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Azerbaijan Says Its Air Force Delivered Devastating Strikes On Armenian Artillery Units

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Azerbaijan Says Its Air Force Delivered Devastating Strikes On Armenian Artillery Units


The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry claimed on October 11 that the Armenian Armed Forces suffered heavy losses in manpower and equipment as a result of air strikes on the 41st Special Artillery Regiment.

“As a result of the strikes of the Azerbaijani Air Force on the 41st Special Artillery Regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces, the enemy suffered heavy losses,” the defense ministry said in a statement.

The announcement followed a statement by Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, who said that the Armenian Armed Forces launched a missile strike on the second largest city of Azerbaijan – Ganja.

This was not the first time when the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry released a statement about strikes on Armenian forces despite the ceasefire regime. Just a few hours earlier, it released the following report:

On the night from 10 to 11 of October, the situation along the entire front was stably tense.

The units of the Armenian armed forces, which did not comply with the humanitarian truce, have concentrated their forces and military equipment and again attempted to attack in small groups in the Hadrut and Jabrayil directions in order to regain their lost positions. All enemy attempts to attack at night were suppressed by fire.

As a result of the actions of the Azerbaijan Army, a large number of enemy manpower, as well as five T-72 tanks, six D-20 and D-30 howitzers, five trucks with ammunition, eleven vehicles, three MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, five self-propelled howitzers 2S1 “Gvozdika”, eight air defense systems and a radar station were destroyed and disabled in various directions of the front.

According to the information received, as a result of combat operations, the main and reserve forces of the Armenian army in the occupied territories suffered serious damage, ammunition and fuel are used up. The Armenian military command is in psychological stress, and the military personnel is under fear. The confidence of the Armenian soldiers in the commanders has been lost.

Servicemen of the 1st, 5th, and 9th motorized rifle regiments are willfully leaving their combat positions on a mass scale. The military police are strengthless to enforce these soldiers to return to the trenches.

According to the information, the deputy commander of the 1st motorized rifle regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Artak Vanyan is also among the numerous casualties in the enemy army.

Currently, the troops of the Azerbaijan Army have an operational advantage along the entire length of the front.


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Azerbaijan army, way to go. We solute you.

viktor ziv

Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant.



Porc Halal

He’s too stupid to realise you wrote in a dead language…I can imagine how desperately he’s searching google translate to find out what the message is…hahahahahaha!!…


Immo! Quod ad me, et multos alteros eruditos, lingua latina minime “mortua est”, sed locuta scriptaque lectaque!
Oh, and BTW, even gladiators very rarely fought to the death.


Azerbaijan Army Emotional Song/ Azerbaijan-Armenia war



Azerbaijan Army Military Music song – Ates alxanli yasar baxis – Azerbaijan Border Service Karabakh



Julian Lacey ?️ Azerbaijan have released a military music video, featuring their soldiers playing


Fog of War

” Julian Lacey ”

Thats a very Azeri sounding name. SMH.


Azerbaijan Army New Emotional Song Viral Video | Armenia-Azerbaijan Latest Updates || Khabri TV


Pave Way IV

That was just painfully cheesy. Since the Azeris shut down the internet in Azerbaijan, I have to presume this is mean for western consumption. Turkish power-chord propaganda hasn’t changed much since the ’80s. After watching it, I kind of feel like growing a mullet, wearing a Members Only jacket and drinking a gallon of drain cleaner (not necessarily in that order).

Fog of War

” That was just painfully cheesy. ”

To each his own, each people/ nation / ethnic group views reality in different ways. The only people that cant seem to grasp this fact are brainwashed Whites in the Western world.


Well, all the rest try to mimic them, from clothes and music to military and science.

Fog of War

No western pop stars put on military uniforms and make overtly nationalistic songs. This seems to be a Caucasus thing. I’m not saying this is a bad or good , just making an observation.


Actually those are from Indian channel. Free Indian media…. LOL.

Pave Way IV

Azeri MoD: “Servicemen of the 1st, 5th, and 9th motorized rifle regiments are willfully leaving their combat positions on a mass scale. The military police are strengthless to enforce these soldiers to return to the trenches.”

Bizzare wording and this coming on the heels of claims that forces on the Azeri side are surrendering. Armenians are not, as far as I know, press-ganged into service. They’re all there voluntarily, so they’re not individually deserting or fleeing in panic. I suppose planned or ordered withdrawals in places that are vulnerable and not worth defending by themselves.

On the other hand, Azeri started hired the head-choppers a month ago putting them on the front lines as border guards. The head-choppers were looking for a paycheck, not open combat. Regardless, the Azeris seem to keep everything secret from them, so they’re probably confused as hell about the rest of the battlefield and operations. By now, they’ve figured out they were hired to be meat targets, not ‘the tip of the spear’ in N-K. Probably don’t even get free Captagon and need 18 hours of sleep a day during withdrawal.

