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Azerbaijan Is Restoring Captured Armenian Military Vehicles (Video)

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The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are restoring military vehicles recently captured from Armenian Forces in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

On October 9, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan shared a video showing the restoration of two T-72 battle tanks and a BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. The restored military vehicles will be used in the ongoing attack on Nagorno-Karabakh, apparently.

In the last few days, Azerbaijani troops seized many military vehicles in Nagorno-Karabakh, including about ten battle tanks.

Most of the vehicles and equipment captured by Azerbaijani troops were damaged. Some of the vehicles were even targeted by Azerbaijani combat drones.

Armenian forces have sustained some serious material losses since the outbreak of the battle in Nagorno-Karabakh on September 27. Azerbaijan claims that its forces have so far damaged or destroyed more than 500 military vehicles.

Despite sustaining serious losses, Armenian forces are still repelling Azerbaijani ground attacks on Nagorno-Karabakh. The last two days saw no real Azerbaijani advance.


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Give me a break, my friend….


Azerbaijan puts salt to Armenia’s wounds. This really hurts.

Artskins will be out of weapons and ammunitions really soon.

Khazar Supremacy

Then Iran is Turkic ppls country since Parthian Ersaka(meaning brave Saka in Turkish) nobility was Turkic.

kajetán pičura

turkey belongs 50% to Greeks, the western art and 50% to Iran, the eastern part.
turks.go back to turkmenistan.

Khazar Supremacy

I can send u dna tests of Turks that have %85-90 match with Turkmenistan’s Turks but an again u are a slav which even ur name came from Roman “slave” name. U slavs completly enslaved by Avar Turks, then Magyar Turkics and last but not least by Ottomans. Also historic documents says Avar Turks raped slav women in front of their husbands and used them as cows in field works :dddd


dude iran has nuclear heads while turkey dosent even have anti air…better not speak or Ali will make you his biach!! :P

Khazar Supremacy

U ruled by us for 500 years and ur submarines dont have torpedos and tanks dont have shells. Also lots of countries have nukes the point is that not having them but having balls to use them against a NATO country. Also u should cry for ur country’s situation, Macron sended his aircraft carrier to mediterrenean for normal nato training and sold that to u as a “fighting force that came to help of Greece” and sold u USED rafael aircrafts that has 70’s technology for a high price then runed away LOL ?

Brother Ma

Who is us ? All your Sultans were mixed blood greek,armenian,russian,albanian renegade curs who in the end were buried with Christian Bibles . Lol
Your YoungTurk Kemalists were mainly crypto Jew,Donmeh and your Turkish president and of Turkoccupied Cyprus had Greek renegade Jannisary great grandfathers and we all know it.

Most of Turkey are Kurds who are Persian . The rest of you are Turcoman alevis .

Who of you is a real Turk? In fact ,a Turk is just a oerson whose ancestors were either criminals ir fircefulky converted by those criminals.

Even other Moslems hate you. Arabs cant stand the sight of you and your Libyan boyfriends now spit on your name.


Fucktard , Turkey is a nation state like USA , Australia , Canada, France. It was the last castle where the surviving nations of the Empire retreated to start all over again. Morons like you get their knowledge from shallow YT videos or ‘history’ forums where people, even more stupid that you post should acknowledge that fact first. Seriously , is it that hard to understand ?

Then we can further discuss the percentage of ”devshirme” with in Ottoman society, as well as yr other butthurt BS fueled by the anger of 400 years slavery .

While you are speaking about donmehs , jews with disgust , your government is licking their ass now , how about that ?

You Greeeks failed agaisnt us in Libya , East Med , Syria and now failing in NK . All you can do is to watch while you can not dare to move a finger. You know that when we finalize our tasks there , we will knock yr door for the Aegean sea zones you have stolen , thats the erason you are barking like a poodle here.. Tell us what you will do then , beg at EU corridors again for help hiding behind yr masters legs ?

