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MARCH 2021

Azerbaijani Drone Films Strike On Armenian Troops In Karabakh


Azerbaijani Drone Films Strike On Armenian Troops In Karabakh

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On October 13th, a video was released showing a UAV strike on Armenian soldiers.

The video is quite crude, more than likely taken with a smartphone camera.

In the video, following the strike cheers and celebrations can be heard in Azerbaijani.

The entire situation is puzzling, in the way that presumably Azerbaijan is capturing areas, which they attempt to prove with videos of empty houses and streets, and so on.

Presumably, they’re holding the upper hand in the fighting, and as such strikes on Armenian forces should, more or less, be an everyday occurrence, surely not something to warrant such a significant celebration.

However, the video itself looks at least a bit strannge. Contrary to their Turkish allies, Azerbaijani armed forces have little combat experience in controlling the Turkish and Israeli-made UAVs, evident by the debris that Armenians showcase daily. After all, October 13th is more than two weeks after the fighting began, it is not the first day, nor did this strike lead to any significant gains, as far as it is known, so what else would warrant the celebrations?

The reaction of Azerbaijani service members may indicate that there are some other ‘specialists’ (Turkish ones) that manage most of combat drone operations of Azerbaijan in the conflict. This contributes to the Armenain claims that the air domain of the Azerbaijani military operation is fully controlled by Turkey.

Separately, another video was released, which shows purportedly killed Armenian soldiers on a battlefield in an undisclosed area along the frontline.

It is a separate video from the drone strike, and shows different Armenian casualties of the war (reportedly near Jabrayil):




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