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Azerbaijani President Announced New Advance In Nagorno-Karabakh

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Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev announced on October 14 that his troops had captured eight new villages in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenian forces.

“Azerbaijan’s glorious Army has liberated Garadaghli, Khatunbulag, Garakollu villages of Fuzuli district, and Bulutan, Melikjanli, Kemertuk, Teke and Tagaser villages of Khojavend district. Long live Azerbaijan’s Army! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!” Aliyev wrote on Twitter.

A few days ago Azerbaijan agreed to implement a humanitarian ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh following direct talks with Armenia in the Russian capital, Moscow.

Azerbaijani forces’ new advance in the region is the most recent in a series of military moves by Baku. Early on today, Azerbaijani forces struck tactical missile systems inside Armenia territory. Yerevan vowed to respond.

Azerbaijani President Announced New Advance In Nagorno-Karabakh

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Despite the recent military developments, Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan stressed in a recent speech that his country is still committed to a peaceful settlement for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.

“Committed to the logic of a peaceful settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, I would like to emphasize that we will be highly constructive in making our diplomatic efforts effective,” he said, “However, so far these efforts have not been enough to defy the Turkish-Azerbaijani terrorist bloc, because the task that they have set is not only to resolve the Karabakh issue, but also to continue the traditional Turkish genocidal policy against our people.”

Despite the repeated calls for a peaceful settlement, Azerbaijan appears to be determined go on with its offensive on Nagorno-Karabakh. The offensive, that was launched on September 27, has so far claimed the lives of hundreds from both sides.


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Good news for the next phase of Liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh. This is 30 years overdue.


Do you like killing?

Vladimir Merzliakov

As any turkman


he was really fast…only 7 mins after this was posted!!..lol… he must be on his crappy pc 24/7

Florin Boar

it is not human , just a program.


Killing is part of warfare


Since Azerbaijan admitted it targeted teritory of Armenia that means CSTO activation?


Link please


It was on radio, mainstream media.

The Objective

No, much of the CSTO are Muslim countries – only two are Christian (Russia and Armenia). If the other Muslim countries join to fight Turkey on the side of the Russian devils, then their population will protest – especially if the war drags out too long. Islam is awakening in these CSTO countries, so don’t look at is as if Russia will keep it forever. They’ll eventually break away and join their Muslim brothers. This is the 21st century, where the internet penetrate everywhere.


Well, since you brought muslim brotherhood into this discution, I guess is not much left to talk about.

James Adams

The retard PM didn’t apply for it. Russia needs to rape Azerbaijan !!!

James Adams

Ohh yeah remember all of the central Asian countries are Turkic peoples and Azerbaijan is Turkic.

Plus Turkey is trying to win central Asia over through ethnicity


They becane Turkic after the first N-K war?

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Who was freed?

How many women were raped, as all the goats were taken to Erdogan at the start of hostilities.


Link please .. maybe one of your women was raped by them.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

I was asking a question moron, so go link up with your own goat muppet.

Svincius Savickas


The Objective

And the devilish Christian religion made by early pagans has taken more Christian lives than any other religion did. WW1, WW2, Hitler, Stalin, etc. The worst modern murderers have been Christians. Colonialism was a christian invention. Your sick religion of Christianity has corrupted the world with women moving naked in churches and in the streets pretending to worship God. All these devil’s agents (Much of Christian women) deserve to burn eternally in hell for sexually corrupting mankind like has never been done before on such a scale.
Islam is not going anywhere. Islam is here to stay, and it is we Muslims that’ll bring back some order and sanity to this world.
Every false religion is evil and cannot solve mankind’s problem. It only exacerbates corruption. Worshipers of a human god that went to toilet and pea like everyone else. What dead brains to take a human as God despite all the logic and reasons that clearly rebuffs such believes.

Leif Oskar Zetterstrøm

Religious idiocy.

Mr. Saddam

Islam is false, Allah would NEVER allow this much Shirk to occur.
Saudi Arabia has sold it’s soul in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Palestine.
They will recognize the story of Zam_Zam in a VERY excruciatingly painful matter.
That black idol worship rock will be destroyed.
All the Abrahamic Religions are fake as well.
That is why they killed me.
I would have freed mankind from the Abrahamic Filth.
Long Live The Baath Party!!!!


The only liberation that Azeris can accomplish is liberation from life.

