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Aliyev Is Ready For Ceasefire In Nagorno-Karabakh After Claiming Destruction Of 6 Armenian S-300 ADS

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Aliyev Is Ready For Ceasefire In Nagorno-Karabakh After Claiming Destruction Of 6 Armenian S-300 ADS

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev, Sputink

Azerbaijan is ready to accept a ceasefire in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, President Ilham Aliyev said during an interview with Fox News on October 24.

The Azerbaijani President said his troops are ready to lay down their arms, if the Armenian side accept an agreement that would see Armenian troops withdrawing from Nagorno-Karabakh.

“I have said this many times. Even today, we are ready to agree on a ceasefire. But at the same time, the Prime Minister of Armenia should declare that they adhere to the principles developed jointly by the USA, Russia and France,” Aliyev said.

Azerbaijani forces launched a large-scale attack on Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27. Turkey is not only supporting Baku with military equipment, but also with hundreds of Syrian mercenaries, who have been already spotted on the region’s frontlines.

Despite the presence of overwhelming evidence, Aliyev denied that his forces are being backed by Syrian mercenaries brought by Turkey.

“We don’t need any mercenaries,” the Azerbaijani President said, “It’s all fake news aimed at damaging the image of the country and diminishing the bravery of the soldiers on the battlefield.”

During the interview, Aliyev also boasted about the military achievements of its forces, including the destruction of several Armenian S-300 air-defense systems.

“We have destroyed more than 230 tanks, 6 S-300 air-defense systems and hundreds of armored vehicles so far,” Aliyev told his interviewer, denying that Azerbaijani combat drones are targeting civilians.

Azerbaijani forces were reportedly behind a number of attacks on civilian sites in Nagorno-Karabakh, including a landmark church.

Aliyev remarks indicate that Azerbaijan is not willing to accept any political settlement that does not force Armenia to retreat from Nagorno-Karabakh. The Armenian side will not likely approve these conditions.


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Aliyev can suck a jewish pork dick he is a dead man walking



Jens Holm

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I wonder where You put You own little one in.


we had a good time with your mutter in oslo

Davide Herzog

A lot of men from Africa go to live in Oslo as everybody knows women there are hot bitches and when they stay pregnant it’ s impossibile to know who of last hundred men that fucked them could be the father . norway is a bloody feminist dictatorship and men lives have no value at all and that’ s why often you can meet degenerated like this jens scum .

Jens Holm

Having up to 50% influence because all votes count the same and Our women are not kept stupid as Yours.

The Norweigian women as well as the danish ones actually make a bigger GDP pr Capita then the Saudi men does.

..And we do have well organized states and has plus i IMF making A s as well as we actaully are very low in Covid.

Your version of me as a man says all. Ypou raise Your men as above men and too often as rapists by those writtens. And nex You bleme vomen for it even they try to protect themself in black tent.

And You dont represent muslims. Half of muslims in Norway and Denmark are doing fine and are almost as sekular as the rest of us.

Fog of War

” Half of muslims in Norway and Denmark are doing fine and are almost as sekular as the rest of us. ”

Do you not see the logical disconnect in your statement ? Additionally, the rate of rapes in European countries was comparatively low, that is until the ” migrants ” arrived, now its very high. So who’s to blame ? The native men or the ” guests ” ?

Jens Holm

Thats a highly incompetent assumption from You.

Just because 50% dont fit in even they have got all possibilities dowesnt say they ar criminals. They are not.

The problems are those who are. In the old danosh population about 95% are not crimonals – apart from very small things. For the incommmers 90% never are in negative contact riith police/court/jail.

Its the 5% of the old ones and 10% of the the incommers, whcih often makes many many many ´bad things and among them rapes. I have no statistics but the incomming muslim (men) mainly do it against their own muslim men, vomen, girls and boys and very often inside the families.

The old danish ones still lower a little in crime, where the work to lower seemes to be succesfull.

I will repat that 90% of the in commers makes no crime even they keep them self poor and hardly has salt to an egg or a potato.

