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Azerbaijani Troops Entered Largest Armenian Gold Mine On Nagorno-Karabakh Border (Videos)

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On November 26, Azerbaijani troops entered the Armenian Sotk gold mine that is located in Gegharkunik region right on the border with the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

According to local sources, 80 Azerbaijani service members entered the gold mine and the nearby town, claiming that the area should be handed over to them. No clashes were reported near the gold mine. The residents of Sotk and the gold mine workers didn’t leave.

“There was no shooting or attack,” Hakob Avetyan, head of Sotk community, told Aysor.am. “ Negotiations are underway now.”

Avetyan noted that the issue can’t be resolved without the mediation by Russian peacekeepers, who were deployed in Nagorno-Karabakh earlier this month to implement the November 9 peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia denied that Azerbaijani troops had approached Sotk, in an attempt to calm the residents.

Representatives of the Armenian MoD and the Azerbaijani military are currently on the ground in Stok, working to demarcate the border line in town and the nearby gold mine.

Azerbaijani Troops Entered Largest Armenian Gold Mine On Nagorno-Karabakh Border (Videos)

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“I don’t know how much of the mine will remain for us and what part will be passed on to them [Azerbaijanis],” Hakob Avetyan told Hetq.am.

The situation in Sotk is one of the many failures of Armenia’s leadership, which doesn’t seem does not seem to care about the country’s territorial integrity and its resources.


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Random Dude

Check any map and you will see who is right.


Pashinyan’s failures for the world to see: https://youtu.be/o_6-zf1teWQ

Random Dude

Call it betrayal or upholding the international law. I call it justice.


” mediation by Russian peacekeepers” And what is to “mediate”?!! If that territory was conquered by Azerbaijan forces before final agreement than Armenians will have to leave if not than Azerbaijan forces will have to leave.

klove and light

turkish goat and child fuckers


Nope!No proof unlike neo-libby baby organ eateth demonic sic fks/French connection ‘Lets us excavate all the gold and we will even buy oil from yous”


When it comes to “child fuckers” I think that Western elites excel in that, way above anybody else… For the goat sex…. well even there LGBTQ and all the rest sick fucks including necrophilia, zoophilia and satanist fan club are catching up very fast on every perversity performed on this planet since the early days of the civilization

Arman Melkonyan

Turks systematically rape their own Turkish children in Turkish government-sponsored Muslim charity foundations.

When the Turks run out of Christians to rape and torture, they turn on their own. It’s their depraved Turkish nature, they can’t help it:



Servet Köseoğlu

Cabrons…..By not handing over you think alleviate the problem that you lost the war…noone will vouch your safety if you keep your legendary stubborness…

Furkan Sahin

I want to talk to you about something else in fact I think Turkey’s Asgari Ucret 2021 will be terrible they will rise only to 2700 TL it is wild Erdogan destroys it all do you agree with me?

Arman Melkonyan

Even that will be cut in half when the Turkish Lira is devalued by 50 percent or more, soon enough.

Already, The Turks make less money than the Chinese. The Chinese make $400 a month whereas the Turks make about $350 a month, correct?

But the Turks are happy as long as they get to torture and genocide Armenians by the thousands.

The Turks are Allah’s favorites.

Furkan Sahin

Yes Chinese people earn better wages than Turkey I am not surprised Turkey wages is 3.2 dollars a few hours

Servet Köseoğlu

why should ı worry-think about that?ı dont have any problem…

Furkan Sahin

no, but think of other people who have problems with finances Do not think of yourself Turkey is also on its way to becoming like Venezuela

John Wallace

Unto the winners goes the spoils .


If Erdogan appointed a prime minister of Armenia directly, it would not have been worse than Pashinyan. His performance in all spheres of governance is terrible. The worst part is he won’t resign after this catastrophe. In Japan, the leadership would have committed suicide after this type of debacle. Armenia will not recover with Pashinyan as prime minister.

John Brown

Armenians realized, far too late, that by taking them away from Russia for the USA, Nikol Pachinian had bet on the wrong horse. They understand in retrospect that however corrupt the former team that led them was, it was patriotic, while Soros’ men are opposed to the very concept of Armenian nationhood, and therefore to the independence of their country.

its a total success for the Soros coup leaders. A job well done. Now its time for the Soros coup leaders to destroy what is left of Armenia ASAP

Rhodium 10

Armenian people dont care about NK fate and lands if they can join to EU and work as a cheap labour in EU while women dream to be like kardashians sisters Pashinyan will stay in power…they are Nomadic people who live in many countries..their only concern is about Christians monasteries in NK…but nothing else!…everybody knew that with Pashinyan as a president…the fate of NK was compromised!..and people supported him in a Soros colour revolution!


