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Azerbaijan President Warns Armenian Officials Against Visiting Artsakh Freely

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On January 7th, Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev issued a warning to Armenia, saying that there should be no visits by Armenian officials to Artsakh.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia went to Stepanakert. What are you doing there? Let them not forget the war. Let them not forget that the iron fist is in place. These visits must end. We warn that if such provocative steps are taken again, Armenia will regret it even more.

A delegation of representatives of the Russian government, who recently visited Armenia and Azerbaijan, held talks on these topics. Well, if relations are normalizing, then why do we need such provocative “visits”? What do they want to show by this? Do they want to annoy us again? Let them not forget that such provocative steps have cost them dearly. Therefore, all visits should be stopped. No foreign citizen can visit these territories without our permission. No international organization, except the Red Cross, can go there. This is our territory. The whole world recognizes this territory as an integral part of Azerbaijan. Foreign Minister of Armenia, who are you that you are going there? We warn you. If such steps are repeated, our response will be very tough. The first time we alerted them was through the Foreign Office. After that, the warnings will be different. They should not go there, let them stay in their own country.”

According to sources in Artsakh, and the WarGonzo blog, small arms were shot by Azerbaijani troops in the area of Shusha.

Armenian media claimed there was shooting in Artsakh, and that the enemy – Azerbaijan’s forces – opened fire both on positions and in the air. The military personnel of the Artsakh Defense Army responded proportionately to the provocation of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces.

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had a telephone conversation with the President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron.

“The parties discussed the humanitarian situation in Nagorno-Karabakh following the aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan and the ways of overcoming the challenges. The Premier thanked the French President for his thoughtfulness and support provided during these challenging times for the Armenian people.

Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and Emmanuel Macron referred to a number of issues related to the agenda of the Armenian-French relations and the development of economic cooperation,” the Official message read.

France’s support in the form of absolutely nothing is likely to not be forgotten by Pashinyan, who is eagerly thanking Paris for the words of support.

Meanwhile, the Russian peacekeepers continue assisting the citizens in Nagorno-Karabakh.

About 260 buildings in Artsakh have been restored with the help of Russia. Currently, about 260 objects have been restored. Among them are private houses, apartment buildings, social infrastructure facilities. Currently, 15 buildings are being repaired, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies said.

Azerbaijan President Warns Armenian Officials Against Visiting Artsakh Freely

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The situation is largely calm, with the Russian peacekeepers holding things tightly together.

The demarcation of borders is also on-going, more or less, according to plan.

The Armenian Prime Minister refuses to assume any responsibility, while Aliyev continues acting like the supreme victor, and Azerbaijan keeps releasing videos of its “liberate areas.”


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Rhodium 10

Aliyev cannot do nothing once Russian military have taken control of 3 provinces of NK and part of other ( Lachin corridor)…Russia know that without them…Armenia would face another genocide and the lost of its territory…Aliyev know that Russia could take control of AZ pipelines beside to close Georgian airspace from South Ossetia, Abjazia and even Martakert….Turkey know that to invade Armenia could activate ( like 90s) the Russian military doctrine which allow the use of Nuclear tactical weapons to deter invasion of foreign forces that could compromissed the Caspian sea and the natural resorces of Russia!…of course Putin as a business manager of the Oligarchy ( included Russian ethnic Turquic) wants economic ties with AZ&Turkey….but sometimes Russian military have its own path and they dont mind the economic interests of the Oligarchy.


Let the Azeris back up this tough talk with some
Action…..I can’t. Wait to kill some Turks! Aliyev still Under a false sense of victory …..the victory was a sham…..even with air superiority and Armenian military blunders the body count was even! Try and invade Armenia you goat fakker ….we will make our soil a graveyard for Turkish dogs.

Fog of War

” Let the Azeris back up this tough talk with some
Action ”
They already have. Were you asleep ?

Al Balog

“The Armenian Prime Minister refuses to assume any responsibility, while Aliyev continues acting like the supreme victor, and Azerbaijan keeps releasing videos of its “liberate areas.”

I guess the ceasefire violation by Azerbaijan yesterday that I worried about was an exaggeration. The media probably saw Aliyev’s published footage this year in 2021 and portrayed it as new, pairing it with this recent event, when it was most likely old material circa September-November 2020.

But even if the violation happened, it was a response of Armenian officials visiting the NK Republic. At the same time, the authorities of the NK Republic should know that dealing with Armenia is basically dealing with Soros’s minions. Nothing good would come of it. The NK Republic should work on building its own identity (like how Austria is not Germany despite them being related), boosting ties with Russia, and finding a fair middle ground with Azerbaijan.

As I’ve said before, this war has been going on since 1988, which will soon turn 33 years old. I really want to see it over. I myself am about to turn 31 this month.

The Farney Fontenoy

The only path forward for Armenia & Artsakh is the same as it was in October-kill their traitor government & their traitor police-the people are under the tyranny of a criminal gang even worse than the Aliyev clan.

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