Fog of War

” I will repat that 90% of the in commers makes no crime even they keep them self poor and hardly has salt to an egg or a potato. ”

How do you account for the giant rise in rapes then ? Do you think its just 10% of the ” new comers ” committing them all ? Just quit talking you’re an f*cking moron.

Icarus Tanović

That’s fake sharia, the Wahhabi one.

Jens Holm

Norway use birth control very well and the birth rate is very low as well, so even its as in Your filthy dreams, there are not all those unwanted children.

You relate ro Your own world and here You raise women for sale and all is about property and money and total unacceptable seen from Norway, Denmark etc.

Equal rights is not the same as feminisme. Its more as You insist in infantile macho of the worst kind, where strength and shouting is better then being clever and accoplish something for all.

Most Norweigians women are more real men, then You are.

Jens Holm

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Random Dude

Regular diplomatic language. And the military continues doing its job

Free man

“Regular diplomatic language. ” – He conducts himself very wisely in this war.


looks like this site is censoring comments now…


You wrote something somebody didn’t like and it got flagged as spam.

Happened to me, too. Coincidentally also in a thread about NK. The propaganda war is in full swing.


it is full of islamic and juden black propaganda

Jens Holm

comment image

Fog of War

How do you flag things as spam here ?


What do you need it for? I haven’t seen anything like spam here.

And the stupid shit some users post here, however revolting it may be, doesn’t justify to flag it.

I do block a lot of (mostly Turkish) annoyances, though.

Fog of War

Posting 50 videos in a row of dead corpses is spam in my humble opinion.


Ah, fuck it. Let them have it!

When you mouse-hover over the comment, a triangle-symbol appears to the right. As long as I don’t get paid to moderate this shit-slinging-contest*, I prefer to use the topmost option.

*The SF forum was very different not too long ago.

Guy Metdrapedes

Turks have absolutely flooded this website since the Armenian genocide 2.0 began.

Fog of War

Turks and Armenians. I’m starting to get sick of both sides.

Icarus Tanović

Well said.

Europe hates America

They lost thousand of soldiers and in the last couple of days on some azeri tg channel u saw more and more high officers which also were fallen in battles. They hide everything from their retarded turk folk


Typical Turk/Azeri mentality just lie about everything. Make up history, make ups stories, talk about liberating villages when it is empty desert.

Lie about Jihadies in their ranks then boast how smart they are for paying someone else to die for them. Make up fake maps every day, make up fake equipment not even in use. Use the same fat chubby kid in every fake war crime video. Believe the chubby fat kid is Erdo’s nephew…and so on.


Azerbaijan Army uses precision weapons against the enemy

Free man

The Azeris have not yet uncovered all the sophisticated weapons they have purchased from Israel.

Fog of War

Stop posting these videos, South front posts enough already. You’re just ruing this site’s reputation.



Fog of War

Thank you.

Servet Köseoğlu

We have destroyed more than 230 tanks, 6 S-300 air-defense systemsı verified only one s-300..ı agree bug of old armenian s-300 is revaled but 6 s-300 is quite fragile claim…


Yes, yes … Aliyev can say a lot … but he does not say that the war in NK is over. When will he say that the American embassy in Baku has also closed ???

Servet Köseoğlu

BP expresses support for Azerbaijani people in struggle for territorial integrity..Armenian fate is decided ages ago…Usa is producing hot-air again.. filthy liars…
comment image


But BP also has 19.75% of the shares in the Russian energy giant Rosneft. That is why former BP strongman Robert Dudley has been on Rosneft’s board for a decade.

Dudley remains in place despite being replaced at the helm of BP this year by the younger Bernard Looney. But he continues to represent BP’s interests in the Russian giant. Dudley, moreover, has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Russian Geographical Society for years.


BP has the largest stake in the owner of the Baku-Ceyhan pipeline (30.1%) and is also the manager. The Azerbaijani SOCAR, where decisions are made by the Aliyev family, owns only 25%. The third-largest percentage in the pipeline is held by the American Unocal with 8.9%.

Jens Holm

USA is not producing hot air at all.


