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Azerbaijan Takes 6 Armenian Servicemen Prisoner In Nagorno-Karabakh

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Azerbaijan Takes 6 Armenian Servicemen Prisoner In Nagorno-Karabakh

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On May 27th, 6 Armenian soldiers were arrested and taken prisoner by Azerbaijani troops in Nagorno-Karabakh’s Kalbajar province.

Both sides blame the other for the situation. Armenia claimed that Azerbaijan encroached on its territory, and it has been doing so since May 12th. The Armenian soldiers were conducting repair work on a base in a border region, and the Azerbaijani troops surrounded them and took them captive.

“The Azerbaijani troops, who have infiltrated into Armenia’s sovereign territory since May 12, continue carrying out provocative actions in a number of directions. As a result of one of such actions, on May 27 early morning, 6 servicemen of the Armenian Armed Forces, while conducting engineering works in the territory of an Armenian military base’ protection area in the border section of Armenia’s Gegharkunik province, have been surrounded and taken captive by the Azerbaijani troops.

These provocative actions being carried out by the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan aim at further escalating the situation, which can seriously endanger the regional peace and stability.

We strongly condemn the use of force by Azerbaijan against Armenia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty and state that the military-political leadership of Azerbaijan bears the responsibility of all actions of the Azerbaijani armed forces and their consequences. Captured Armenian servicemen must be returned immediately and unconditionally,” Armenia’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Azerbaijan’s version of events is different. According to its Ministry of Defense, the Armenian servicemen a subversive group, trying to carry out a provocation, and they had encroached into Azerbaijani territory.

“On May 27, at about 03.00, a reconnaissance-sabotage group of the Armenian armed forces attempted to enter our territory in the direction of the Yukhari Ayrim settlement of the Kalbajar region in the Armenian-Azerbaijani state border.

As a result of urgent measures, 6 enemy servicemen who tried to mine the supply routes leading to the positions of the Azerbaijan Army on the border, were surrounded, neutralized, and taken prisoner.”

According to the statement, Armenia deployed armored vehicles along the border, but Azerbaijan repelled them by pure deterrence, no shots were fired.

“In the morning [of May 27], several combat vehicles, including tanks of the Armenian armed forces, were congested near the border. As a result of the actions taken by our forces, their movement was suppressed.

Currently, the operational situation in this direction is under the control of our units.”

In Baku, the incident was called a provocative terrorist act that violates trilateral agreements. Yerevan replied that Azerbaijan’s actions are aimed at exacerbating the situation, “which could seriously undermine the regional peace.”

In both Gegharkunik region and the Syunik region, despite the peace agreement, instability persists.

The photograph above shows the first image of the arrested servicemen.

Russian military journalist Alexander Kharchenko:

“The Azerbaijanis began to post the first photographs of captured Armenian servicemen. It is immediately clear that these are ordinary soldiers, and not saboteurs at all. The Armenian special forces look different.”

On May 12, the Armenian Defense Ministry reported that the Azerbaijani armed forces tried to carry out work “to clarify the borders” in one of the border areas of the Syunik region, details were not provided. Yerevan turned to the CSTO for consultations, urging to take measures to eliminate the “threat to the security and territorial integrity” of the country. The incident was also discussed by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Armenian counterpart Ara Ayvazyan.

Syunik region is a territory bordering with Azerbaijan in the south of Armenia. After the recent escalation, a number of Azerbaijani troops remain there. Yerevan stated that they are not ready to discuss demarcation and delimitation until their withdrawal.

Security in some sections of the road in the Syunik region is provided by Russian border guards.


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azeris keep provoking obviously their story is bs


Whats to say it ain’t cia/soros rot ploy hey? lgbtq/nazi/nwo/ (OBVIOUSLY)

Israel is an Apartheid State

Azerbaijan buys drones from “Israel” and sends them oil too. So I’m going to have to side with Armenia on this one. Jews generally hate Armenians as well.

G2 Guy

Jews are pure evil and are selling weapons to all, their interest in Azerbaijan is to rip off oil and also create problems for Iran, but that is not going to happen as Iran has firmly told Azerbaijan of the consequences and most importantly the recent Zionist humiliation in Gaza has put the weakling kikers on the backfoot. Jews hate all humanity, people forget that they are also desecrating both Muslim and Christian holy places in occupied Jerusalem. Jews have a particular hatred for the Orthodox Christians considering their persistent efforts to destabilize Russia.


