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Azerbaijan Is In Anger. Armenians Open Fire At Its Troops Peacefully Advancing In Nagorno-Karabakh

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The US-brokered humanitarian ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh collapsed immediately after its start on the morning of October 26. Clashes between the sides did not stop even for a minute and Yerevan and Baku immediately accused each other of sabotaging the peace efforts.

As of the evening of October 26, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan officially stated that the US-brokered ceasefire failed, while Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said that “the mediators must either achieve the withdrawal of occupying forces, or move away from the path of Baku”. It seems that the estimation of the Karabakh conflict as an ‘easy case’ by US President Donald Trump did not stand the test of reality.

In a separate statement, the Azerbaijani President said that Turkish F-16 jets, which are deployed in Azerbaijan (just a few days ago the top leadership of Turkey and Azerbaijan was denying this) will be employed to protect his country in response to any act of ‘foreign aggression’. It is interesting to look how the official narrative of Azerbaijan and Turkey has been shifting from claims about Turkish non-involvement in the war to admitting the direct military participation of Ankara in the military escalation. The town of Qubadli and nearby villages were also captured by Azerbaijan as its media and diplomats were blaming Armenians for ceasefire violations.

Apparently, the coward Armenian forces violate the ceasefire regime by attacking the peacefully advancing Azerbaijani troops. The setbacks in the south of Karabakh was confirmed by the Armenian Defense Ministry, but insisted that the situation is still under full control. If this is under full control, it’s hard to imagine how the Armenian side sees the variant of the situation when all is not under control.

During the past days, the Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc continued its advance towards the Lachin corridor, a strategic area where the shortest route between Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is located. According to reports, after the recent gains Azerbaijani troops are now about 10-12km from the area. Azerbaijani forces are now working to secure their recent gains and establish strong points there. After this, they will likely establish fire control over the route thus undermining the Armenian ability to send supplies to Karabakh. Then, the Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc will likely push towards Stepanakert.

Armenian sources ease the retreats with regular statements about the losses of Azerbaijan accompanied by videos and photos from the ground. For example, on October 26, the Armenian Defense Ministry released a new report claiming that Azerbaijan lost 6,674 troops, 600 armoured vehicles, 6 rocket launchers, 24 planes, 16 helicopters and 220 UAVs since the start of the conflict. While the numbers provided by both sides are expectedly overestimated, the evidence demonstrates that Azerbaijani forces in fact suffered notable casualties in their advance on Karabakh. The problem for Yerevan is that Armenian forces experienced losses of similar or even higher scale.

Members of Turkish-backed militant groups that remain in Syria and are yet to move to some conflict zone to die for Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman dream also suffer hard times. At least 78 Turkish-backed militants were killed and over 100 others were injured in a recent series of Russian airstrikes on their training camps and HQs in the Syrian region of Idlib. The main strikes targeted a former air defense base of the Syrian Army near Al-Duvayla. This area is controlled by Turkish-backed militants and the former military base itself is currently a training camp for members of Faylaq ash-Sham. Syrian sources link the increased number of Russian strikes on Turkish proxies in Syria with their deployment to the Nagorno-Karabakh combat zone to support Azerbaijan.

Russia sees the increase of the presence of radical militant groups there as an unacceptable scenario. It is likely that this lies behind the recent decrease of reports and evidence on the deployment of Turkish proxies from Syria to Karabakh. The Turkish-Azerbaijani bloc estimate the risks and prefers to avoid the situation of the involvement of some third power in the conflict on the side of the Armenians.

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US Brokered Cease fire did`t last 60 Seconds….

Arman Melkonyan

Americans, Russians and Europeans are helping the Turks to kill Armenians.


When will you wake up?

Carmen V

Been helping the Saudis to kill Yemenites, too. And ISIS kill Syrians. Been killing Iraqis, Libyans and Afghanis, also.

SO> WHO do you think is behind this?



Arman Melkonyan

Americans and Russians.

Just playing good cop, bad cop.

That’s all.


Check their billionaires, pick a random one and google if he’s part of some jewish commitee. I didn’t find an ethnic Russian among their rich class.

Arman Melkonyan

And you’re telling me Putin is a Russian hero when basically all the “Russian oligarchs” are Jewish or affiliated with Jews?