Armenians are not nomadic people, the Kingdom of Armenia was a strong Roman ally against the Parthians, the genocide committed against them in late 19th and early 20th century caused the diaspora.

Ida Acobian

Shut your stupid lying turkic mouth. Where do you see Armenia here bitch


Rhodium 10

I am not Turk and evenless Muslim…I say that Armenian people like all Ex Soviet republic dont care about their lands…they prefer to vote pro western and join EU… in order to flee the country and work in some rich countries like Britain, Germany, Denmark..among others…knowing that with pro western will lose lands!..example= Ukraine ( Crimea, Donbass), Moldova ( Transnistria), Georgia( Abjazia, S Ossetia), Armenia (NK)….Belarus?..will lose all territory if a pro NATO government is in power….even Azerbajan lost NK in the 90s when tried to bring Turkey armed forces( NATO) to the Caspian sea.


I can assure you that Armenians do care about the little land there is left. However, color revolutions and geopolitical miscalculations have severe consequences. Alienating Russia was one of the worst decisions in the history of geopolitics. Similar to Georgia and Ukraine, who paid a price for the color revolutions. Armenians took the bait of Western support, and they paid the price. The old regime kept the status quo as they had Russian support. This new regime, either foreign agent, Soros useful idiot, or colossal incompetence, led the country to this catastrophe. Note in 2016 there was a short war and Azeris did not advance. We have to think more and have less emotion in geopolitics. Pashinyan = Sakashvilli of Armenians.

Fog of War

The Azeris wont back down here, the gold mine is too important.


It is very funny for SF to state that:

The situation in Sotk is one of the many failures of Armenia’s leadership, which doesn’t seem does not seem to care about the country’s territorial integrity and its resources.

Of course Armenia cares. But most of the “gold mine” is inside Azerbaijan. Armenians have been stealing Azerbaijan gold for 30 years….


Frankly, Armenia is depleted of any resources and was living off foreign aid, diaspora remittances and NK natural resources and now that has ended and Armenia is in deep doo doo.

Arman Melkonyan

“Russia is the only true winner of this war.”

Respectfully disagreed.

The result was AWFUL for Russia herself.

1) Russians could have toppled the treasonous pro-Western Pashinyan administration by recognizing Artsakh, empowering and rendering them INDEPENDENT from Armenia, thus driving a wedge between Artsakh and Armenia proper, which would have weakened Pashinyan and emboldened patriotic and pragmatic Armenians everywhere. Instead, the Russians chose to accommodate Pashinyan’s stay in power, and by the same token destroy the trust of their likely staunch Armenian allies in Artsakh.

2) The Turks are now buying their gas directly from Azerbaijan instead of buying it from Russia, even though the Turks had signed long-term gas sales contracts with the Russians, I believe? Russia had built a gas pipeline to Turkey at great expense to herself. BIG MONETARY LOSS to Russia right there. This ought to be of paramount concern for the pragmatic Russians who are focused more on profit margins than any religious, strategic or or even ethical issues: the Russians themselves had documented the atrocities committed against Armenians by Azeri civilians in the pogroms of Sumgait and Baku. Putin and Aliyev are best friends indeed.

3) De facto, if not de jure, the current Russian administration has enabled the Turks to transport and likely settle thousands of ISIS Jihadis in Artsakh. In other words, a colony of Islamist terrorists in the Caucuses. This is not in Russia’s national interest. There likely will be nefarious consequences for Russia’s security in the near future.

4) Russians will not make much money through additional arms sales to Azerbaijan either. The Azeris are now making the bulk of their sophisticated arms purchases from Israel, Turkey, South Africa(?), Ukraine, and even the perfidious French I believe. The Azeris already bought all the Russian T-90 tanks they needed. They could even sell some back to Russia when the ISIS issue hits the fan in Chechnya and Dagestan soon enough. I’m really not sure the Russian population will enjoy watching the Jihadis beheading Russians on video as much as they enjoyed dismissing the Azeris’ cutting Armenians’ ears and heads off on their computer screens. Unfortunately, likely soon coming to a theater much closer to home.

In conclusion,

It was not in Russia’s best interests to openly display for the world to see that Russia’s ruling classes and the Russian government can, and do, wantonly trample Russian *national* interests underfoot, placing them above what personal gains they derive from their special “friendships” with bloodthirsty tyrants like Aliyev and Erdogan.

After all, who needs enemies when you can have friends like the Russians? Serbia? Ethnic Russians of Ukraine? The Syrians and the Iranians whom the Russians allow the Israelis to bomb and kill with impunity?

As for the Armenians, they continue to faintly exist only as the damning consciousness of man’s inhumanity to man.

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