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Azerbaijan Showcases Battle Tanks, IFVs Captured From Armenian Forces (Videos)

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On October 8, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan showcased a number of military vehicles which were captured from Armenian forces.

The vehicles were recently captured in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, where a battle between Azerbaijani and Armenian troops has been ongoing since September 27.

The captured military vehicles are:

  • Five to ten T-72 battle tanks, most of them appeared to be heavily damaged;
  • Two BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles;
  • One BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle.

The Azerbaijani MoD also released a video showing fire support for Azerbaijani troops and logistical supplies heading to frontlines in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The heavy and precision fire power of the Azerbaijani military dealt a serious blow to Armenian forces in the early days of the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh. Now, however, the situation is a bit more balanced.

In the last 48 hours, Armenian troops, backed by volunteers, repelled several ground attacks by Azerbaijani forces and launched successful limited counter-attacks.


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Pave Way IV

Save yourselves, Armenians. Blow those Goddamn parasitic oligarch-owned pipelines – do it for the Yazidis NATO slaughtered. The pipelines are where the money is coming from to feed the psychopaths that want to genocide you again. They’ll never take out your reactor. The fallout will irradiate two-thirds of Azerbaijan including the pumping station in Baku, and Russia will glass Azerbaijan in retaliation.

Mr. Saddam

The fallout will also be the death of Armenia.
Turkey can build an Operation Desert Caucasia in Naxcivan any minute.
Turkey would cease the strip of armenian land to the south bordering Iran/Naxcivan.
Call Armenia bluff. Murder-Suicide of a tiny nation with a small army is never wise
(Nor Sane)

Pave Way IV

The fallout will also be the death of Armenia. The Azeri are not going to kill themselves and end half of their state revenue to wipe out Armenia. The Azeris will have to retaliate some other horrible way – like having Turkey send U.S.-trained ISIS/Al Qaeda head-choppers to Armenia

Turkey can build an Operation Desert Caucasia in Naxcivan any minute.
Turkey would cease the strip of armenian land to the south bordering Iran/Naxcivan.

I’m thinking both Russia and Iran would object. Strongly.

Call Armenia bluff. ? Do you mean if they strike Azerbaijan’s pipelines? Really, what can Azerbaijan do besides what they’re already doing now: importing ISIS/Al Qaeda to kill Armenians?


If you looked on a topographical map, they would have to go over some very tall and well defended mountains. The only flat part is the bogs near Armenia’s capital and close to the Russian base.

Great Khan

Turk brother STRONK!


Yes, Putler. Armenian slaves will commit sepuku so you can sell gas and oil at better price. Russian economy is in shambles.


Shambles? What film were you watching?

Russia has yuge gold reserves, a practically non-existent debt and a developing industrial sector.

Aren’t you confusing them for the EU/US?


Let’s make a short experiment to see if I confuse Russian piverty with EU/US, search on google images ‘siberia bridge’ and ‘siberia road’. See what you get.


Search on Google “italian roads”. And here we don’t have -35 °C during winter!


I just did. Nothing to compare. Btw are you saying Russians have it better than Italians?


Yes. They have vast swathes of land and they haven’t hordes of illegal africans coming in, with the blessings of the leftist governments.


That was pretty low for searching : ‘bad Italian road’ , to compare with ‘Russian road’ . Because if you add negative words in search, you can make Switzerland and North Korea look the same.


So do you think that Google has a sort of magic wand, that lets it measure the percentage of russian, italian, etc… roads that are bad?

Google searches are probably biased. When you search “russian roads”, a lot of “bad russian roads” articles and photos come in top positions.

Because I live in Italy, I know that at least 80% of our urban roads are very very bad.

You search “siberian roads”. Let’s search “Moscow roads”. You will be shown photos of roads on which you can eat ( literally ).

They have metros we can only dream of. Our metros have gypsies, graffiti and poop ( yes poop, mainly from our dear “african resources” ).


Anyway, you searched `bumpy italian road`to prove Italian roads are as bumpy as siberian roads. That was really low man, bashing Italy and showing garbage to show that Russia is better.


Do you like games? Then let’s play https://www.google.com/search?q=moscow+roads&sxsrf=ALeKk00FRwQYdgMdkENJdbg48MT834kPbg:1602260060376&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiKyfHt86fsAhXG-aQKHcaPCKwQ_AUoAXoECBgQAw&biw=1920&bih=982

Anything to say? I am playing by your rules.

And I repeat, I live in Italy, I know how bad our public services are.

We have municipal waste in our streets. And the damn boars that come to the cities to eat them!


Again, that’s pretty naive to think of this tricks. … Moscow and Petersburg are the best of Russia, the difference between these two large metripolis and the rest of the country is huge.