Naive Russians think Putin rules the economy :))

Arman Melkonyan


Arman Melkonyan

Correct you are.


stfu useless idiot Russia has always protected the Armenians just look at all the Armenian diaspora in RF even Lavrov is half Armenian you have no f……. g idea what you are talking about the one that is toxic coward here is Turkey and if Erdogan and Baku continue this way they will get a serious but brutal and painful rebuke from Russia these Armenian government elite was Washington best friend but now they need Russia to protect them ?? no way first you keep your word and commitment towards the rules of engagement they both had but Armenia did not by starting licking US boots so please boy use your little of brain you got instead of spewing BS

Arman Melkonyan

‘Brutal rebuke by Russia’ you say, you perfidious Russian piece of shit?

How many hundreds, possibly thousands, of Armenian young men died already?

Why no “strong rebuke” to save them, IF rebuke there was to be by you Russian assholes?

All you Russian whores know to do is to suck the filthy Turks’ dicks, starting with Erdogan’s.

Russian women have been whoring themselves in İstanbul for a quarter of a century. The Turks call them all Natashas.

NO-ONE is asking the Russians to do anything.

Putin is busy building nuclear power plants for Erdogan after selling him S-400s so that NATO could study its systems and learn how to defeat it. This after Erdogan had Russian aircraft shot down and boasted about killing their Russian pilots.

And you Russians call the crypto-Jew Putin a hero? http://aanirfan.blogspot.com/2018/02/trump-putin-kosher-nostra.html?m=1

Who gives a blue fuck what Pashinyan is? What matters is the ARMENIAN PEOPLE, the first Christian nation of the world.

And you Russians have betrayed them, just like you betrayed the Syrians and sided with Israel, allowing the Jews to bomb and kill your Syrian ALLIES with impunity.

Again, I’m not asking Russians for help. I’m just calling a spade a spade.

You filthy perfidious Russians can go to hell where you join your Turkish and Jewish brothers.


Yeah, only Russian master race is allowed to trade with the West, this privilege is forbidden for their smaller satellites. And when the West refuse to trade with them, they cry sanctions are unfair, like it is a natural right for them to make business with West.

Arman Melkonyan

Russians are Turkish mongrels.

No honor, no brains.


You idiot!!

Where was the armenian ppl when Pashinyan took an official stance towards Russia? If you want its support you need to support it when chances appear and not go around the streets shouting anti-russian propaganda. Now when you truly need it dont expect Russia to forget about recent activities.

Stupid short sighted fools!

Arman Melkonyan

To hell with you lying traitorous dishonorable and STUPID pieces of shit

I mean you RUSSIANS!

I don’t want your help. Where did I ever said that?

I’m just telling it as it is: Russians are a bunch perfidious morons. You are Turkish mongrels.

It’s been said for centuries: scratch a Russian and you’ll find a Turk beneath.

Go sell your Natashas in İstanbul for American dollars.

You Russians are inveterate WHORES in your souls.


Stop licking your own bottom…



Raptar Driver

They’re not gonna help you unless you’re government asked for it. It is your government that has betrayed your people. Though the Russian government is clearly controlled and duplicitous.

Arman Melkonyan

Fuck You idiot, and fuck the Russians.

You can’t even read English.

Who’s asking the traitorous Russians for help?

I’m not.

Let the Turkish mongrels, that is, the Russians, grovel before Erdogan and Aliyev.


Fuck the Russians.

Stay away and out of Armenia.

You Russians are the most dangerous enemy of the Christian world.


Please answer on your age? Are you not able to debate or are you so stupid that you do not even understand what you are reading?

Arman Melkonyan

Who gives a shit what that stupid Pashinyan or that other corrupt Armenian politician does.

Who gives a shit whether Pashinyan publicly asks the Russians to intercede.

The FACT is

The filthy Russians are telling the Armenians what they want done behind the scenes, so it matters not militarily what the Armenians announce to the world regarding Russian military involvement.

The Russians are CLEARLY not interested in stopping the Turks nor are they interested in recognizing the NK Republic.

So if the Armenian leaders invoked the treaty between Russia and Armenia, they will suffer INTERNATIONAL RIDICULE in addition to suffering the deaths of thousands of young Armenian men, plus the ethnic cleansing of civilians which has already occurred.