Servet Köseoğlu

Thats rich coming from American guardian..needless to say US lies and destructive policies all over the world…

Jens Holm

And the seize of Your feet its 59, so You can handle hurricanes and tzunamis very well too:)

Servet Köseoğlu

Jeez…is that a line from Hans Christian Andersen’s cinema version of ”The nightingale”…

Jens Holm

We have imoroved since and some company here made Hitman.

Servet Köseoğlu

ı have to give you that,best detective serial ı have ever watched..comment image

Jens Holm

Yerrh, when we want to see new series, we all go around the world.

The comments to the danosh ones are, that the females there are jusy as bright as the men and behave jsut as well. And they do.

6 of 12 main policesistricts here in Denmark is runned by vomen and not because of gender.

The same goes for Our Premiere Minister. We aso have Mergrethe Vesterager in the EU top trying to get tax from the big companies.

People should learn from that. In divorse we dont pay divrse money, because they have own jobs.

Its a waste having vomen mainly at home. They contribute for about 60% of the GDP. They also cant just demand this and that from their man as suporter. If yhey want improvements for all of us, our children and like that, they contribute…

Jens Holm

Its as ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ writes. Others almost all are much bigger and has influence.

You also ignore USSR collapased and their rusty world somehow has to be replaced by investments. They fx are rather big fromEU to Armena. If ou cross the line Brits are rather big in mining in Azarbaidian.

Fog of War

” When will he say that the American embassy in Baku has also closed ??? ”

When will the Armenians ? You see, both sides are being ” played ” .


Nobody is playing … and the US embassy in Baku is closed! You do not know the facts well.

The U.S. Embassy in Baku has received credible reports of potential

terrorist attacks and kidnappings against U.S. citizens and foreign

nationals in Baku, including against hotels such as the J.W. Marriott

Absheron, as well as potentially other locations in Baku. U.S. citizens

are advised to exercise heightened caution in locations where Americans

or foreigners may gather.


Fog of War

I was talking about Armenia. Read my comment again and get new glasses.




absurd claim

there are various sources that says that Armenia has/had only 1 S-300 battery

Jens Holm

Where he dont 100% lie his numbers follow the Rurkish inflation. Better then liras and rails:)

Fog of War

What do you mean by ” WE ” ?

Servet Köseoğlu

ı didnt mean anything..ı copy-pasted Aliyevs claim from the South-fronts article..

Samuel Vanguard

no ceasefire in horizon anytime soon…


Parshinyan also crying for ceasefire. Only if he can keep N-K. LOL.

So what is the ceasefire? They can’t agree.

Armenia’s greater Armenia dream can come to an end. Winter is coming. Better take care of your own people.

Also, Armenia needs to pay back the debt owed to Russian master on the purchases of weapons. Russia will bankrupt Armenia for many years to come. That makes Armenia slave of Russia.


What happened? They now agree to ceasefire I thought Aliyev said that troops must withdraw…LOL

What happened?

Please please tell us….LOL


Porc Halal

Another turdish redneck bullshit…

Arman Melkonyan


The extant TURKISH REPUBLIC of 2020 is GUILTY of committing and perpetuating the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE!

So WHY are Armenians being so senseless?

Fact: Turks claim Armenians were deported from war zones for their own safety — NOT with the goal of killing them and committing genocide.

Fact: Turks TODAY conceal (and reportedly destroy) Ottoman Turkish deeds records and archives to obstruct official confirmation of Armenian ownership and thwart the inheritors of the Armenians they “deported” to reclaim and return to their homes, lands and property;


Fact: The Turks are continuing to commit genocide on the Armenians by preventing them from returning to their homes even though WWI is OVER.


Aren’t Armenians suing the modern day Republic of Turkey for perpetrating the ongoing genocide TODAY?

Aren’t the hapless Armenians being self-defeating instead of helping their cause?

The Objective

For the Shiite devils on this forum who try to mislead unsuspecting Sunnis that Erdogan is a NATO and American puppet, I have two links of latest news to share with you. News from PressTV and Daily Sabah:


Make no mistake: Erdogan is the only Sunni president standing up for Muslims without fear, even helping Shiite Azerbaijan. But the Iranian trojan horses in their attempt to diminish his support base among Sunnis want everyone to believe Erdogan is a Western puppet.

