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Azerbaijani Forces Captured Six New Villages In Nagorno-Karabakh

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Azerbaijani Forces Captured Six New Villages In Nagorno-Karabakh

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The Azerbaijani Armed Forces has captured six new villages in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, President Ilham Aliyev announced on October 15.

The President said his troops “liberated” the village of Arish in Fuzuli district, Doshulu village of Jabrayil district and the villages of Edishe, Dudukchi, Edilli and Chiraguz in Khojavend district.

“I have sent clear messages to the Armenian government and the Armenian people to cease their attempts to recapture the liberated territories. It will only lead to new loss of life and further bloodshed,” Alyev wrote on Twitter.

A day earlier, the Azerbaijani Armed Forces captured the villages of Garadaghli, Melikjanli, Garakollu, Bulutan, Tagaser, Khatunbulag, Kemertuk and Teke in Nagorno-Karabakh from Armenian forces.

Last week, a ceasefire agreement on Nagorno-Karabakh was reached. The ceasefire didn’t apparently stop Azerbaijan’s ground operations in the region.

Armenian forces are showing fierce resistance and inflicting heavy losses on Azerbaijani troops. Nevertheless, they are slowly losing ground. If they fail to develop a successful counter-attack in the upcoming few days, Azerbaijan will likely advance faster and deeper in the region.


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Khazarian II (merchant)

After armenia flames of revenge will go to Gayreece and we will rape & impale their women and burn their houses down like how they did in invasion of Turkey.


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Khazarian II (merchant)

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Lone Ranger

You are vile even for a soros troll…

Khazarian II (merchant)

Well gayreeks did those things to us when they invaded Turkey for the sake of Britbong imperalism.

Lone Ranger

Two wrongs doesnt make a right…

Ice Icegold

Wait to see what things they will do to you this time…

The Objective

You are not wining in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. This war is far far from over, and you Iranians had better hope and pray Trump loses the election. With his current mood towards the Iraqi militias, war is 100% certain at least in Iraq if Trump wins. At the same time, Israel is very likely to pounce on Hezbollah. Then Syria will loss much of the Shiite militias there as the redeploy to fight in Iraq and Lebanon. Then Taliban takes over Afghanistan as Trump withdraws U.S soldiers. Taliban takes on Shiite militias in Afghanistan, thereby diverting them from the other battlefields in Iraq, and Syria. Iran will be stretched thin trying to offer whatever support it can to these militias, with tens of thousands of Iran’s Basij and other forces deploying to these battlefields. With the current sanctions, threats of war, domestic dissent, and sabotage, it’ll be hell on Earth for Iran.
Russia will likely be forced to ramp up the number of ground troops in Syria as Shiite militias switch to more important battlefields. Should Russia’s casualties rise sharply in Syria, expect a blow-back in Russia as Russians demonstrate against the continuation of this war. The political pressure may be unbearable for Putin, and he’ll be forced to settle for a political solution.

So you saying Iran is winning in these places shows you’re disconnected from reality and lack the vision to see far from current circumstances.

Your biggest hope should be for Trump to lose re-election. Perhaps China created this corona virus to make Trump a one-term president. Because that guy has hit the red Chinese pretty hard economically, perhaps like nothing China has seen in its modern history.

The Objective

I’m not trying to scare you, and I’ll never fight to protect the devils ruling Saudi Arabia. I’m saying things as they are. Iran talks big, but its military isn’t up to the challenge. Both Israel and the US are nuclear-armed and won’t hesitate to nuke Iran if Iranian missiles rained on Israel. Have you ever imagined you are up against totally crazy nuclear-armed savages? I’m telling you these people nuke your country if you rain missiles on Israel. Have you got any answer for Israeli nukes? If not then don’t even think of raining missiles on Israel. I’m sure your leaders are no fool and they know this very well.
So if Iran cannot use its big missiles due to fear of Israeli nuclear attack, how can Iran win? This is the dilema your leaders face, and it’s the reason they’ve been dodging war for years.
I used to think Israel will cause the coming big middle east war. Now I’m certain it’s Iran. So many militias in different countries, and any of them can cause war.