Israel wont acknowledge the Armenian genocide for fundamentally selfish reason – they want total monopoly on the historical genocide claim – as an ongoing justification for an Israeli Jewish supremacist and ethno-religiously exclusive state. The Armenians bug the Israeli mindset, because Armenians had a precedent genocide experience – mass scale brutality, and slaughter, against an ethnic (Christian) minority as the state policy under Ottoman state – performed under blanket cover of first world war conditions. This Armenian genocide experience undermines the whole claim by Israel of being subject to a unique genocide experience in historical terms. In short, Armenians are a giant historical inconvenience to the Israeli narrative of experiencing a unique genocide experience. Hence, the generalized, broader, Jewish resentment toward the Armenians, against the precedent of the prior Armenian genocide experience, and the fact that Armenians are an age-old Caucasus Christian community, further compounds generalized broader Jewish resentment towards them.

Last edited 1 year ago by JensFromTheBlock
john wooh

There are a lots of Videos of Armenians which treated injured Azeris very well with Respect, i didnt see Azeris threating prisoners with respect.

Armenians are the Moral winners just threw the Soros Pashynian out, rearm your military with modern EW, AA,etc. Then show them that Armenians were always better warriors(1vs1) then turks/azeris with their coward weapons like pussy drones weapon for the cowards invented 35years ago my the biggest coward the US-Military.

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh
Random Guy

How else were Armenians supposed to treat the soldiers of the country they are located in? Armenians of Karabakh have no other choice than endless gratitude to the country that welcomed them in their territory.

john wooh

So Armenians live there for over 3.000years, than 800years ago Turks from Central Asia fled from the Mongols to Asia Minor and the to south Kavkaz this was the “Armenian Naqba” for the Armenian people. you live on Persian and Armenian Land Azeris(Turks)!

Random Guy

Dinosaurs were there before everyone. Lets all go back to Africa and leave the world to birds and reptiles. Karabakh belongs to Azerbaijan, if you don’t like it, pick up your ballz and go there to prove otherwise.

john wooh

So what are u doing in Idlib-Syria, Iraq, Libya or northern Cyprus it doesnt belong to turks says the Law and UNO, pure Hypocrisy from a lying Snake.

Or how Turks stole Hatay from Syria, do u know the real story? or just the TRT propaganda

I will quote you: “Sure. if you don’t like the current situation, u r welcome to request UN to explain you which country is where.”

Do u see what kind of HYPOCRITE you are ???

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh

Grow up – from your pointless, childish, spoiler-trolling. Your paymaster’s sure don’t get their money’s worth from your immature efforts.

Last edited 1 year ago by VaporTrail
G2 Guy

The Armenians like the Zionist cowardly Hollywood hype pussies had an over inflated view of their military stemming from a by-gone era of post Soviet collapse. The Azeris are oil rich and used the 30 year interregnum to arm themselves and create military alliances with Turkey and Pakistan and then launch a major war to liberate Nagorno-Karabakh . Turkish drones totally dominated the skies and to be fair the Azerbaijan military fought well and very aggressively, with good leadership. The Armenians sat on their arse with false bravado, just like the child killing Zionists and paid the price. The biggest problem for Armenia is a corrupt political system, lack of nationalism and a non-motivated poorly led military that harks back to the Soviet era. The Azeris has total backing of the two most potent militaries in the Muslim world, namely Turkey and Pakistan, while Iran the other prime military power is neutral, like Russia. The future looks very bleak for Armenia as it shrinks in size and loses all relevance.

Last edited 1 year ago by G2 Guy
john wooh

Turks are Alienoccupiers since 1100-1200a.D. of Greek, Armenian, Persian and Assyrian Lands, thats a fact. Your Drones would also dominate every other country without Air Force and Air Defence.

You had the backing of your “child killing Zionists” brothers in spirit, not just Turkey and Pakistan.

You had 3-4times more Soldiers than the Armenians and even had to use Syrian Djihadi Terroristic Mercenaries, again foreign help werent you able to fight alone ?

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh
Random Guy

Any delay with the recognition of the borders and providing corridor between Nakhchivan and the rest of Azerbaijan will result in humiliation. All day every day.

G2 Guy

It is quite embarrassing how inept and cowardly the Armenians have proven despite having access to good Russian weaponry. Over 150 Armenian soldiers, mostly conscripts have taken refuge in Iran and proving a diplomatic embarrassment for all. Armenians have adequate manpower and also a big global diaspora, but lack of courage or patriotism. They should learn from the Shia who act in unison when their interests are threatened, like the global Shia diaspora from the Iranians to Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqi PMU, Hezbollah, west African Lebanese fighters and Ansarallah that have come to Syria’s assistance and were about to join the war against the Zionist child killers before flat head braggart corrupt thieving CHICKENYAHOO had diaper rash and called a hurried ceasefire, despite Hamas missiles flying. The Armenians need to get their act together, get rid of Pissinyan and create a government of national unity or there will be no Armenia left.

john wooh

Isnt it embarrassing using Syrian Mercenaries, Turks and Izraelis.