France just called back its ambassador from Turkey after Erdogan blasted Macron for Islamophobic comments.


Yes, decry Islamophobia while you totally ignore the reason why people get scared.

[Hint: The fear of Islam in European non-Muslims could have something to do with cut off heads]


Fucking roaches! Parasites. While Armenians have given France many many talented people, the fucking turks hand out beheadings. This is what they are on display all the time, in every corner of the world they are at.


Arman Melkonyan

Is that why Erdogan and the Turks REFUSE to recognize Alawite/Shiite houses of prayer as legitimate religious institutions?


You couldn’t be honest and truthful even if your life depended on it.


I am sunni and Erdogan is a western puppet…
Let him come out of NATO first then we can ponder on his words…
Turkey has relations with Israel; political, economic and military.
But Turkey sharply criticised UAE for normalizing with Israel..
Erdogan hypocrisy was exposed immediately.
He do the bla bla bla for the camera and populism.


You talk rubbish that Erdogan is a western puppet…

The Objective

If you are truly a Sunni, then your comments tell me you are one of two things:
1) You have no knowledge of Islam – I mean deep knowledge
2) You have knowledge but lack wisdom.
Let me explain why.
If you study Islam’s history, you’ll realize that nothing in Islam is done in a rash. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) started calling people to Islam gradually. For years, he (SAW) focused mainly on calling those closer to him to Islam. He endured evil treatments from the Meccan pagans for years without showing any animosity. He never ordered his small followers to fight at that moment. He shared the Ka’aba with the polytheists – both Muslims and pagans worshiped there. There is lesson to learn from this for those who have even an atom of wisdom.
Secondly, I’ll ask you to read the story of Salahuddeen Al Ayyubi. It’s on the net for free. Note the strategy he followed which was in line with what the prophet (SAW) did. At first, Salahuddeen largely ignored the crusaders and Shiites, only engaging in small mandatory and mostly defensive battles. He first united much of the Muslim lands under his rule, and then he unleashed the Jihad that defeated the crusaders. It took decades for him to finally accomplish this.

The bottom line is: DAMAGE DONE OVER MANY DECADES CANNOT BE FIXED IN ONE DAY. Fear of Allah, wisdom, and patience is the key.

Erdogan is obviously a smart leader following a similar strategy as Salahuddeen. He understands that to gain the support for his pro-Islamic policies aimed at reshaping the Muslim world, he must first gain the support of his people. Now he’s fundamentally changing Turkish society.
Read this Reuter’s report for more on what Erdogan is doing in Turkey: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/turkey-erdogan-education/
And research further. Read Israeli news sources to get an idea of what the Israeli government and public thinks of Turkey. Also read about how Erdogan’s domestic policies led to the 2016 coup which gave Erdogan an opportunity to purge Turkey of hypocrites in the Army and civil service. He calls the coup a blessing for a reason.

About NATO, Erdogan was not born when NATO was formed. Again, NATO is currently in crisis because of Turkey. Every wise action is taken gradually, not in a rash. If you rush, you’re likely to cause more harm than good. Again, over 80% of Turks consider America an enemy.

So my brother, some things may appear evil at first. do not rush to conclude. look at the bigger picture. As a wise leader, Erdogan will have to:

1. Re-model Turkey in the image of Islam (Which he is doing right now)
2. Build a strong military and economy (which he is doing too, though not very successful on the economic front)
3. Unite a good number of Muslim countries who’ll stand by one another against military and economic threat. (He’s doing this too, which is why they say he has a neo-ottoman dream)
4. Help Muslims facing oppression around the world.

Erdogan is the only president criticizing anyone who mistreats Muslims anywhere. Iran (the misguided hypocrites) do not criticize China or Russia for their ill-treatment of Muslims. China and Russia maltreats Muslims more than America does.

thomas malthaus

Aliyev made no mention regarding Friday’s Washington peace talks between the foreign ministers of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Is Azerbaijan taking heavy casualties in Nagorno-Karabakh?