Brother Ma

One old greek ship wrecked your new generation one and your whole plan in the Med …
You dare to compare the strength of a country with ten million against your eighty million? You should be ashamed of yourself.
Who do you think you are talking to ,coban?
Do you think the world does’t know Turkey has been on the Qatari and Soros/Natoist tit for twenty years,worse than Israel’s ten billion a year from the USA?
Do you thik the world doesnt know or remeber that you were Israel’s pals until only yesteryear. Lol

Don’t make me laugh. You were UncleSam and Uncle Shmuel’s bitch till now and now you are also Uncle Putin’s .

You struggled to take Cyprus when they had no airforce and only a Home Guard. They weren’t even armed as the Greek Colonels disarmed them in a Civil War. Not one Greek sub ,ship or plane was allowed to attack you to help Cyprus. After the mid campaign you were still locked into Kyrenia only by Home Guard forces. A token Greek commando battalian stopped your army dead at Nicosia Airport. Famagusta that your martinet President has just reinvaded was keot free of Turks by one Disobeying Greek captain firing from a Normandy Era troop -transport ship. You took over forty percent of Cyprus only under cover of sham diplomatic talks organised by your protector Waldheim the Nazi and Kissinger the Jew.
You couldn’t even win in Syria via battle and all you have ,was gifted to you by Russia or America.

Weak as piss. Nothing gained by force of arms.

Don’t make me laugh .

Learn Turkish history from you! Hahaa You must be kidding .


Which old Greek ship is that ?.Tell me how our ‘ plans ‘ and ‘ hopes’ in Med
were destroyed, which vessel , when and how it effected the status quo ? Please
excuse me , I am not familiar with the BS twitter victories yr nationalists pushing on net to mend yr broken hopes an damaged pride.. LOL

The size and population of your Mickey Mouse country established with some
Rothschilds funds do not give you baboons any right to push yr expansionist and extremist theories in Med, claim a 40.000 km2 EEZ behind a 10km2 island, then come here and make some weird comparision between the cpopulatiğons fo GR and TR. If you are a miniscule country , then act like one.First lets agree on that .

Second , I am talking to you a former subject. Thats whom I talking to..Do you think that come here and push ‘your revisionist history written in 1821 by your new western masters who chained you to the doors of Europe while they throw a bone at you time to time ?

And about Cyprus , let me quote you what Nikos Samson said.

‘’Had Turkey not intervened , I would not only have proclaimed ENOSIS (union between Cyprus and Greece), I would have annihilated the Turks in Cyprus”.

if those bastards did not have any air force and regular forces , then they would not kill heir Turkish minority , and write Enosis on each and every wall. You greeks do not know how to act , can not estimate the consequences and cry lkike a cheap whore when some one comes and slaps you ..

As ı told many of your compatriots here yr history is simply ;

We were defetaed but ( fill here with various excuses ) .

Thats how you fool yourselves for your shortcomings and failures . Just like

your long , boring and maningless text about Cyprus, and some jewish conspiracy theory . What is the end result ? You lost it , because of your stupidity , simple as that , rest is pathetic excuses .

TR is noone biatch anymore , but you are a colony of Germany,butboy of USA and an asslicker of Israeli,a fact we both know.

Keep on that ‘weak ass piss , nothing gained by force of arms ‘’ argument

though. Also please make everyone believe that , escpecially your home boys in
Greece. Nothing to worry about , nothing to be concerned , nothing to be prepared for, you know we are wak as piss. LOL.

Brother Ma

It was the “Limnos ” ,chump .
Also me being pro-Greek doesn’t mean I’m Greek. It means I learn and I keep my eyes and ears open.

I’m not going to bother about the rest of your drivel. As I expected you couldn’t rebut one thing I said ,but charged ahead wiith more assertions ..as usual. If you keep doing that I will be here all day. No thanks.


Seems that this is all you can say, ” blah blah ” Instead of trying to reply above LOL.

Tell us how ‘ Limnos” changed the course of the politics in Med, tell us so that we can understand how greek twitter heroes work, and take a peek at their imaginary world. LOL.