The child killers live from ur oil/gas and weapon sales you HYPOCRIT

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh
Proud hindu

Another day another accident. 6 Chinese miners trapped in China https://mobile.twitter.com/globaltimesnews/status/1397736149217550337


A million black Hindu sewer rats have died by Covid and filthy conditions. India is a global sewer now and must be quarantined until the Hindu rats learn basic hygiene. People need to stay away from dirty cow piss drinking street shitting Hindus.

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Muhammad paedophile

Go lick Putin’s a$$ butthurt russian. Russia is about to disintegrate lol worry about that

Vishnu sucked Shiva's cock

Modi’s got another a$$hole riped by CPC.

Muhammad paedophile

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Vishnu sucked Shiva's cock

Stop being such a deprave a$$hole

Muhammad paedophile

Shia getting fucked by Israel


Azerbaijan is way out of line – they are seeing what with they can get away with against Armenia, with unprecedented Turkish military backing. Armenians, of course, were subject to persecution, and finally a brutal genocide over course of first two decades of twentieth century under Ottoman expanded rule in Mesopotamia and Caucasus. Now Azerbaijan is being encouraged by same genocidal offender’s descendant state, Turkey, to actively push against Armenian territory. There needs to be some ‘mysterious’ or ‘accidental’ (ie Russian) hard strikes into Azerbaijani forward staging border positions to send a clear message to back off.

Random Guy

Yeah right, people got nothing else to do than mess around with Armenians. Armenia has land claims to Azerbaijan Georgia and Turkey. And then get surprised “oh why they don’t like me”, stop acting like a kunt and get your chit together then you will live.

john wooh

but their claims are legit, not like turkic claims of “the half world is turkic”,

Turkmenistan is your home, your Invaders/Settler/Occupier from Central Asia.

Random Guy

Sure. if you don’t like the current situation, u r welcome to request UN to explain you which country is where.

john wooh

UN said ur Turks genocide,

Ottoman, Nazis and ZIoonists are for me the same


Spot the Turk – always starts moaning like a bitch when called out for Turkey’s genocidal past – an entire society in deepest self denial. Man the f*ck up, and accept your society’s dirty past actions. You can run from your past, but you cant hide, Ahmet.

Last edited 1 year ago by VaporTrail

4 incompetent amerikan firewatchers die in helicopter…probably 6 amerikan/CIA lost looking for local gay bar



john wooh

Dont tell this to loud, The Turks just wanna hear whats suits their sick ambitions of conquesting others.

They live in their own bubble of lies and neo-ottoman propaganda. US/GB/Isr/Tur have the same mentality of stealing from others and than they invent lies to justice their crimes.

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh

“attempted to enter our territory” What does this sentence mean? They ATTEMPTED to enter Azerbaijan? So they DIDN’T ENTER? The Azerbaijani soldiers from Azerbaijan telepathically read the thoughts of Armenian soldiers and then found out that Armenians were planning to cross the border so to stop them Azeris invaded Armenia and kidnapped Armenian soldiers in “self-defence”. – This is basically what the idiotic Azeri statement says.

One can either CROSS or NOT CROSS the border, the word “attempt” means they didn’t succeed but if they didn’t succeed that means they were in Armenian territory when they were captured by Izraeli.. I mean Azeri troops.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ivanus59
john wooh

Nato(US/GB/F/GER/TUR/Iz) the Team of liars, cheaters, thieves, murders, occupiers, pervs, enslavers, genocides…..or just SATANs or DAJJALs Army on this planet

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh

It does sound a lot like how the Zionists operate in Syria and Lebanon.

john wooh

Khazars/ashkenazi were also a Turkic Tribe, maybe this will explain you the most about them.

Azeris and Turks attacked with Israeli Weapons/Drones, they bragged how the 3parties got a bound.

But in the last 2weeks they started their theatre and crocodile tears, to get Turkish influence in the Middle East, only uneducated and kids buy their story.

Last edited 1 year ago by john wooh
Lance Ripplinger

Armenia sure seems to be capitulating to the Azeri’s way to easily. What the hell is going on there? Russia just seems to brush off these incidents like they are no big deal. The CSTO seams to be useless. With the way things are going, Azerbaijan could commit to an all out invasion of Armenia, and Russia would just sit back and let it happen. What the hell is the point of the CSTO if they don’t come to the defense of the member nations being threatened or invaded?

Colonel Dolma

azer/turk barbarians only understand a strong slap… if crypto Putin won’t provide it….time for dirty bomb from medsamoor.. i mean accident…. like the zionists threaten, we’ll take you all out with us. the site of these pigs torturing captives and not releasing them should offend every human on earth.

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