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Azerbaijan Took Full Control Over Iranian-Karabakh Border (Video)

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Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev announced on October 22 that his forces had imposed full control of Nagorno-Karabakh’s border with Iran.

On Twitter, the President said Azerbaijani forces secured the entire border line with Iran after capturing the settlement of Aghband from Armenian forces.

“I congratulate the people of Azerbaijan and Iran on this occasion. Long live the victorious Azerbaijani Army!” Aliyev said.

In the monring, the Azerbaijani President announced that the following settlements had been captured from Armenian forces.

  • Mollavali, Yukhari Rafadinli, Ashaghi Rafadinli in the district of Fuzuli;
  • Sirik, Shikhlar, Mastalibayli, Darzili in the district of Jabrayil;
  • Kollugishlag, Malatkeshin, Kand Zangilan, Genlik, Valigulubayli, Garadara, Chopadara, Tatar, Tiri, Amirkhanli, Gargulu, Bartaz, Dallakli in the district of Zangilan.

A day earlier, the Azerbaijani military captured 22 settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh and seized loads of weapons from Armenian forces.

The Azerbaijani advance in Nagorno-Karabakh is accelerating. Baku’s forces are relying on their fire power, precision-guided weapons and the support of hundreds of Syrian militants as well as Turkey.


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Now we shal see what will hapened. Wil azeris continue the advance on Armenia? And what will hapdned with Armenians, my apinion is that we will witnes etnic clensing.

Jihadi Colin

They’ll move North to cut off the Lachin corridor after capturing Qobadli. Armenian resistance in the south has ceased to exist. They’re just holding out in the North where the mountainous terrain is in their favour. But the Azeris will soon be within artillery range of the Lachin corridor and able to interdict anything moving through it. After that Nagorno Karabakh is finished. People who can’t be supplied and reinforced can’t hold out. If Armenia removes troops from elsewhere to reinforce the Lachin corridor it’ll just let the Azeri-Ottoman-headchopper alliance crush those areas instead; they have the attacker’s advantage of being able to choose their battleground. What they will not do is attack Armenia and give Russia an excuse to enter the conflict.

As for the Nagorno Karabakh Armenians, of course they’ll be ethnically cleansed. It is a necessity from the Ottoman-Azerbaijan-Headchopper Alliance viewpoint.


Realy I dont understand Armenian politics. They did nothing, i think they haven yoused all armenian army. Maybe Armenia will be defeted, but this conflict coud continue with guerila fighting in foture. Iran will not get inwolved, also Russia will youst youse diplomatic aproche.

Jihadi Colin

There will be no guerrilla fighting because the Armenian population will be ethnically cleansed from Nagorno Karabakh. No Armenians, no guerrilla fighting. Just like in so called Kosovo, almost v all Serbs ethnically cleansed, so no guerrilla fighting.


Since Azeri will be closer to Armenia border, they will be also within Armenian artilery range. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/96920ea88006be12cd5e2e1b53f197d49682c9348d9f3948478479544cbe449f.jpg


They won’t attack Armenia proper, otherwise the Armenian army will get more openly involved (as would Russia). They consolidate their gains in the flatter south, then probably negotiate to formalize it. Fucking terrorist scum Erdogan and Aliyev will get away with ethnic cleansing in the meantime.

Proud Hindu

Pathetic performance by Armenia.Yhis was the reason why israel supported Azerbaijan.Now Israel will strike Iran or play a proxy war through Azerbaijan.

cechas vodobenikov

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