Regarding the rest of my ‘drivel’, there is quite a difference between ” won’t’ and ‘cant’ especially for someone like who takes its knowledge of ‘ history’ from Youtube videos. Someone should tell you that you would only make a clown out of yourself just lşke you are doing write now and can’t write a single comment as a reply.

Bigots are all sort of religious fanatics, including orthodox Christian ones here in SF and looking at your user name derived from an 18th-century orthodox monk, seems to me that you are one of them. Your common trait is blaming everyone to be Isis while you can not put down a single comment without Christianity in it.

Jens Holm

Turks have only 20% Turk in them. The rest is european and indeueropeans genes.

So You are a filthy liar about that too.

Brother Ma

And you are happy about that , Turk? Barbarian dog!

Brother Ma

Bulldust. You must have failed in school. Slave in English was taken from Slavs at the time commonly being Slaves . Nothing to do with Romans unless you are referring to EastRoman /Greeks/Byzantines.
As for Avars ,they were the masters of the Turks once upon a time. Learn your history properly or shut up and learn from me.


Anybody on the face of the world taking you slowvacks seriously ?

Servet Köseoğlu

The restored military vehicles will be used in the ongoing attack on Nagorno-Karabakh, apparently:)))
comment image

Free man

There is an advantage to the fact that most of the weapons on both sides are Russian.


And should we ignore the fact that Qajar dynasty had Turkic origin?


I saw it, but there is one mistake you have. You are mixing up with the ruling dynasties with the common people. They are the assimilators themselves in our subject.


Classical nationalist persian internet BS.


The only reason Iran can keep the Azeri people in Iran under control is shia belief and the government stick. They arent there because they speak persian thus they are persianized. Especially in our era , neither language nor culture always determine the nationality of the masses.

If they were sunni and Iran was not running such a hard regyme , they were already gone bye beye.

This the fact , against yr red herring with a trivial Sandberg quotation.


Azeris are not Iranians , they are citizens of Iran , first lets agree on that.
There is a lot of difference between these two . lets agree on that without further er twisting these notions.

2nd , are you impliying that Iran would invade Azarbaijan if Russian would not object ? Well , I am not so sure about that either. It is not Irans style to invade .You people generally do such things with yr militia and try to overthrow the running government with civil disorders .But this is not so possible in Azarbaijan . Too many countries have interest in that region , including yr arch enemies.

Jens Holm

All Your childish little ones all thinking they are great disputers and some Turk with a fez or not should get the SAME non infected context, which is free at the internet.

You should conclude from that. Even their latest dummy war is well described.

And it is about Nagorno Karabak and not Armenia and Azarbaidian or not. Its also not about those little ones should belong to Russia, Turkey or Iran.

Its not strange for med Outsider, that people there try to connect and grow better with anyone else. For me its shame on all of You – If You know what shame away.

And I feel ashame for Armenia and Azaerbydian as well. They finally dont have Your fat behinds on their heads – and then they fight each other – and twice.

So I am: The dirty soup dont need more unwashed hand. Let them alone. Go and make Your Rubel, Lira and Rials grow by spending Your few money in devellopments.



Jens Holm

Any western would understand this. Try to show it to Your gradchiildren or wait for it.

You are a typical arabistani. A bad tit on a goat can spoil a whole marrige and make wars for generations.

This is not about inherritage by some Turks mpore then Saladin in those days had at least 6 passports. It jjust simply dont makes sense relating back like that.

I fx can go a little more back and there was not a single Turks or semi iramian – and they even died out there. Was his power made by expelling others, killing others or marrige? It has no relevancy. The Russians came. But those Qadjars took it from someone – dint they?



Hmm nope. I am not an Arab.
I simply told that to show the ridiculousness of his equation.

Jens Holm

Ok … So sorry..

I moved into the site random and dont take side.


It’s fine.
Btw. I am a Turk if you wondering.

Brother Ma

Who cares. The people were Iranian .


