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Azerbaijan Proves Armenia Used Iskander Missiles In Nagorno-Karabakh (Photos)

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Azerbaijan Proves Armenia Used Iskander Missiles In Nagorno-Karabakh (Photos)

Armed Forces control the loading of the transport rocket-loading machine on a self-propelled launcher operational-tactical missile complex Iskander-M. Sergei Orlov/RIA Novosti

Armenia used 9K720 Iskander tactical ballistic missiles during the recent conflict in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, the Azerbaijani National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA) confirmed on March 31.

According to the agency, fragments of two exploded Iskander missiles were uncovered during a combing operation in the town of Shusha on March 15.

The ANAMA provided photos of the missile’s debris as well as the coordinates of where they were exactly found. Both missiles landed in the heart of Shusha.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan revealed earlier this year that Iskander missiles were launched at Azerbaijani troops in Shusha. However, he claimed that the missiles did not explode or only exploded by 10%.

The new information provided by ANMA confirms, without a doubt, that Shusha was hit by two Iskander missiles. Both missiles exploded.

The War Gonzo Telegram channel revealed that one of the missile was fired at a basement in Shusha where nearly 500 Azerbaijani service members and Syrian mercenaries were taking shelter. The target was completely destroyed. Many were allegedly killed.

Azerbaijan launched a large attack on Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27, 2020. The attack ended on November 10 of the same year with a Russian-brokered deal that saw most of the region returning to Baku’s control. Since then, PM Pashinyan has been dodging responsibility for the outcome of the war.


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The rats in Idlib should take notice that Iskander missiles will find and destroy them with extreme efficiency.

Supreme Blyat

Ok, I will tell them.


I recall Pashinyan taking a swipe at Russian weapons with his 10% explosion claim. It was odd at the time and remains an odd claim. The pro-West dude was over his head and did everything short of eating his tie.


“did everything short of eating his tie” at least he didn’t do it in public, like other i d i o t….


Funny how Aliyev said exactly the opposite thing. It looks like Aliyev has salt in his skull. But Pashinyan…never mind!

Looks like the west loves to put idiots in power.


Idiots are actually easier for the puppet masters to control and the majority of UK politicians are a testament to that.

Jihadi Colin

“…one of the missile was fired at a basement in Shusha where nearly 500 Azerbaijani service members and Syrian mercenaries were taking shelter.”

How big was that basement?!? Think of the smell!

Rodney Loder

Remarkable that Pashinyan survived, but I think Russia was in on the phony war, the outcome was certified before the first shell exploded, goes to show the masterful control politics has over compliant societies.

Nothing new about this phenomenon it all emanates from the financial infrastructure but whenever there is a fracture for example now with China a genuine struggle will emerge.

Allah (swt) is bringing the rooster home to roost.


Can you die already? you’re like 100 years old. Release us from your presence.


What’s going on? I rarely -if ever- saw you insult someone who didn’t mind you before and @Rodney Loder although writes some strange stuff and gets ridiculed by a lot of people, never insulted anybody. Old age used to mean something. I find nobody here as repulsive as @tzatz and as soon as I found out he’s old enough to compare with my late grandfather, I sincerely apologized to him for making fun of him and since he continued his bothersome behaviour, I blocked him to prevent myself from repeating it ever again. Problem solved!

Mah koreh? Hayit shaketah kol ha’erev? daaber iti, Daniyal.


Gagrga, I have a long history with him. He insults Israelis and Jews calling us in dirty names, he is one of the human beings I hate the most in this site, topping farbat.


Khaver… ani oveh et zeh.

When the time is right and your mind is cleared enough you’ll start learning. I’d be worried if you actually already spoke Persian!

This Bibi is like a cat (pity I can’t say it without disrespecting the cats!), doesn’t matter how you throw him around, he always lands on his feet. I have to say he as president is not in our interests. He’ll escape the court and lives his life for a few years in peace having time to scheme while holding no real power. Rivlin is already under fire for his statement by Likudniks. If he chooses anyone but Bibi they’ll do their best to saboutage in any form they can. All depends on Bennet and Abbas, I’m sure they (specially Abbas) will join the block who’ll give them the most concessions. Ofcourse Bibi knows no shame and changes his long-standing anti-Arab stance in a heartbeat, not that his rivals are any better. And Abbas’ demands are such basic things, one wonders how Arabs lived in that society that these demands are his price.

