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Azerbaijan Shelled Shushi, Stepanakert Despite Agreement To Halt Attacks On Civilian Settlements (Video)

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The Azerbaijani military shelled the cities of Shushi and Stepanakert in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh a few hours only after accepting an agreement that prevents attacks on civilian settlements.

The Armenian Unified Infocenter said the shelling, which took place on October 31 morning, hit a central market and at least one civilian house.

A video released by the center showed heavy material damage at the targeted cities. Nevertheless, no human losses were reported as a result of the shelling.

A day earlier, the OSCE Minsk Group announced that Armenia and Azerbaijan had accepted an agreement that would see both sides halting attacks on civilian settlements and exchanging the remains of fallen soldiers.

Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan condemned the shelling of Shushi and Stepanakert, accusing Azerbaijan of violating the newly-reached agreement.

“Azerbaijan leadership is not capable to fulfill its own commitments and Artsakh [Nagorno-Karabakh] civilian population is its main enemy and target,” the PM said on twitter.

From its side, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan accused Armenian forces of shelling several towns and villages in the districts of Terter, Aghdam, and Aghjabedi districts on October 31. There were no human losses.

The recent military actions of both Armenia and Azerbaijan indicate that the new humanitarian agreement on Nagorno-Karabakh has already collapsed. The two sides may not even exchange the bodies of fallen soldiers.


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Vox Populi

This conflict will turn really nasty if not stopped. It has already passed the point of no return.

Zionism = EVIL

Well, the Armenians need to withdraw then, their military is in disarray and they are mistaken if Russia will bail them out.

Rhodium 10

AZ are using all what they have included burning bombs…but are unable to advance towards the capital…also in North and East front AZ forces failed!…so why do you want to give NK to Sand Camels Muslims?….AZ have killed 1160 NK soldiers?…well only in Omaha beach USA lost 3.000 soldiers in few hours and they expelled Germans…Donbass militia lost 1500 members in Donetsk capital and wipe off Ukrops from there!


yes all the tech to cover the run across the flat lands, not it is real mountain war :)

Great Khan

Azeri brother Stronk!


your mutter stronk goat!

Great Khan

Khan like mutton! Hahaha

Free man

If the Armenians don’t withdraw voluntarily they may also lose zangezur.


Wrong :)

Free man

The Azeris want this district. They had already started bombing it. They can get it by exchanging territories if there is negotiation or get it in combat after they find a good excuse.


Putin just said yesterday that Russia will act if Armenian official teritory is attacked.

Free man

If the Armenians are smart they will agree to negotiations, before it is too late, in which they will pledge to withdraw and exchange territories. The longer they wait the higher the price will be. If not I’m sure the fighting will reach Armenia. Then we’ll see what the Russians will do.


Maybe that’s what they want. But I’m sure Azeris are not that stupid to fell into the trap.

Great Khan

Stronk! HAHAHA


Well the Armenians had no reason to start this war, it’s entirely the Azeris pushing it.

Free man

This is what happened last time. Every currency has two sides: https://twitter.com/karabaghtruths/status/1322029389597519873

Deborah Schmidt Eichholz




Two wrongs do not make a right, & Armenians were victimized on a mass scale on many occasions in that war, too. But one of the most intractable issues of this conflict is each side ignoring/downplaying trauma of the other. Events like this show the war’s impact on local Azeris.

In many ways, the Armenian/Karabakhti offensives of 1993 are what laid the groundwork for this conflict to reerupt. Those were not focused on Karabakh proper (former NKAO), but the surrounding Azerbaijani regions of Kelbajar, Zengilan, Fizuli and Jebrayil.

Karabakh itself is one thing, but these offensives involved mass expulsions of local ethnic Azerbaijani population in regions whose status was not contested. Notice that all four of the UN resolutions on Karabakh are on these regions (+ Agdam). Effect on Az society was massive


turkey and israel made this errupt

Great Khan

Turkey+Israel brother STRONK!

Great Khan

Armeni steal Azeri brother land,,,,,so kaputenheimer…hahahhaha



The Irish Times, 1992 – “Corpses scattered over killing fields of Nagorno-Karabakh – stiffened by death and cold, the mutilated corpses of Azeris mown down as they fled an Armenian offensive in Nagorno-#Karabakh”

Jihadi Colin

Yes, I read an article today that the dispossessed Azeris are burning with vengeance and eager to return.


Azeris dont kill fleeing civilians. Most civilians have already fled. The villages are empty. Despite this of course there is no need to burn it down. But i understand the Anger of the Azeris. They were cleansed, murdered even fleeing. Their villages got destroyed…



A new video of TB2 drone strikes showing hits against: 1x Grad MRLS 1x D-20 howitzer 2x D-30 howitzer 3x T-72 3x truck 3x group of troops 1x unknown target in a forest (timestamp 00:16)


Burning tanks 3x T-72 I want to see more and more


The UAVs are also very useful as Target Designators for LORA etc. The last Missile was really Big.


Very big 0:25 is it lazer?

Porc Halal

Hahahaha…what a fucktard (you are)!…so you are a gypsy turk who wants to deceise and faken his true origin…hahahaha!!!!!…what a fucktard!!!

Porc Halal

Ps…tell us the truth, how many other troll accounts do you have here??…you post shitty propaganda here under how many alias?!..

Jihadi Colin

Obviously nobody is capable or interested in keeping agreements, and moreover the Armenian side has plausible deniability because the so called Artsakh is allegedly an independent country. On the Azeri side even if the Azeris were remotely interested in following agreements they don’t control the Ottomans and the jihadi headchoppers.

Samuel Vanguard

Azeri’s got the Armenians by the balls there is no escaping the full might of turkish/azeri alliance.

Porc Halal

Redneck turdish troops rolling-up Shushi…



the surprising and super sad fact is that Russia is nowhere to be seen. Russia‘s garbage weapons have no chance against Turkish and Isreali precision weapons….this might be the main reason why Russia fears involvement and Putin is just abandoning the area like the coward he is and leaves it to Turkey. Russia is toast !

Great Khan

Russia not Stronk!

Potato Man

The two sides may not even exchange the bodies of fallen soldiers.

nope..both side fuking the die soldiers…

Harry Smith

The Armenian President Pashinyan officially asked Putin what kind of help and what amount of help Russia will offer to Armenia in accordance with the CSTO. Russian Foreign Ministry (not Putin) answered that all is written in the treaty (they called him illiterate in very polite way) and that help will be offered only in case if Armenia will be invaded.

Lazy Gamer

Translation – Russia says NO


Where is the Christian community to condemn this attack by the muslims NOWHERE, Christians are been butchered by Ottoman Muslims with their drones. Jesus Is watching.

Ivan Freely

Majority of Christians are governed by Jews and have been prevented to react.

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