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Azerbaijan’s President Holds Victory Speech, Calls Pashinyan “Armenia’s Dictator” Mocks EU, The West

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Azerbaijan's President Holds Victory Speech, Calls Pashinyan "Armenia's Dictator" Mocks EU, The West

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On November 20th, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev made a victory address to the nation, after 10 days of the Russian-brokered peace deal have passed and Azeri troops entered Aghdma.

“I sincerely congratulate you on your liberation from the occupation of the Agdam region. I sincerely congratulate all Aghdam residents. Dear people of Agdam, you are no longer migrants. You will return to your native lands.”

He reiterated that the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijani Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is possible both politically and militarily.

After years of trying to settle the issue politically, and when that failed “the whole world saw that it was precisely because of the position of Armenia that this issue did not find its solution, and its solution by military means was our legal right.”

He additionally claimed that a new period begins for the region, and that everything would be better now.

“Now a new period begins for Agdam. We have big plans. Everything in the occupied lands has been destroyed. My trips to Fizuli and Jebrail were covered by the press, and everyone, the whole world saw what a brutal enemy we faced. Not a single surviving building remained in either Jabrayil or Fizuli, only a military unit and some related buildings. All other infrastructure, all buildings, houses, historical monuments, religious monuments were destroyed by the brutal enemy.”

Furthermore, Aghdam city itself will be restored, and quite a bit needs to be done.

“The state will provide assistance to citizens to return there. Therefore, the restoration of Aghdam region will take a special place in our future plans. Because this is a large area both in terms of territory and, as I said, the largest area in terms of population.”

Some of the restoration work has already begun, in Fizuli, all relevant instructions were given in connection with the construction of a new road to Shusha, funds were allocated from the President’s reserve fund.

The Agdam-Khankendi-Shusha highway will open after a certain time, as well, Aliyev said.

“I believe that the opening of communications, at the same time of roads and communications connecting the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic with the main part of Azerbaijan, will contribute to long-term peace in the region in the future.”

In a long speech Aliyev spoke about the past situation in Nagorno-Karabakh, of decisions made by Germany, Armenia, Russia and other states, and then proclaimed victory.

Notably, he called Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan “the Dictator of Armenia.”

“We will continue to follow the path of development at an even higher pace. We achieved our goal on the battlefield. Our soldiers and officers have shown their strength. We have demonstrated our strength on the political plane, and the Trilateral Statement fully meets our interests.

That is why the Statement was signed in front of the whole world by the President of Russia and myself.

But it is still not possible to establish where the Prime Minister of Armenia signed it. But this is not so important. Somewhere in a warehouse, or in a closed place, a bunker, where he lives, what’s the difference. His signature is there. This is essentially an act of surrender.

This is the Victory of Azerbaijan, the return of our lands, the raising of our flag.

Fizuli, Jebrail, Zangilan, Gubadli, Hadrut, Sugovushan, Murovdag, Shusha, including several villages in the Lachin region, part of the Kelbajar region were liberated from the invaders on the battlefield. This led to our victory.

Our victory has already caused big problems in Armenia.

But look, what is the reaction of international organizations to this? Is there a reaction? No.

Every day one or another opposition leader is arrested in Armenia, and it is completely unreasonable. Has any Western country reacted to this? No. Condemned it? No.

The leaders of the main opposition parties have been arrested. Nobody says anything. Where are you, Council of Europe? Where are you, the Council of Europe, disliking Azerbaijan, trying to slander us, why are you silent? Or the monitoring committee.

Several speakers on Azerbaijan were appointed there. Armenia should be monitored. Why are you silent, Council of Europe? Where are your leaders, your monitoring committee, your political committee? Don’t you see that repressions prevail in Armenia? Don’t you see the dictator is challenging? Moreover, the defeated, defeated dictator. Why are you silent? Where is your democracy, human rights? There’s an answer? No. And there won’t be one.

After my words, you will see, will not. Everything will be veiled, covered. The European Parliament has passed more than 10 ugly, false resolutions against Azerbaijan. Why are you silent, European Parliament? You consider yourself supposedly the center of the world’s democracy.

Answer, make a message, a statement, condemn it. Before the eyes of the whole world, the dictator destroys all opposition. Killed one person. Among those who seized parliament, one person has already been found dead.

Why are you silent? Why? Non-governmental organizations that regularly conduct dirty campaigns against us, why are you silent? Okay, hit us with a ballistic missile, you were silent, with cluster bombs, phosphorus bombs – you were silent again. Large countries, countries that consider themselves the leaders of Europe, why are you silent? Tell me, answer. And then everyone who is not lazy is trying to hurt us. I answer to all, to all with interest.”

After his strong words against Europe, similar to what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan usually sends that way, he continued condemning Armenia’s leadership.

“The dictator of Armenia, being in the bunker, completely isolated himself from the world, his people, and in Azerbaijan there is the unity of the people and power. This is the difference. This is our strength.

Our strength lies in our unity. Strength and unity.

The people of Azerbaijan probably remember that in the last 3-4 years I have repeatedly said in my speeches that the world is changing, relations are changing, international law does not work, the factor of strength comes to the fore, the principle of “who is strong is right” prevails … All this can be seen in my speeches, since I correctly analyzed the international situation. I do not want to say that we should also follow this path. No.

Our path is the path of justice and international law. We have not done anything outside of international law. But I said that the factor of strength comes to the fore, and we must be ready for this, during all these years preparatory work has been going on – both in the economic sphere and in the field of international relations, first of all, army development.

