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Azerbaijani Military Shelled Civilian Areas In Nagorno-Karabakh With Israeli Cluster Rockets (Photos)

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The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are reportedly using Israeli-made cluster rockets to target civilian settlements in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

On October 3, the Armenian Unified Infocenter shared photos showing the remains of Israeli-made M095 submunitions found in a civilian settlement that was the target of an Azerbaijani rocket strike.

According to the Infocenter, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces carried out the strike using a LAR-160 multiple rocket launch system (MRLS).

Developed by the Israel Military Industries in the 1970s, the LAR-160 fires 160 mm rockets with a minimum range of 12 km and a maximum range of 45 km.

At least 30 LAR-160 MRLS are reportedly in active service with the Azerbaijani Armed Forces. The Azerbaijani systems are apparently armed with Mk. II cluster rockets, which are known to carry M095 submunitions.

The Azerbaijani attack on Nagorno-Karabakh, which began on September 27, has so far claimed the lives of at least 14 Armenian civilians. More than 60 others were reportedly injured.

Israeli weapons are being used by Azerbaijani forces on a daily basis. A day earlier, an Israeli-made LORA theater quasi-ballistic missile struck a bridge linking Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh near the village of Asagi Sus.


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johnny rotten

Where war crimes occur, Israhell’s fingerprints are always found in abundance, will it be a coincidence?


Keep crying about war crimes, we will keep doing what we need to do.


What you will keep doing are war crimes.


and the only viable way forward is to close down the illegal occupation of palestine by the jews and send them packing- diaspora 2.0 – or bury them at 6 feet for good. restore the palestinians to their land and allow them to sell the gas the jews now try to peddle to europe

Lucia West

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James Adams

Killing Christians by arming Jihadists is what you need to do? I mean, I like Israel but I need some help to explain this deplorable position your nation is taking


We don’t intend to kill Christians, I condem it. I hope this stupid war ends fast with agreement and no more need to die!
The thing is, Israelis operate in Azerbaijan and everyone knows that. We can not lose Azerbaijan to Iran, same as Russia can’t lose Belarus for NATO as an example. I have nothing against Armenians and many of them live in Jerusalem peacefully and we have no problems with them.


Armenian soldier is chained from his wrist to the trench by his commander to prevent his escape. What kind of madness is this?


Super fake

James Adams

Go fuck yourself AZERI scum !!!

Антон С

Another brave victory over civilians, right, Iron kaput?


Soon those cluster rockets will fall on Hezbollahs heads and their areas in Beirut, and we will blow their own rockets on them too. Their death toll will skyrocket, none of my problem.


If a war breaks out with Hezbollah you will probably phone in sick LOL!!


Not really, try again.


What in hell has Armenia done to you/Israel? Right now they are falling in civilians, people that have done you no harm.


That’s because of you too, for not stopping them :)

Ida Acobian

Because that “super smart geniuses” are sure that Armenians are the same as Philistines. They are brainwashed sheeple.


It is not against them, and I have already said that it’s a dirty political game. But we need Azerbaijan against Iran.


By your own words you condemn yourself. Sad.
Jeremiah 7
Do not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Doom Sternz

These acts of aggression are what the ICC calls the Supreme International Crime. These are war crimes but again the guilty will not be held to account. The rules based order that they now refer to is lawlessness……………We live in lawless times. World War is the only possible outcome.


I hope people whom dont write comments notices this new, not that surpricing developement for me, while we have the HasbaRats for years whining and gnashing teeths about Islamic/Muslim fundamentalists and expremists, thrown shit at Turdians, etc any so called Muslim nation, hyped the ISIS as an terror threat, and so on, suddenly they are here now happy and cloathing about Christians dying and killed by the very same people they have whinied about for years, what an flipp flop, right, do notice that, like IronZion and others whom is backing this crusade against an Christian Armenia.
And they also are some of the people whom is attacking whatever the Armenians say or do, and is suproting the ISIS forces whom even ISISrael have been helping along with the Turdians/Russia.
Yeah, enlightening.



It’s not about religion, Iran supports Armenia and Georgia supports Azerbaidjan so GTFO with your BS

Potato Man

Azer sell oil to Zion state and Azer have Zion in their country, Azer btw buy weapons and other tech from Zion state, before all this…
BTW somehow Azer shell Iran and a kid (6 years old) got injured.
“FM: Iran Not to Tolerate Aggression during Azerbaijan-Armenia Clashes”

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Iranian foreign ministry on Saturday repeated the country’s warning to Azerbaijan and Armenia to avoid misfire during military clashes between the two neighbors



that the jews are up to their usual crimes doesn’t really surprise anyone and you can also see the hand of cia (and mossad) fanning the war. but while this goes on I fail to understand why you commentators engage that jew iron zion in discussion over and over again – he adds nothing of value and propagate the use of the jews nukes – it’s better for everyone if he is ignored and ignored and ignored.


the jews will have their last war soon, they have murdered too many and they have financially strangled too many.


Why are there so many ZioNuts swarming around all the time. Mossad must pay good money to pollute the posts of AntiZion websites. Why? Why can’t ZioNuts mind their own business? They wreck everything they go near, they foul everything they speak to.

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