Rhodium 10

Accord map They only have take some small villages in the south after 2 weeks!….many of them close to Iran border which makes difficult to launch artillery and rockets!..for other side I dont see AZ Tanks, APC, Trucks inside NK…just few scout soldiers in empty villages.


And you think it won’t happen soon? every commander knows you need to get air superiority first, then destroy as many enemy targets that you can. After that, you can safely invade with a big ground force, and minimize your casualties. Patience.

Rhodium 10

Yeah surely that nonsense thought IDF staff in lebanon 2006…and when Tanks, troops,trucks, Helicopters and Apc entered…ATGM&Sniper&Manpads team wipe them off!..we have seen how easy burn AZ vehicles when have been hit by ATGM during first days trying to advance inside north NK.

The Objective

This is not 2006. I tell you what? Hezbollah is in deep shit. The Israelis are really determined this time to destroy Hezbollah. They are co-coordinating with America and will most like fight Hezbollah together. Iran should worry because Israel has warned that should Hezbollah inflict significant damage on Israel, Iran should expect a reciprocal attack on its homeland cos Iran is responsible for Hezbollah. Iran will bear the consequences of whatever Hezbollah does to Israel. That means Hezbollah can easily start an Israeli-Iran war, just like any faction of the PMU can start a U.S-Iran war in Iraq.
I doubt Hezbollah will make it through the next 3 – 4 years. This time, the determination of America and Israel is really strong. Something big is awaiting the Middle East. May God ease the hardship on the innocents.

Rhodium 10

Dont be naive!..Iran have drones and cruise missile hide in Syria and lebanon…it means that Hezbollah will use them to attack Tel Aviv….a barrage of Rockets, ballistic missile, loiterin drones and cruise missile at the same time would be a nightmare for Israel and his coward population running to shelters…Hamas rockets attacks vs Israel are nothing in comparison How a Hezbollah attack would be vs Israel.

Kishan Chali

You’re delusional if you think that an ill-trained army like the azeris can capture the region that much easily.

Pave Way IV

What? I need to tell this to the Houthis immediately. They might be in danger!


Russia continues to want to dominate in the South Caucasus region. It just wants to prolong any and all conflicts and benefit from all sides. This strategy will ultimately backfire and no one wants to trust Russia and all want to leave Russian influence.

Azerbaijan has had enough of Russia standing in the middle. It wants to resolve the conflict. Now it has put its entire weight on Turkey.

Armenia is also sick tired of Russian influence. The new generation has started to tilt more toward West. This does not benefit Russia for the future.

And we have Erdogan as a strong man. He is never democratic. He may be a mad man to some people. But he is the man both Putin and Trump fear and do not want to deal with. Look at the Turkish attacks along Northern Syrian borders. Both Russia and USA gave Erdogan green light to attack. It is illegal to occupy Syrian territory. But it was the result of failed US policy in Syria and its support of the Kurds. Russia saw the Turkish attack to weaken both Americans and Kurds. That forced Kurds to open up the Northeast Syria and seek protection from both Assad and Russia.

With the war going on, Artskins will have to agree to withdraw from all 7 districts outside N-K. Then they can start the negotiation of the final status of N-K. This is what Azerbaijan asked all long over the past 30 years. But Artskins used the occupation as bargaining chip for the peace negotiation to be in its favor for N-K independence and the occupations of both Lachin and Kalbajar corridors. This strategy has clearly failed here.

We’ll see the warfare continue at the same steady pace. Azerbaijan+Turkey will continue to exhaust the Artskin defense. It will leave those Artskins with only light weapons and little military and medical supplies. This is not really sustainable for the Artskins over time.


Putin love bla.. bla.. bla.. than taking actions

Kishan Chali

Your actual gains do not match with your bragging. Despite boasting about their gains, azeris have achieved little, and Armenians are performing well despite their limited resources

Jessica Brown

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Pave Way IV

Remember the last time Azerbaijan held all the territory outside N-K in 1988 and proceeded to cut it off from food, water, medicine, oil and everything else? Wasn’t that like at least a four-year starvation campaign? If Artsakh ceeds all the surrounding land back, how long will Azerbaijan take to reimpose the embargo and starve ‘their subjects’ to agreement this time?