Don’t chew more than you can bite Ali, Nasrallah for example might be your proxy but even he knows that another war against us will send him and his country 50 years backwards with no water and electricity for 6M Lebanese. So he knows it ain’t worth the price, will you learn it too? hard to tell.

Khazarian II (merchant)

Glory to Israel.

The Objective

The hejaz does not belong to Saudis. It belongs to all Muslims and I’ll fight to defend it. Shiism is not Islam, and that’s why we won’t allow the hejaz to fall in the hands of Shiites.
If Iran is nuclear armed, it’ll be a good thing to provoke them into displaying it. So that the world will learn never to believe them and more crushing sanctions can be made to keep them weak forever.
Do you think Iran will let America ravage their economy and kill a military leader without retaliation if it had nukes. I doubt much.

Khazarian II (merchant)

We have a professional, well trained, battle hardened army. Non our soldiers fought against those enemies and lost. Only our retarted arabic proxies loosing. we have 85 million of ppl gayreece have 10 mil, our army fighting against terorists and regular armies since 80’s gayreece have not experience. Also according to Lausanne agreement(which Gayreece signed) they have to de-militerise their island If not ownership of the islands will be disputed. Even UN agreed that. So If Gayreece will ne de-militerise their islands we can attack and invade them without any international problem since they signed the agreement LOL


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cechas vodobenikov

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Sure Parshinyan can keep denying. But for how much longer??

He has no ability to counter-strike. Artskins are running out of supplies, ammunitions, men and boys.

Rhodium 10

AZ only are able to take small villages in the south next to Iran border…in the first days of war they launched a large attack with tanks, Apc and Infantery..but were defeated by a rain of ATGM and snipers hided in the hills….


Really funny…

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Again with the self up voting, what a girl you are.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

They are also running out of head choppers to kill also, the head choppers don’t like the mountain air, and accurate fire.

You stop up voting yourself, does your shift manager realise you are stealing scheckels for false up votes?

Servet Köseoğlu

If they fail to develop a successful counter-attack in the upcoming few days, Azerbaijan will likely advance faster and deeper in the region…I hope armenians will wear their winter-themed brooches:)))


This is your point of view. But it does not mean that it is correct.

Servet Köseoğlu

Honey,ı copy paste the last sentence of the article..its not my point of view..Read article first then reply to me please… Why don’t you take a break from disappointing me?:)))))


Both China and India soldiers are provided thermal winter gears. But those poor Artskins get really nothing.

They have to dig some rat holes deep in the ground and hide inside….

And east some 5-year old SPAM luncheon meat…..

Random Dude

Hadrut is gone. Was the only elevated area stopping Azerbaijan entering to Fizuli. So that is a done deal. 2-3days i give it.


Look, globally, there are 11 millions of Armenians. But only about 3.5 millions reside in South Caucasus region. And only less 150,000 of them reside in N-K. This says very clearly that those Armenians do not even want to live there.

And since most of the overseas Armenians reside in US, Russia and other European countries, there is significant influence on Armenian politics. This is how Parshinyan was elected to be their leader….

rightiswrong rightiswrong

In English, capture means to physically take command of an enemy.

In gobbledegook Turkeyspeak, it means to have seen something, but not actually go near it.


If Artskins are so strong, why they insisted on ceasefire??

Parshinyan is crying very loud for all world powers to help them to enforce the ceasefire. Artskins feel so cold. Winter is coming….

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Why not, Erdogan agreed when Russia said so. You never know, Putin might allow some Turks there, serving the Russian peacekeepers no doubt. Dinner, lol.

Winter is indeed coming, just like the Armenians want. Clouds and snow don’t help drones, and the old men of Armenia take your lot out on foot by the score.

Btw, stop up voting yourself you vain muppet, isn’t vanity a sin punishable by death in your WahhiBiBi cult?


Azerbaijani soldier in the center of Hadrut (Agoghlan)!.
It is alleged that the video was shot in the center of Agoghlan (Hadrut).


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