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Azerbaijani Forces Captured Large Armenian Base In Nagorno-Karabakh, Forced Armenian Troops To Retreat (Videos)

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The Azerbaijani Armed Forces continue to advance in the region of Nagorno-Karabakh despite the new humanitarian ceasefire that was announced on October 17.

On October 18, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan released a video showing a large base that was recently captured from Armenian forces. The base, which is located in the district of Fizuli, was abandoned in a hurry.

Armenian troops left behind loads of weapons and equipment, including battle tanks, armored vehicles, howitzers and dozens of anti-tank guided missiles.

The Azerbaijani MoD also shared a video showing Armenian Special Forces fleeing their posts in an unspecified part of Nagorno-Karabakh. The posts were captured by Azerbaijani troops.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of Armenia shared a video documenting a large attack by Azerbaijani troops early on October 18. The attack was launched a few hours after the new ceasefire.

The new humanitarian ceasefire appears to be a failure. Azerbaijan is clearly unwilling to halt its military operations in Nagorno-Karabakh. Armenian forces are making immense effort to hold onto their positions.


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What you don’t do in a situation like that is leave all that stuff behind,you blow it up,and if you have time leave a big bomb in the main building on a delayed timer.

Random Dude

indeed, protocol seems to be like that. but maybe they were in hurry.


Everything they left behind was useless soviet junk, only losers will try to use again, after what happened in this war. It doesn’t deserve even to blow up.


They do not have such advanced device….

Apparently the leader has fled first.


lets hope they sprayed it all with a chemical agent that will kill these cocksuckers but cockroaches are hard to kill. just look at the jewish ones


stop crying multiple account greek retard:))

Servet Köseoğlu

Armenians…Bad dancing does not help the situation. At all. What a lovely day:))))


It seems like Armenians cannot handle prolonged conflict


No. Artskins are exhausted. Men and boys short.


But… but.. it was fake ? Armenians were destructing Azarbaijani army ? It was all the lies of ‘ pro-jewish’ press ? LOL.

Stormfront became the gathering place of daydreamers , Orhodox bulshitters and heavyly butthurt greeks still dreaming fo ‘ Constantinople’. aka the ultimate blue collar losers.


Constantinople will be liberated soon enough, you inbred goatfucker, just wait and see. Erdogan’s Jewish masters are about to abandon him.


Here comes another Orthodog. We are waiting for that ‘ liberation ‘ for 550 years , but all you could do was to take some part of turkish diack out of yr mouth 200 years ago.

Ignoble daydreamers.

And goat fu*king is yr national sports , tableserver Everyone knows it .



Random Dude

Constantinople has more population, more GDP than whole Greece. You can’t conquer that


tho it is a fact the armenians might not be good at airdefence but it seems they are really good at infantry and artillery combat.

Karamanids Khan



I guess ceasefire has a different meaning to a Turk.


If brokered with Kremlin, yeah, it’s a joke for everybody.

Alekai Mordechai

Not as a big joke like deal between Serbia and Kosovo.


If brokered by Lavrov they were at war in 5 mins.

Fleecing Rabbi

Armenian cowards are learning fast from Arabs.


i’d rather say they’re learning fast from your pussy soldiers back in 2006 ….one arab soldier equals a 50 cowards of your army , just keep praying for the us protection without them tax dollars you’d be swimming by now


Artskins never learn. They are pig farmers.

Khazarian II (merchant)

Long live Israel

Random Dude

Today seems to have been a big movement day

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Dose of realism here…

Russia isn’t going to intervene and the rent-a-whore Armenian PM plays second fiddle to Azerbaijan in the Wests order of interests.

The Armenian PM hoped to drag Moscow directly into a grey-area conflict and has failed his Soros-CIA masters miserably.


‘dOsE oF rEaLiSm hErE’
Who attacked who?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The settlers will just have to go back to where they came from.


Agree, first all the Russian from ex-Soviet countries should go back to their stepes.


Most parties want to peach Parshinyan a lesson and get out of N-K mess. So a more focused Armenia can get on its own feet.

The problem is that Armenians and Azeris can never live together again because of the 30+ years of hostility.




Armenians mistake was it relied on China and Russia.Both of them are weak in front of uncle Sam.Now uncle Sam doesn’t trust them coz they are a Russian and Chinese ally


I don’t know about China but keeping in their arsenal toys that were used 30 years ago… Made them look like Serbia against NATO.


You sounded like a fool. China has nothing to do with Armenia. They do not even sell weapons there. Armenians can’t afford. Maybe Azerbaijan bought some Chinese weapons.

Armenians use mostly Russian weapons. A lot of them are just obsolete Soviet era weapons that Russia was going to destroy. They are essentially useless in modern era.

Simon Ndiritu

Had they been as bad as you claim, Azeris would be in Stepanakert already. Nonetheless, Armenians weapons are really dated

Alekai Mordechai

You’re talking to a 2 rupee injuns here.

They believe lord ganesha will give them supa pawa dream boat.

Proud Hindu

Better than worshipping a dead man on cross

Alekai Mordechai

That Dead Man has a better respect than those caste shilling injuns going all the way to 3 century.


Don’t be silly.comment image


Armenians are no houthis so they are probably gonna lose NK

Free man

I think that in the end there will be a withdrawal of the Armenians from most of the territories and an exchange of territories for the places that will remain under their control.


Too bad. Brace for incoming cope-posts.

Khazarian II (merchant)

Armenians getting shot by drones every time they show their heads therefore they are lack of fuel and food. Their lines are collapsing.

Free man

Look at how many trucks they left behind :

Simon Ndiritu

Nikol Pashinyan already sold N-K for the dream of joining EU or maybe NATO. Only that ADA isn’t privy

cechas vodobenikov

after they were genocided by turks the Armenians r so dull witted they believe Azeris would abide by ceasefire?


The video shows the abandoned base in Fuzili being entered from the SW gate. This area was being flanked by Azeri forces coming from the south. So probably a hasty withdrawal.

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