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Azerbaijan Says Armenian Forces Launched Ballistic Missile At Nakhichevan Enclave (Photos)

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Azerbaijan has officially accused Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh of launching a tactical ballistic missile at the Nakhichevan enclave.

Nakhichevan, formally known the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, is a 5,500 km2 landlocked region of Azerbaijan. The region lays between Armenia and Iran.

In a brief statement, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan claimed a tactical ballistic missile was launched on October 16 by Armenian forces from Gubadli in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The missile allegedly struck the area of Ordubad in Nakhchivan.

The Ministry of Defense of Armenian quickly dismissed Azerbaijan’s claims, accusing the Baku’s military and political leadership of lying.

“We declare that no missile was fired in the direction of the Ordubad region of Nakhichevan,” Shushan Stepanyan, Press Secretary of the Armenian MoD, said “this is another lie of the Azerbaijani military-political leadership, which aims to expand the geography of the conflict.”

The supposed missile strike on Nakhchivan was likely a stray fire accident. Since the outbreak of the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh, dozens of projectiles and even drones landed in Iran’s territory by mistake.

Azerbaijan may be indeed planning to expand the geography of the ongoing conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh to cover the Armenian regions separating its territory from Nakhchivan.


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U n k n 0 w n

(Li)Armenia is a fascist, bandit, terror state..


It is supper stupid to fight for moon country where not even grass is growing.


Turaken propaganda


Propaganda machine of Azer manned by pure liar people.


Parshinyan is the biggest liar.


lunch time , eat banana pakistani ape


Those Artskins are clearly terrorists.

They can’t fight Azeri drones. So they dropped some bombs on civilians.

Concrete Mike

In the other article you suggest HTS come over to fight armenia.

Your the terrorist invader, fucken dumbass!



Concrete Mike

Shut up crazy goatfucker!

We have had enough of your “wars”!!


armenians are losing the war and attacking civilian targets again…

anyway new footages from the center of hardut…

Pave Way IV

Wow! Depopulated this fast? I can now see the genius of the cycle of retaliatory ethnic cleansing between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Good job, guys.


armenians are evacuating civilians from hot conflict settlements to steady areas before azerbaycani soldiers come…looks like theyre too afraid…

Pave Way IV

Always nice to get a free bus ride out of there when mean people are coming to take your home. Did the Azeris do that for their people when Armenia/Artsakh took their homes from them? Probably not – Azeri refugees have to walk back.More proof Azerbaijan is EVIL.


More proof Azerbaijan is another medieval islamic something-stan.

Pave Way IV

The ‘stans are ethnic Turkomen and mostly Sunni, Azeri are ethnic Caucasian/Iranian, marginally Shia (not devout) and only have a Turkic-derived language. Both have leaders that are thoroughly corrupt and generally unhinged, so they share that


“Both have leaders that are thoroughly corrupt and generally unhinged, so they share”

so they are both shitstans :D

Pave Way IV

I think you meant “NATO candidate members”.

Evil never sleeps.

Pave Way IV

Well, this makes perfect sense because in the middle of a war when your suffering heavy equipment losses and are running out of missles, you always want to toss one into the middle of nowhere… just to let them know you still can. But this is obviously a clear justification for a Turkish invasion of Armenia through Nakhichevan. Erdogan can’t let this serious provocation go unanswered. It’s like an attack on Turkey, itself!

Smeagol: “Kill the Armenians… KILL THEM ALL!”
comment image

Jihadi Colin

Why in its right mind would Armenia fire any ballistic missile at Nakhichevan? To give Sultan Erdogan an excuse to open a second front against it?

Utterly transparent false flaganda.

By the way, South Front, Nakhichevan lays between Armenia and Iran, does it? How many eggs does it lay, and what happens to them afterwards? Omelettes for Erdogan?

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