitute. We’re coming to fuck you!


No point with your ranting and bad mouth. Hope we are all civilized, not like the barbarian mountain thugs….

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

If this fantasy god is so powerful, then the god could have done some hocus pocus and the war would have ended.


God is not a magician!
God is the ruler of truth and injustice and justice.
God shows justice to the world and Armenians today!
He who betrays another’s trust must always be punished!


How can he use the word “justice” if Erdogan is involved. If Artsakh invading is acccording international justice then North Cyprus has to be returned to the democratic South Cyprus.


Say a single name that you associate with the word Justice and will fix the World problems if involved.


Take a look at the names they use here. They can’t find a name for themselves, they stand up and try to explain justice to others. You can’t explain anything to the representatives of a false society who don’t understand themselves.
This destroys them even more.


They are totally different.

Cyprus was a sovereign country that has a Greek majority and a very sizeable Turkish minority. Cyprus was also a major part of the old Ottoman Empire. Geographically, Cyprus is much closer to Turkey than to Greece proper. Yes, with the Greek military coup, its military junta wanted to merge with Greece and change the status quo. Glad that Turkey was able to counterweight the measure and stabilize Cyprus and keep its own interest.

And N-K was part of Azerbaijan for almost 70 years. Again the Artskins expelled the rightful Azeri citizens and took the N-K region as its own. They formed another Armenian republic and tried to merge with Armenia. Again, this is change of status quo.

So it is very clear, global powers want to keep the status quo. They do not want to see so many break-away countries popping up every day. This is why none of those small “Russian” republics formed after the USSR are not recognized by any word powers.

The same thing with Kurdistan, Taiwan, Kashmir and all other hot conflicts. Global powers want things to stay as is, no change.



comment image

Mustafa Mehmet



It is funny that SF think Russia should step in to save Artskins. But Russia really has nothing to do with Artskins. Russia is only responsible for Armenia.

John Brown

Both Azer and Armenia are supplied by Russia.

Random Dude

And the army mimics Israeli precision elimination of enemy leaders: Jalal Arutunyan (KIA) Minister of Defense of Separatist Nagorno Karabakh Regime.


That is amazing. So Azeris knew the speeding vehicle has its leader inside. Did he die? Or Artskins lied about his “injury” ? It seems more than just injuries.

Random Dude

Don’t know. But this afternoon Pashinyan fired the head of Counter-Intelligence agency, and also Armenians installed around 10 checkpoints within Armenian territory to hunt spies.


That is funny. Spies within Armenia? Those are the so called “volunteers”. One plausible explanation is that, Armenians try to catch those Artskin deserters away from the frontiers….


beautiful view…straight to his head!…

Svincius Savickas

Turkish pig must be also assassinated. Osman Empire is a threat to the civilized world. We cannot let those freaks to take over. Turkey shall be expelled from NATO, and then – obliterated. Without Western technologies and support Turkish pigs can make only dunner.

Mustafa Mehmet

What you trying to say young lady boy

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