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Azerbaijan violates Nagorno-Karabkh contact line 25 times


Azerbaijan violates Nagorno-Karabkh contact line 25 times

AlMasdarNews reports:  The Defense Ministry of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic has claimed that Azerbaijan more than 25 times in the middle of last week and a further 40 later in the week.

They continued by stating that the Azeri military fired over 1000 shots at Armenian positions using a variety of weapons.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijan have claimed that Armenian forces stationed in the village of Barekamavan of Armenia’s Noyemberyan district and in the village of Vazashen of Ijevan district violated the ceasefire by firing at Azeri positions located in the villages of Qaymaqli, Kemerli of the Gazakh district.

In April 2016, a four day war erupted between Armenian paramilitaries and the Azeri military in which 90 Armenian fighters died and over 1000 Azeri soldiers.



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  • People are sick and tired of Azerbaijan’s bullsh*t and always attacking Armenian’s on behalf of NATO’s orders. It is high time for outsiders to help defend Armenian since Azerbaijan receives tons of help and military equipment and drones from Zionist led Israel. Look at who is doing this in my article posted below.

  • Random guy

    everybody calm down. Azeris are just holding military exercises. It is in their own territory so it is an internal matter. everything is ok.