That’s not my point


Persian Empire


That’s what happens when you run away from the battlefield leaving everything behind to the enemy, the Saudis have done the same mistake in Yemen too. If you do retreat, make sure to destroy the remaining equipment. Now it will be even more difficult for Armenia to counter attack, so a smart move by the Azeris to capture everything they can.

Free man

Azerbaijan will need all the weapons it can put its hands on, if Iran attacks.

Jens Holm

Simplifying the region like that is for simplemindeds only. If so the opposite is true too. Persi by that of today has stolen the whole northwest and they should have joined the Azers if they were not forced to be Persia(also a name for carpets, cats etc.)

And their stupidity fightings actually is about Nagorno-Kharabak which historicly has its own very important past. Today they as the best short explanation leftovers from Armania, which once upon a time ago was a small superpower there.

The Azeris became muslims – so to speak.

And the Azeris are a Shiit version, which is F A R from Iran.

But You can find Persia having that part before 1792.

comment image


That guy may be lacking some Englihsh, but he is much clever than you ,sorry mate.

Jens Holm

But You are not alone. Thats the problem. All Your countries has created Your own highly biased version of the world, where You are victims and the rest are agressive against You, and You are sitting on Your hands doing nothing.

So Your history dont go back to 1792. Its Ayatollah history, if You are Iranian, Assad version for Syria, PKK and Erdogan for Turkey – and all of them are wrong, so You dont like each other in the worst creations.

I even will add Jews and for that matter Khazars.

I started reading and writing here because several danish muslims told I knew nothing. Well I already knew much more about ME and also for that matter Caucasus and tatars, then they ever did.

And how??? Well I read and learn and when I read crap right here, I do factscheking if I think something is wrong. Sometimes I am wrong and then correct myself some millimters to a higher level, but too often I am highly correct and see the big picture well.

Maybee danes like me are like our belowed pigs. We do eat almost anything but also handle it as it should. By that we are good meat and make fertilzer too.

So if Your stomach is not like that, dont eat anything just because its there.

Jens Holm

Your problem is, that You go in with fake made by Yourself fx after Your hopes or just copycat what Your Goverment send You by one way communications as by TV.

I prefare a sober debate about things. Thats not possible, when You come with things, which not even exist.

So I write when You smell. I do factchecking. You could do that too, but You dont or dont care.

And if You see me as hanging up in Your ears, and You do something bas a little less, I do have influence to the better…

What are You supporting – Undertakers should be oligarcs too or what:(

Brother Ma

It is because Turks have no logical arguments to rebut you , because they lack truth or justice. That is why they are combative and violent. They want to bully their way to their outcomes.
When they are lazy or stupid they will rob or steal from you rather than work or study. If they are ugly or stupid with women, they prefer to rape rather than learn to be attractive with their words and actions. When victorious they gloat and when defeated cower and lick your boots. When disputing they cannot admit they are ever wrong amd resort to murder rather than admit they are wrong or just live with a dispute. Barbarians!
Such is the way of the Turk from time immemorial.


Fucking moron , his post was to a dane. You dont know who is who , who is talking with who , who is talking about what , but you push yr propaganda like a retarded parrot.

Brother Ma

The “Dane” is a known Sunni headchopper supporter and also demonstrably insane. I was replying to Ali re Turks .


Ali was replying to the Dane. And that Dane is more stable and mature than all you guys combined. He is totally neutral , and not a bigot like most of you.

Brother Ma

Whatever. I am happy to stand on what I have said and let others make up their own minds about Jens.

Observe your own tone and language and see if you aren’t a bigot as well or maybe only anti -Turks are bigots in your book?


Noıpe , biggots are mainly fanatic religious people, including the ones who get their name from an orthodox monk and like to mention religion often , like yourself.

These people also tend to jump into a discussion with a strong tone , and then tune down when receive their reply in the same mannerand can not say a word in return. A common trait amongst them , ring a bell ?

cechas vodobenikov

Jenny practicing irony

cechas vodobenikov

trivial–2 tanks ….will they survive in the mountains?

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