How about
Russian village
Italian village
American village

Eh? :)


eh? do you have detailed stats?

I see that our big cities have horrible roads. While in Moscow, Pete, etc… they are top notch.

As for the US, the streets of San Francisco are drowning in human feces https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-04-16/behold-shit-map-mapping-san-franciscos-132562-cases-human-feces

Do you really have the gall to say that Russia is the worst?


Russiaa is not the worst shithole but it’s still a shithole compared to US and EU.


By what metrics? You cannot incorporate a company in 2 days in Russia. But you don’t have BLM and Antifa thugs beating white/conservative people on the streets.

You have bad roads in the peripheries, but you don’t have an old and decrepit energy grid.


BLM is iverhyped by the MSM the same as school shootings. They are inly in few cities.

Khazar Supremacy

Genocide?? Armos genocided innocent babies and women in Hojali Genocide. Stop trying to be a drama queen.

Pave Way IV

Nope, the Azeris seriously over-Khazared that one. Everything about Khojaly from Azerbaijan’s accounts are shady as hell, including the mysteriously increasing body count. Armenians never did this anywhere else during that war, but… what? Suddenly decided to kill fleeing civilians in this one single besieged town for some reason? Why? Because they were really, really mad at the Azeri civilians? Sorry – sounds like a sloppy Azeri/Turkish psyop and you pushed it way too hard in the west to be believable. I believe a lot of Azeris civilians died in that war, I just don’t believe this particular story.

Khazar Supremacy

Why genocided them? Let me tell u why, they genocided the civilians so terrorised civilians will run away from NK and never will return. Which also happened.

Pave Way IV

The problem with maintaining the Azerbaijan narrative is that they keep really evil company that seem to delight in elaborate lies to deflect blame for their crimes elsewhere. Hard to be objective about either Khojaly or the latest Azeri propaganda when their allies are lying, degenerate psychopathic freaks: Turkey, Israel and of course the U.S. Do you really expect the world to ignore the Three Stooges of Evil?

Alekai Mordechai

Similar things happened in Myanmar.

Same things happened with Serbia too.

Great Khan

Great Khan agree, Jew man speak truth for change.

Great Khan

Russian Altai brother just watch. Turk brother kishmish Armenistan.

Random Dude

Logistics is one of the most important part of warfare


This is clearly against Armenia.

They do not get logistics. The tanks and artillery pieces will be picked off one by one by the drones. They only have so many. Azeri weapons far outgain Armenians.

This proved in WW I and WW II. Resource attritions.


New TB2 UCAV video from the Azerbaijani MoD. The strikes are all on tanks or artillery in cover with camo nets. Azerbaijan appears to be going after specific parts of Armenia’s defensive line with TB2 likely in preparation for an assault

I enjoy watching this.



The Azerbaijani armed forces on Thursday launched an offensive in the southern and northern directions in Nagorno-Karabakh. The official representative of the Armenian Defense Ministry Artsrun Hovhannisyan stated this during the briefing.

Azeri army will continue to push from all directions. They will exhaust the defense of Artskin pigs…


SF also said:

“The heavy and precision fire power of the Azerbaijani military dealt a serious blow to Armenian forces in the early days of the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh. Now, however, the situation is a bit more balanced.”

This does not make much sense. Balanced?

Tudor Miron

It simply means that Azeri’s equipment losses are mounting. As I said before – despite having an upper hand in informational warfare, actual territory gains are extremely limited. I actually doubt that Azeri forces would be able to sustain their offensive for more than 3 to 4 weeks. I don’t take sides in this war – both Azerbaijan and Armenia are friendly nations to us. There’s no military solution to this conflict – only temporary at best.

S Melanson

Hi, want to give you the heads-up that I published an analysis piece on SF. It is part 1 of a 3 part series and any feedback on the analysis would be appreciated. Cheers, Stewart. The link is:


Tudor Miron

I will look into it now.

Tudor Miron

I tried opening the link – 404 page not found.

S Melanson

The Artskins have put on camouflage netting above their arbors and artillery pieces. But they are still good practice targets Azeri drone forces. Infrad?


Those are just junk Armenian armors. Not worth anything. Only good to bomb civilians….

John Wallace

Instead of your constant dribble on here 24 hrs a day why don’t you pick up your weapon and go and do your country a service. Oh and take aces with you or are you and him one and the same or is he just there to suck your dick all day.. Seven Morons says it all ..


Pashinyan is still very busy begging. Begging all world powers. Save us, help us. Prevent the Turkish genocide v2.0…..

cechas vodobenikov

SF had wohl the felon, Jenny, Tammy little spenser, slave, now the CIA employs 7 morons—the turk/US economy reducing to baklava and Starbucks

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