We have accumulated this power and struck a blow at the right moment. Crushed the enemy’s head. Crumpled so that he will forever remember it, forever. We have put this stamp on. The Azerbaijani people are the victorious people. The Azerbaijani army is the victorious army. We won a victory on the battlefield, in the political plane, liberated our lands from the invaders.”

Aliyev is trying to present it as a complete victory, but the truth is that had hostilities continued, Baku could’ve made even more gains, and as such it is likely that this success isn’t considered a “glorious victory” in the eyes of the people.

Regardless, it is a victory that needs to be appreciated by Azerbaijan, and its president aims to do so.

“With a feeling of boundless pride, I convey and inform my people about the liberation of Aghdam. I am sure that the days we are going through today, the moments will forever remain in the memory of every Azerbaijani. We are writing history, new history. We are writing a new glorious history of our people, our country. This is the history of Victory. After that, we, first of all, must ensure the return of our citizens to the lands liberated from occupation. We need to mobilize all our strength. We should mobilize all material resources in order to soon return our citizens to their native lands.”


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Porc Halal

I really feel sorry for these redneck turds why they don’t get it at all about the situation in N-K..

Porc Halal


This is what AZ actually won…


and no one cares about their pathetic “celebration”….


Lelouch Vi Britannia

keep crying looser

John Brown

Yes lots of oil and gas there in NK, Azer will develop to pay for reconstruction.

Random Dude

This conflict is not about resources, but still there are indeed plenty of mining sites specially gold. Contracts have been awarded already.
Even without it the pockets are deep enough from oil, and now gas sales begin with TANAP/TAP pipelines. Money is plenty.


Pakistani from Britain i wonder when will come the time u would be deported to ur shitthol

Random Dude

Congratulations you have moved passed denial and anger stage and now are in bargaining stage. Soon frustration will come where you will not be visible here for a while, then finally acceptance, where your comments will be more optimistic on Armenia and its cooperation with neighbors.
Screenshot this comment, though you will see it for yourself.


pakistani goat

Random Dude

never tried, but I heard mutton buried underground is delicious.


Aliyev is celebrating the victory in Aghdam city, Karabakh
Pashinyan, where are you?

Zionism = EVIL

In the basement of the Americunt “embassy”, the largest in the region with bunkers. The stupid arseholes were all set for Pashinian to join NATO. Russia fucked up that delusion. Only in a shithole like Armenia a cowardly loser like Pashinian could still be in power. I thought by now I had seen everything :)


u zionist mottafakka

Concrete Mike

and who are you?

Pashniyan is a traitor? Even a shovel can recognize that!

Kenny Jones ™

His days are numbered for sure, when a pro-Russian leader gets put there, those lands will return, with the help of Russia itself, against who you can’t do a thing

Fog of War

” a pro-Russian leader gets put there, those lands will return, with the help of Russia itself, against who you can’t do a thing ”

You must have been very high when you wrote this.

Kenny Jones ™

Does Russia’s weaponry there look like a “peace” keeping mission?

Fog of War

Who are the Russians afraid of then ? Azerbaijan or Armenia, because we all know Azerbaijan will not, and doesn’t have to, do anything but wait.

Kenny Jones ™

Wait for how long, 5 years? Are they really that patient? And is Turkey too? On November 25 the deadline ends for the next region, what if they don’t withdraw?

Fog of War

” what if they don’t withdraw? ”

Then Russia would lose whatever credibility it has left on the world stage.

Kenny Jones ™

In the treaty it doesn’t say Russia is obligated to remove them from the areas by force, otherwise why did they move it to 25 from 15?

Fog of War

Who are you talking about the Azeris or Armenians ? If the Armenians, then the agreement would be null and void and the Azeris would have a full right to resume operations. Although, Russia would lose alot of ” face “.

Also, the date was moved due to poor road conditions as the Armenians couldn’t get out of there by that date.

Kenny Jones ™

And with “world stage” you mean the US and western Europe, let them isolate themselves, the real majority world has had enough of them and their imperialism

Fog of War

Dont talk for the Russians as it seems they’re doing everything they can to stay on good terms with ZioAmerica and lapdog Europe.

Servet Köseoğlu

Kenny strikes again…xD comment image


mongolian goat


I hope they salted the earth before they left. Thousands of people are losing everything they have because of this tyrant’s inability to understand history. This has always been Armenian land, as his country is a modern and artificial creation.

cechas vodobenikov

the childish comments aside, this is a substantial Azeri victory; Aliev is mainly accurate in his claims. There is every reason to believe that Armenian corruption and incompetence will continue. I expect that most, if not all of NK will be restored to Azerbijian

Rodney Loder

The fall of the Soviet Union was the beginning of hell on Earth, Armenia is just the latest example demonstrating that maggot Jews have adopted a new play book, Biden will be conciliatory and the rise of China will not mark a new cold war, Pashinyan was played the outcome of this invasion was contrived as a carrot and stick geopolitical zero sum game to give Western Stooges a taste of what’s to come Pashinyan’s thoughts were not his own.

This is the US stepping down and China stepping up demonstrated by the IMF, WB and Bank of International Settlements, this is the beginning of the New Jew World Order were influential leaders are targeted by Freemason Mind Control Operations using my God given capacity – the Holy Ghost – best practice would be to expose the Freemasons something that everyone knows.

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