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MARCH 2021

Azerbaijan Released Video Showing Strikes On Armenian S-300 Air Defense System


On October 17, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry released a video showing strikes on the S-300 air defense system of Armenian forces. The military did not provide details regarding the location of the targeted air defense system. Therefore, it may have been located in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region or even in Armenia itself.

This is the fourth video showing strikes on components of the S-300 released by Azerbaijani sources since the start of the conflict.

The previous videos include the moments of the alleged destruction of 35D6 (ST-68U) radars and alleged S-300 missile launcher of Armenian forces with Israeli IAI Harop loitering munitions. The first incident took place near the village of Khojaly the Khojaly District, while another one near the village of Qubadlı in the Kashatagh District of the self-proclaimed Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (Republic of Artsakh). The location of the destruction of the S-300 launcher remains unclear.

The strike near Khojaly:

The strike near Qubadli:

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani side also released a video of the alleged destruction of the S-300 missile launcher. The location of the strike is unclear, but it may have taken place near Qubadli:




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