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MARCH 2021

Azerbaijan’s Forces Make Gains, Release Video Of Captured Hadrut City


Azerbaijan's Forces Make Gains, Release Video Of Captured Hadrut City

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On October 15th, the Armenian Ministry of Defense released an updated statement on alleged Azerbaijani casualties.

Since the last update, which happened on October 14th, the new losses of Azerbaijani army are – 4 UAVs, 5 armored vehicles, 1 plane, 350 casualties.

Azerbaijan's Forces Make Gains, Release Video Of Captured Hadrut City

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The Karabakh defense army has published another list with the names of soldiers who fell in the defense of the Motherland. The list consists of 49 people.

The total number of losses of the Armenian side is 604.

Another Su-25 belonging to the Azerbaijani Armed Forces was also reportedly downed.

Turkish F-16s were also allegedly delivered to Azerbaijan through Georgia.

On October 16th, after about an hour of intense shelling, the opponent launched a large-scale offensive in the Northern direction. They tried several times to take our positions by attacking waves, but thanks to the courage and skill of the Armenian soldiers, the opponent was repulsed with significant losses, Armenian Ministry of Defense spokesperson Artsrun Hovhannisyan said.

Multifunctional F-16 fighter aircrafts of the Turkish Air Forces flew to Azerbaijan from Turkey through Georgian airspace. Deputy Commander of the Armenian Air Defense Forces Garik Movsesyan stated this during today’s press conference.

We remind that Georgia officially declares that it prohibits military flights through its airspace for both sides of the conflict, but in reality the ban is valid only for the Armenian side.

This way Georgia has cut off Armenia from reinforcements from its ally Russia.

If these numbers by Armenia are to be trusted, it means that for every nearly 10 losses of the Azerbaijani side, Armenia loses 1 soldier.

Greek foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will visit Armenia on October 16th.

A joint press conference will be held after the meeting with the Armenian foreign Minister.  During the visit of Minister of foreign Affairs of Greece Nikos Dendias will meet with the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan and the President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sargsyan.

Turkey and Greece are at odds when it comes to the illegal migrants that were, until recently, flooding the borders, as well as Turkey drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean, with Greece, Cyprus, France and others strongly opposing it.

Iran also appears to be in some form of discussions with Armenia.

Levon Ayvazyan, Head of the General Department of Defense Policy and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia, on October 12th met with Colonel Bahman Sadeghi, the newly appointed military attaché of the Iranian embassy.

During the meeting, Ayvazyan presented the situation created by the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh), and the course of the ongoing respective hostilities.

They reflected also on the impact—from the viewpoint of regional security and stability—of the involvement of a third party—Turkey—and of mercenary terrorists in this conflict.

Libya’s Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army spokesperson confirmed the transfer of terrorists from Turkey to Azerbaijan.

General of the Libyan National Army Ahmed al-Mesmari confirms the transfer of terrorists from Turkey to Azerbaijan. As reported by Armenpress, the general announced this on the air of “Sky news Arabia”.

“Turkey has delivered thousands of Syrian terrorists of other nationalities to Libya through the airports of Metiga and Misurata. And now Turkey is using these airports to transport terrorists from Libya, Syria and other nationalities to Azerbaijan,” Ahmed al-Mesmari said.

Furthermore, the export of Turkish military products to Azerbaijan has grown six times compared to 2019, Reuters reported on October 14, citing official statistics from the Turkish Exporters Association.

In particular, the volume of Turkey’s military supplies to Azerbaijan since January 2020 increased from $20 million to $123 million.

In addition, in September 2020, deliveries of drones and other types of weapons increased to $77 million.

Sales of drones, rocket launchers, ammunition and other equipment have skyrocketed since August this year. If in July they were $ 278,880, then in August they reached $36 million, and in September – $77.1 million.

This points to the fact that Azerbaijan’s offensive on Nagorno-Karabakh was not a sudden action, but rather planned thoroughly in advance.

Azerbaijani forces appear to be having success, as the city of Hadrut is largely in their control now.

A propaganda video was also released, shot near the conflict line.

And finally, two photographs that show the glorious Azerbaijani army and its Turkish support, and the way they treat the Armenian side’s killed soldiers.

Any similarities to actual terrorists are accidental.

Azerbaijan's Forces Make Gains, Release Video Of Captured Hadrut City

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Azerbaijan's Forces Make Gains, Release Video Of Captured Hadrut City

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