Please keep doing what your doing: shelling civilians in Stepanakert. Last time you did that, Armenians took the Azerbaijani positions shelling the city, then reopened the Lachin and Kalbajar corridors. I believe your army got so pissed of it marched into Baku from Ganja and overthrew the president. It would be a shame if your president, corrupt billionaire Alyev and his clan couldn’t milk Azeri citizens for their taxes and resources anymore. How’s he going to buy anymore unregistered offshore companies or luxury property in Dubai? Azerbaijan owes him his fortune – he earned it through hard work (as a psychopath).


This is 2020 and not 1988.

At that time, a lot of fighting men were Russian mercenaries. Both countries were prepared to fight since they did not have standing armies.

Them Russia got involved. It ordered the Russians to withdraw from Azerbaijan. But Russia provided military support to Armenia. Russia is never an impartial party. It has military alliance with Armenia and it has military inside Armenia.

Azerbaijan has been so blind to listen to the Minsk group for 30 years. All three Minsk co-chairs, US, Russian and France are in favor of Armenia.

Azerbaijan finally decided to take the action with the help of Turkey. 30-year is so overdue.

Pave Way IV

Armenia doesn’t listen to the Minsk group either – it’s useless, not biased. And the world isn’t so sympathetic to Azerbaijan insisting on the lines Stalin drew on a map a hundred years ago. Borders specifically designed to piss off both Azerbaijan and Armenia and keep you fighting each other, not the USSR. Seems to have worked really well – Stalin thanks both of you from the grave. I’ll be more sympathetic with Azeris when you explain how returning to Stalin’s Engineered Borders of Permanent Destabilization by military power will magically fix things in Azerbaijan.

Turkey is using you. Israel is using you, and of course the U.S. is using you. Azerbaijan finally got a break and is raking in billions from oil sales, yet all I see is a shithole, impoverished country, and authoritarian government and leader that do nothing for their own people but exploit them, at least when he’s not busy selling Azerbaijan out to foreigners.

Reclaiming N-K isn’t going to fix a single God damn thing for you. You’ll still be led by an authoritarian oligarch building his families fortunes at your expense, and you’ll still be Turkey/US/Israel’s bitch. Armenian leadership is pretty fucked, too. But Azeris at least got a break with the oil and gas, then you just fucking blew it. Azeris are never getting their money or power back from Aliyev – ever. You’re just going to be a 20% larger shithole (but with bonus Wahhabi head-choppers hanging around). Slava Azeri!

Pave Way IV

Russia mercenaries? Russia ordered…? Russia provided military support…? Did the USSR and the Soviet army know about these rouge Russians elbowing in on their turf?

Svincius Savickas



Russia talk only no action


Russian soldiers will never go to N-K unless there is agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and only as peacekeeper.

Russia has made it super clear that CSTO won’t apply to N-K situation.

If Armenia dare to attack from inside Armenian soil, it will open a two sided fronts from both Azerbaijan and Turkey. Russia will loath to have that happen. It will be a nightmare scenario for both CSTO and NATO countries involved in direct conflicts.

This happened in Syria and Libya. All of them happened in foreign soils and they are not Russian core interest.

Russia will never sacrifice its own core interest to save some foreign asses. They are all expendables.


12:57 GMT – Armenian PM Pashinyan says Azerbaijan aims to completely occupy Nagorno-Karabakh
Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said Azerbaijan aimed to occupy the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh completely, and described the situation in the conflict zone as “very difficult”.

Pashinyan said in a speech that Azerbaijan and Turkey did not want “to stop their aggression”.

I hope Mr. Pashinyan is correct.


Also, this is mid October. Winter is coming. The winter situation in N-K is clearly against Artskins. The supply situation in N-K is dire. People only chop wood to heat home over winter.

But drones have no problem over winter. They will continue to seek out defense bunkers, ammunition depots, any remaining armor and artillery. It is a matter of time before Azerbaijan sends its army to take over towns.

With pressure mounting and real truth reaching Armenia, there will be political pressure on Parshinyan to negotiate….


You are wrong about the winter. The weather conditions in almost all cases are against the attacking party, not the defending.


Haha. How can the Artskins warm up in the cold trench or tunnels? Any fire or heat will be seen by the drones. They certainly have infrared sensors.

Those Artskins are just sitting ducks hiding in the deep rat holes. They get no air force, no artillery, no armors. They only have some outdated guns and few ATGMs.

James Adams



Erdogan in a phone call with Putin: Armenia is trying to turn its 30-year occupation into a permanent status

Erdogan is right this time. So he a good guy in this conflict.

Dick Von Dast'Ard
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