His court should be in a few days, right? Maybe there’s negotiations behind closed doors to make everybody happy? The charges will be dropped or Kneshet elect him as president as a price for coming out of deadlock. Well, not exactly everybody, the ones who wanted him to answer for his crimes will be pissed off. Funny is the idea of a crime can be so different. One considers killing civilians a crime, the other considers hiring a chef by Miss Piggy a crime… Anyway, moving on…

If you can try to put some distance between yourself and politics for some time, even if it’s for a few days. Don’t let it affect your life. You two are in the remaining best years of your lives, enjoy it while it lasts.

Rodney Loder

A Prophet can’t be killed, that’s the proof of genuine extraterrestrial connection, if I could die and that meant releasing you, I’d put in an application immediately to have a biological shortcoming, or if speed up on my racing motorcycles, at the track (Braidwood Rd, South Nowra of course, not on a public street) of course.


You are not a Prophet, simply another Islamic A-hole which needs to be removed from this Earth.

Rodney Loder

The differences between you and me are many and varied, your a liar and I’m not, your anonymous and I’m not, your without any back up and I’m not, the other thing is I’m relevant and your not, check out my answers on Quora I’m Terry Loder on Quora.

Anyhow the Homosexual Sid Loder used my life in the capacity of Jesus Christ for 67 years thinking he would benefit, hahaha ! benefits from Jews are hen’s teeth, so they named the Park after him (Sid Loder Park) Mitchelton Brisbane, big deal, he never got nothing from the maggot Jew, or from his Scottish Freemasons, after they murdered my mother for complaining about my being used to booster garbage, then they replace her with a predictable Roman Catholic animal.

However it’s those over 6 decades of being used by fanatic oligarchs as someone who would be physically tortured into being a Creationist Clown that has become my credentials, and Creationism has departed the stage.

Sol Invictus

I bet he’ll live longer than you little rat tho….


Although Russian MoD said there was no Iskander launch detected. Something is on fire, either pants or few radars

jk krug

What do you want them to use. Stones.


So what? Azerbaijan used our LORA’s which are far better. Both sides used ballisitc missiles, but in the end Armenia lost to a better equipped army with Israeli and Turkish weapons.

Kenny Jones ™

Iskander is better than (((Lora))), which the latter can be shot down by S-400, if deployed there


A junk from the 80’s is not better than todays up to date ballistic missile. LORA hit with pinpoint accuracy, we all remember how it destroyed the important Armenian bridge during the war. That being said, it was a shame both sides even came to that, but that’s anothe issue.

Kenny Jones ™

2006, not 80s, try again And we know damn well the Jew would side with the Azeriturk because they both originate from the Khazarian race, don’t try to play neutral


I am an Iraqi Jew, and I would still support Azerbaijan in that war. Good enough for you?



Israelis from Iraq remember Babylon By Lipika Pelham Jerusalem

“During the Shia festival of Muharram we would take part in the procession and along with our Arab friends, beat our chests to remember the epic battle of Karbala, said Yakov” Reuveni, remembering his youth in 1940s Iraq.

Yakov Reuveni remembers an easy and happy Iraqi childhood “My best friend was the son of the mayor of Ammara. After school we would go out to the date palm grove with the freshly caught fish from the river Hidekel, which we would barbeque in the fields over an open fire.”

The river Hidekel, Hebrew for the Tigris, runs through his home province, Ammara, 380km (236 miles) south-east of Baghdad.

Among his most cherished memories, says Yakov, is the after- school stroll along the riverbank with his Arab friend.

He grew up in a moderately well-to-do Jewish home with his parents, four siblings and grandparents. His father had a clothing store in the heart of Ammara’s central market.


It was an easy, happy life. Jews shared almost all aspects of life with their Arab neighbours, reminisces Yakov.

He was 17 years old in 1951, when his family emigrated to Jerusalem.

For the Jews of Middle Eastern origins, like their European co- religionists, coming to Israel was the culmination of a religious journey – it was the fulfilment of the centuries- old dream to live in the Promised Land.