Simon Ndiritu

Very sudden change of attitude which is certainly not out of Aliyev’s benevolence!!!!

Bruno Gama

Great Opportunity to Russia send troops to the region permanently, and goodbye NATO to Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenian “soldiers” could withdraw and accept or face a long and painful defeat…

Jens Holm

Its no great idea. Nato is not there and it makes no sense russians should be as You assume as well.

Doom Sternz

The attack by Azerbaijan would not of happened unless the rules based order signed off on it. ie NATO is again the aggressor. Azerbaijan now realises the foolishness of going along with them. Azerbaijan clearly went to negotiate a peace deal in Russia to end the war they started as they now realise it will not be a quick victory. This is the way out for them and Turkey has been sidelined.

The world now clearly understand who Trump/Erdogan are, who NATO is and who the rules based order is. The rules based order is global terrorism. These acts of aggression by Azerbaijan et al are what the ICC calls the Supreme International Crime. These are war crimes but again the guilty will not be held to account because the rules based order is lawlessness.

The enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh held a referendum in 1991 where the people chose independence from Azerbaijan and self-declared the Republic of Artsakh. Artsakh includes Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding districts which accounted for about 30% of Azerbaijan.

Joseph Stalin decided to make the Nagorno-Karabakh region an autonomous oblast of Soviet Azerbaijan. After the dissolution of the USSR the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh held a referendum where the people chose independence from Azerbaijan and self-declared the Republic of Artsakh.

Armenia has supported Artsakh both militarily and economically because it is populated by an Armenian majority and because of the UN principle of self-determination. The only interest for the Azerbaijanis is the integrity of their territory hence the need to ethnically cleanse the area of its Armenian population.

Jens Holm

Nato is not there at all moron. Nato support the 20 new countries be negosations, if there are problems, so they ask for negosidations.

Here Russia also is passive.

So the idiots here seemes to be someone else and Your kind.

Doom Sternz

NATO is always there, why else attack Artsahk? The war was started so that NATO can occupy Azerbaijan. The breakaway republic and the people of Azerbaijan must be subjugated first.


6 S-300’s my ass, this guy is so full of shit. He is a tyrant invading another country and pretending he’s “liberating” it. He’s lost a few thousand of his soldiers so far, hundreds of vehicles and drones, but still thinks he’s in position to demand the enemy withdraw because he’s taken a few low-land territories. That’s not how war works you moron, the Armenians will continue their resistance until every Azeri invader is kicked out.

This ugly beak-nosed freak needs a bullet in his skull.

cechas vodobenikov

ceasefires are always valuable; they expose hypocrisy and are precursors to eventual settlement


comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image
ARMENIANS HAVE LOST THEIR RIGHT TO LIVE IN AZERBAIJAN! – The policy of hostility towards Azerbaijan takes this right away from them!
The results of the last 25 days of the Patriotic War are tragic for Armenia. The liberation of strategic military positions and settlements by the Azerbaijani Army and the destruction of thousands of servicemen have caused great frustration, depression and political crisis at home.
Political forces and ex-servicemen do not allow Nicole Pashkina to share the responsibility for the disaster with the Armenian society. As a result, he became furious and increased the scale of the losses.
The allies have retreated, the Armenian lobby has not yielded any results, and the country’s remaining resources are running out. There is desertion in the army, and young people are evading mobilization in various ways – recently by bribing themselves to register as a patient with COVID.
The bandits in Nagorno-Karabakh are begging either Russia or France to stop Azerbaijan. The commanders on the front line also said that it was unwise to kill so many Armenians and demanded that Pashinyan put an end to the stupid resistance.
Most Armenians settled in Nagorno-Karabakh fled to Yerevan, and a small number hid in basements in the corner of Khankendi. In short, sick fantasies like “Greater Armenia” are crushed under the boots of Azerbaijani soldiers.
The Azerbaijani Army is very close to victory. Analyzing the current battle map, military experts say that the Armenian remnants will have no choice but to surrender in the short term.
Armenia is now a lynx, rolling from the top of the mountain to the valley. For 27 years he has been suffering from the terrible pain of not listening to Azerbaijan’s patience and concessions. The losses are not just the destruction of thousands of troops, hundreds of military equipment, billions of dollars in economic damage. Armenia has been deprived of everything it has captured for two hundred years.
The high autonomy status offered by Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh only a few months ago is no longer there. In an interview with foreign media, President Ilham Aliyev said that this issue is history, now there are new realities and a strategy will be implemented accordingly.
The doors to peace talks are open, but now these gates have been set very low, and the Armenians must bend over and accept all the conditions of Azerbaijan. It is impossible to imagine an alternative.
The vast majority of the country’s population no longer considers it de facto possible for Armenians to live in Nagorno-Karabakh. The unanimous opinion is that Armenians have generally lost their right to live in Azerbaijan.
Armenia has once again taken this right away from them with its policy of hostility against Azerbaijan for more than a hundred years.
From the beginning to the end of the last century, there is no counting the number of Armenian aggression, provocations, betrayals and massacres against Azerbaijani Turks.
The facts prove that Armenians are not able to live together with Azerbaijanis, they do not want it. As soon as they get a chance, as soon as they feel strong, they try to infiltrate the Azerbaijani Turks by inflating their fascist ideology. We saw this in the 19th century, at the beginning, middle and end of the 20th century …
What has the Azerbaijani people and state not experienced since the Armenians were given a place on their land? The genocide of civilians, tens of thousands of martyrs, wounded, millions of displaced people … Some Azerbaijani Turks have fallen victim to the hated enemy, who at various times in history has also used the power of his patron.
Let’s not go too far, it is enough to look at the blows inflicted by the Armenians on the Azerbaijani people and state, the massacres and acts of vandalism committed by Armenians since 1988 to imagine what kind of fascist society we are neighbors with. Only the low-level act of genocide committed in Khojaly shows how poor the Armenians are.
The situation in the liberated villages and cities evokes terrible feelings. It is clear from the footage that entire villages have been destroyed, and once closed villages and neighborhoods now resemble ruins.
The enemy did not lay stones on about a thousand settlements. President Ilham Aliyev told foreign media that we could not find a safe building to hang a flag in Fizuli.
Attempts to erase the history and culture of Azerbaijan, in general, the traces of the people from the historical lands, demonstrate to the world the low, hateful nature of the enemy.
Throughout history, all members of this disgusting nation have taken up arms and shot at us and participated in massacres. Their children were raised in the cradle with hatred against Azerbaijani Turks, and at every opportunity they stabbed us in the back.
They are in the same situation today. The fact that Azerbaijan has rejected all concessions over the past 30 years also clearly shows the true intention of the Armenians. How has the government changed in Armenia during this period? Which Azerbaijani people and state did he treat? None. Didn’t these governments express the will of the Armenians?
Which Armenian condemned the genocides and massacres against Azerbaijani Turks? None. He even wrote works about these massacres, composed songs, and declared those who took part in the massacre against the Azerbaijani people heroes!
Let no one deceive himself, it is impossible to live with such an enemy, such a perverse society.
Yes, there are many facts in history that warring nations later reconciled and put an end to enmity. But we are facing a completely different, unprecedented tragedy. It is a terrible fact that in the last 100-150 years, several generations have borne the same hatred against the Turks, including the Azerbaijani Turks.
This fact alone makes it the number one task of the state to keep Armenians as far away from our borders as possible.
Therefore, the absence of Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh is the most acceptable option. This is important for the future of the Azerbaijani state, to protect our people from the next disaster.
We must learn a good lesson from history! At the same time, we must appreciate the opportunity he has given us and resolve the issue once and for all with a hundred enemies. This is the main condition of Azerbaijan’s national security.
The peace options now being discussed on the agenda are about giving cultural autonomy to Armenians. However, the Armenians have proved, and today they show that they cannot live in any country as a representative of a minority. Like a cancer cell, they try to touch the soul of that country, people and state and eat it. It must be cut in time. Now is the time! …

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x