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MARCH 2021

Azerbaijan Removes Alleged Russian Spy From Office, Armenia Arrests Alleged Azerbaijan Spy


Azerbaijan Removes Alleged Russian Spy From Office, Armenia Arrests Alleged Azerbaijan Spy

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The spy wars phase in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict appears to have begun.

Russian journalist Semyon Pegov reported that Colonel-General Najmeddin Sadykov, Chief of the General Staff of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, has been removed from office at the request of Turkish military advisers.

The general is allegedly declared an agent of the Main intelligence directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

It is also noted that Sadykov opposed the Turkish dominance in the leadership of the national armed forces.

In Armenia, the National Security Service (SNB) of Armenia neutralized a spy working for Azerbaijani intelligence.

A citizen of Armenia held senior positions in the Ministry of Defense of the republic, periodically collecting and transmitting information constituting a military secret.

This is stated in the statement of the National Security Service of Armenia spread on October 1st.

The main Armenian intelligence service provided some details in connection with the disclosure of espionage activities.

While in Georgia, a citizen of Armenia came to the attention of Azerbaijani specialized services.

Subsequently, he was recruited and given instructions to collect information about the armaments of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as other information of military interest.

Having access to classified information on duty, he collected information about military equipment, engineering infrastructure, and military facilities.

Using contacts with high-ranking military personnel of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, the accused periodically met with them, inquiring about the specific actions of the units and other important information.

After that, he periodically traveled to Georgia, where he passed on the information received to his “curators”.

Based on the evidence obtained, he was charged with high treason, and the Armenian citizen was arrested.

During searches in his apartment and other real estate objects belonging to him, a huge amount of ammunition was found – grenades, fuses, cartridges, as well as military information, which has not lost its relevance.

Among them are the originals of documents for official use. Operatives also found spy equipment – special radios and other equipment.

The National Security Service of Armenia presented a video material in connection with the fact of espionage and treason.




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