I still think in Arabic, still I can’t string together all my thoughts in Hebrew. You have to understand, my mother tongue is Arabic

Yakov Reuveni But many who fled the Arab states and came to Israel as part of the mass migration that followed the creation of the Jewish state in 1948, look back with nostalgia and fondness for the life that they had left behind.

Israel has a vibrant Iraqi Jewish community who arrived throughout the 1950s. Many Iraqi Jews settled in the area known as Mahane Yehuda in the heart of west Jerusalem.

It is a famous market with alleyways lined with grocery shops: rows after rows of shops laden with colourful fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, dried fruit, sweets, different kinds of bread, cheese, traditional salted fish.

These stores are still mostly owned by the descendants of the Iraqi and Kurdish Jewish immigrants.

Fish feast

“The most memorable taste was the fish called maskuf, from the river Hidekel, says Yakov.”

“After the Sabbath, we would wander off to the fields and have a feast with fish cooked on the spit, Iraqi pita and arak.”

After maskuf and arak, a strong aniseed flavoured local alcoholic drink, the boys would go to Ammara’s club to watch belly dancing.

Most of us still feel connected to the country where we or our ancestors came from. Our parents and our grandparents still remember many things from their Iraqi past and they bring them to us, with food, music, language Eli Mizrakhi Yakov recalls, with vivid, powerful details, the life that he had once led, a life that was changed overnight by the political realities of the time.

“We used to eat with them, sleep with them, go to school with them, the Arabs and the Jews went to the same high school.

We never thought of who was Jewish and who was Arab, until 1947. It” all suddenly changed. The people that you knew as good people turned into bad people for you and you became bad for them. It was very sad, ” Yakov said.

But, while anti-Jewish sentiment flared up after the creation of Israel and the subsequent Arab-Israeli war in 1948-49, discrimination and attacks on Jews were part of life in Iraq.

In the most notorious incident, mobs rampaged through the Jewish district of Baghdad killing an estimated 170 Jews in 1941, in what became known as the Farhoud massacre.

By 1952, 120,000 Jews, about three quarters of the community, had fled Iraq for Israel.

Thinking in Arabic In the heart of the Mahane Yehuda market is Cafe Mizrakhi, which specialises in certain traditional delicacies from Iraq. The word Mizrakhi means Oriental Jews.

Food stall at Mahane Yehuda market Food is central to lingering nostalgia among Jews originally from Iraq It is owned by Eli Mizrakhi, whose family came from northern Iraq, or what is now known as Iraqi Kurdistan.

Most of us still feel connected to the country where we or our” ancestors came from. Our parents and our grandparents still remember many things from their Iraqi past and they bring them to us, with food, music, language.”

Both Eli and Yakov agree that despite having gone through the process of assimilation into Israel, they keep alive many aspects of their previous lives, in particular, Iraqi food and speaking Arabic.

“We used to eat kubbeh and bamia, or okra. The kubbeh, made with minced lamb, was the national food for the Jews all over Iraq. Thursday was the day of khitchri – it’s a dish cooked with rice and lentils.

I still think in Arabic, still I can’t string together all my thoughts in Hebrew. You have to understand, my mother tongue is Arabic,”” says Yakov.”

Now living in a small cottage with his wife in south Jerusalem, Yakov keeps himself busy recreating sweet pickled orange from his youth, while longing to someday return to Babylon.



Are you saying you are Israelite “returning home”? Got proof? If a Jew can return to the place where his religion originated, why can’t the Chinese Muslims “return” to Saudi Arabia? The Zionist project succeeded for one reason: Christian Europeans were looking for a place to remove their Jews to and when Herzl came along, all of Europe smiled.

Sol Invictus

You’re just a clueless and brainIess 5 years old troll….


yes your brothers in khazaria(azerbaijan) would agree.

Rhodium 10

Lora failed to destroy that bridge with remained operational.

Rhodium 10

Sure?…Azerbajan lost 3.000 soldiers beside more than 200 Syrian terrorist…almost all of that casualties was as consecuence of the use of ballist missile Toshka and Smerch rockets ( many of them the last version which is guided by Glonass)…Armenia lost because lacked of armed drones, small army in comparison with AZ army and didnt use the air force….and above all because the commander in chief is the incompetent and traitor Pashinyan!

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