Azerbaijan also looks to be using a disproportionate number of Talysh and Lezgin for cannon fodder, and their people have noticed. Together, areas of their ethnic concentration make up less than 3% of the population (many more mixed), but reportedly account for a quarter or third of the casualties. Some leaders in their respective regions are calling for Talysh and Lezgins to avoid joining the army, but I don’t think Azerbaijan is using forced conscription just yet. Azerbaijan’s ethnic minorities are not universally revolutionary – some DO support the Azerbaijan state and volunteered for the army. Others may want independence, but don’t want to stir up trouble and draw the ire of Baku.

Incidentally, Baku declared a curfew for the city yesterday and disabled the internet weeks ago. Seems kind of extreme unless they’re afraid of the people finding out uncomfortable facts, like the slow progress and number of casualties. Being secretive during wartime is one thing, but censoring the internet and curfews? That’s paranoia eating away at the leaders.

Rhodium 10

AZ cannot retake NK…in the moment that they deploy troops and artillery….Armenian Smerch rockets( using guide ammo 9M55K1) wipe them off…if they use ground troops…then ATGM team and long range snipers hunt them!

Pave Way IV

Are they even trying to retake NK or just trying to kill as many Armenians and destroy as much of their equipment as possible? The Azeri ‘side’ is taking casualties, but are they even Azeri Turks?

Everyone knows the situation will have to be negotiated at some point. Azerbaijan is making money every day on gas/oil exports and they can afford to replace their equipment (and mercs, I guess). Armenians have had to borrow money to buy military equipment, their economy is in shambles and the place is already dirt-poor. The longer this goes on, the more Armenia burns through its much smaller supply of men and equipment. It’s probably worth it for the Azeri leadership to just keep grinding away on the much smaller Armenia (resource-wise) to weaken them. The Azeris make a lot of noise about retaking N-K, but the leaders probably figure that every day of fighting just puts them in a better negotiating position whether the lines change or not. They got more shit to throw at this for a longer time than the Armenians do.

Fog of War

” Armenians have had to borrow money to buy military equipment, their economy is in shambles and the place is already dirt-poor. ”

Maybe the Khardashians will by them all new equipment ?

Rhodium 10

Armenia diaspora have much money( and Russia supply weapons as we seen convoy in Iran towards Armenia)..at least to resist AZ offensive..in the last war Armenia lost 20.000 and AZ 77.000…and Armenia won!…


But I still do no understand what’s in it for Azerbaijan for such a barren mountainous land with no metals or oil deposits? Water source maybe? Is superior resources could be better spent on infrastructure, schools, energy upgrade etc etc?

Pave Way IV

It’s not what’s in the mountains – it’s the mountains, themselves. That doesn’t fit in to our land-stripping mentality today, but they provided everything the Armenians needed for the last 2600 or so years. Agriculture is sustainable, but there’s not enough good land for industrial-scale farming for export. The N-K region doesn’t really export much. Mining operations are small and not enough to attract foreign attention.The mountains have always provided a large, inland fortress though – like a giant wall on the south and east. You can try to get through the limited number of passes, but if the Armenians don’t want you in their mountains, they’ll rain all kinds of hurt down on you. For Turkey and Azerbaijan’s sake, they’re pissed that Armenia (proper and N-K) are sitting right in the middle of a land corridor between them. They had to hook the BTC pipeline and others all the way up and around Georgia, and had to wait for the US to color-revolutionize Georgia to do that. The N-K region and Armenia as a whole just pisses off Azerbaijan and stooges. For Azerbaijan to take over the mountains, they would have to encircle them (again) and cut off everything. That’s what they’re trying to do now. They’ll settle for some progress on a Turkish corridor, either north or south of the N-K mountains.


Thank you Pave Way for excellent context to this tragic conflict. Yes both Armenia and Azerbaijan are small countries, so as you explain N-K important to both of them.


Also, there have been dealings of many Western politicians with Azerbaidjan, corruption scandals etc. This is a handy diversion.


Incidently, most of the western world declared a curfew on the ground of a non-existing health thread (nothing much nore than a common cold). And censors the internet. Just saying.


Nah the West, at least Wester Europe, has declared a curfew because they have reduced healthcare capacity for a couple fo decades now and so they no longer have he capacity to care of the people who would get critically ill. And instead they just close down the whole society.

cechas vodobenikov

the Houthis continue to humiliate amerikans saudis; yet some believe the superior drone capacity and size of the Azeri military will determine the outcome


Anyone know how you take down drones in cost effective manner? Are there fighter drones out there?

Porc Halal

The azeri fucktards are saying this very same shit since day one!…what a fucking delusional fucktards!!…

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