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Azerbaijan Targeted Armenian Air-Defense Decoys With Loitering Munitions (Video)

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The Azerbaijani military has targeted air-defense decoys set by Armenian forces in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. Loitering munitions were used in attack.

On September 30, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense released a video of the failed strikes, apparently, by mistake. The video shows loitering munitions hitting a real 9K33 Osa short-range air-defense system along with two decoys of the same system.

The video also shows strikes on an already destroyed Repellent-1 electronic-warfare system, a number of battle tanks and a rocket launcher.

The Azerbaijani military is likely using the Israeli-made IAI Harop, a loitering munition with a 1,000 km range and a warhead weighting 23 kg.

In the last few days, the Azerbaijani military managed to destroy a number of Armenian air-defense systems, mainly 9K33 Osa and 9K31 Strela. Loitering munitions and combat drones were used to put the systems out of action.

The Armenian Air Defense Force shot down dozens of Azerbaijani drones. Nevertheless, the airspace of Nagorno-Karabakh is still open for Azerbaijani forces.


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Mock up is good to drain opponent ammunition though

Vox Populi

These are real Russian systems being destroyed in the cheap by low cost drones. Turkish air superiority with a mix of suicide hunting drones and F-16 CAP cover has revolutionized modern warfare.


Indeed most seem to be real, but few are obviously mockup

Damien C

Who digs Tanks into a fixed position without aircover or even a protection system?

It’s not as if the Syrian theatre hasn’t handed out the worlds military leaders enough lessons in very graphic detail. If a commanding officer asked me to sit in one of those tanks I’d insist on him joining me


Armenians should use cover nets on those tanks, even in ww1 wos used better camouflage for cannons.

Jens Holm

Yes no cover. Its so bad that I wonder if those pictures are fabricated. I dont think any of it is made by infrared.

Lazy Gamer

They must have failed to factor in Turkish active support. Nobody is paying attention to Syria and Libya so when Turkey came for them, they must have been caught unprepared.


Our drone munitions…it should have been used against Iran. Our media reported that the Azeris were so impressed they ordered a new shipment, but it saddnes me to see Armenian soldiers die..it was not meant for them.


You are obsessed with us, first it was cute but it is slowly turning creepy… You are begging for a good spanking. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.


Well garga I wrote the truth, it is meant for you and your proxies. Same as you develop your weapons to kill us, it’s only fair.


Let’s face it…the girls in Iran are just prettier….must be jealous.

Raptar Driver

Everybody’s prettier than fake jews.


Then pull troops out of N-K.


We don’t have any there.

Vox Populi

Nonsense. Turkish drones are revolutionizing warfare.

James Adams

Who did you expect they were going to be used on. Iran? All you have done is made every Armenian hate Israel. Stop selling drones to the Azeri’s or Israel is going to make another enemy.


Yes, I hoped it would be used against Iran since Azerbaijan is not their friend.

Assad must stay

todays my birthday armenia a victory sure would be nice!


Happy birthday! Wish you a long and fruitful life blessed with peace of mind.

Assad must stay

thank you so much mister Garga i wish you the same :))))


Congratz on another orbit around the sun

Assad must stay

Hhahah thanks phoron

Alejandro Bonifacio


Assad must stay

Thank you mister alejandro

Vox Populi

Best wishes to you.


I was wondering if Armenia would finally make use of decoys. Good to see them using deception to waste expensive enemy drones and missiles.


Denial …. it won’t cut it


Vox Populi

Armenia is faring badly and Turkish drones and F-16 have total air superiority. This is a new form of low cost but effective warfare.


Azeris released this video of strikes against Armenoidz… the last two appear suspicious, with what looks to be cloned debris fields… similar to at least one of the supposed Pantsir kills in Idlib earlier this year,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6vQWLIXdm4#t=1m10s

Alberto Garza

and russian air defense has failed miserably again

James Adams

I hope Armenia kills every Azeri scum and takes Nakhchivan !!!

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