If the Armenians recognize NK or annex it, the Russians and the Americans and the Europeans made it clear by the UN resolutions which they passed, that they oppose, and will oppose the Armenian side’s right to self-determination.

So WHAT good will do asking the Russians for help when the Russians and all the major powers are in COLLUSION and in COLLABORATION with the Turks, the Azeris and of course ISRAEL?

The Jews not only hate Armenians but they also aim to use NK territories to stage acts of terrorism and aggression towards Iran.

You moron,

What does my age have to do with any of this?

The entire human race has turned into an abomination.

Raptar Driver

I’m not Russian. You are mentally disturbed and deserve your fate.


ypou are a pathetic loser when everything is ok your government is licking USA boots and kissing their ass and Russia is occupiers but when things go bad then is please papa Putin help us Ask the big mighty USA to help you but that is not an option for these cowards jeez boy pathetic frustrated idiot you really made me LOL thanks for that

Arman Melkonyan

Fuck Putin and fuck You Russians.

Stay away from Armenia.

Get the fuck out of Armenia you lying sacks of shit.

AG Korvin

Check the news coming from France. It is changing as we speak.

Arman Melkonyan

What, Muslims beheading the French?

Do you know the things Turks and Muslims do in France?

There are many cities the French can’t enter, the French police dare not go.

But criticize Muslims in France and you’ll be reprimanded and even go to jail.

The Muslims are enabled by the French government to rape French girls and kill French children.

I personally know a French young man who had his teeth knocked out just for looking at a bunch of Muslims in Paris.

Only a day ago Turks attacked Armenians with knives and hammers and the French police did nothing.


The French lost the away match in Algeria in 1954-1962 .

Will the French win or loose the home match in France in the 2020’s? If they vote Le Pen they might win. If they note for anyone else they will loose.

If the French loose and France becomes Muslim politically controlled, luckily for the French they can move to other countries in the EU’ s freedom of movement Schengen Zone; Poland, Austria, Greece, Bugaria etc.

Arman Melkonyan



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Carmen V

Did you say, “Troops peacefully advancing”? Military troops?

Now, now. What do you think military troops advancing are up to? Anything good? Sneakily, maybe?

Will they remain peaceful, once they get to wherever? Or will they open fire sometime, and rape and destroy and kill? Which is what the military troops’s JOB IS!

To destroy, rape and kill the other Side!!!!

Lazy Gamer

Sarcasm was not detected


That’s what I was thinking. How do military forces peacefully advance.


Like Pan Gitler in 41 Barbarossa at head of 3200000 Peaceful protesters, 5000 Mirtanky plus mostly peaceful Luftwaffe.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It was a sarcastic comment, not literal.

Ryan Glantz

Space Force aughta lend a hand to the Armenians.

cechas vodobenikov

accelerating decline of turk economy http://www.sott.net/article/443450


14 goats to 1 USD at the moment, Mohummad is not happy

The Objective

you liar. I just checked. It’s 8.02 lira to the dollar. It’s your fake human god who was crucified that is not happy. But only if you knew. Big-headed ignorant pig.


cry me a river, i cannot help that you were born of useless shit dna

The Objective

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The Objective

I don’t have time for morons.

Mustafa Mehmet


The Objective

I can’t find anything about Turkey in the link you posted. Seems you pathetic Russians have resorted to blatant lies in a propaganda war you are losing.


ROFL a site for children

Ivan Freely

In other words, there was NO US-brokered ceasefire.


“At least 78 Turkish-backed militants were killed and over 100 others were injured in a recent series of Russian airstrikes on their training camps and HQs in the Syrian region of Idlib.”

Thermobaric weapon? Cluster?


na its called vengeance and clean up of vermin by Russian air for and SAA THEY ARE ERADICATING THE RATS AND TURKISH COACKROACHES OUT OF SYRIA AND LIBYA IS ALREADY LOST FOR erdoggy


Don’t worry Aliyev and Netanyahu more turkish love drones are on the way, each capable of carrying two turkish dildo’s into combat





Hitler was right..Exactly look the same

Potato Man

We knew Azer was gonna break the ceasefire, why wouldn’t they? It wasn’t gonna stop them…for them it is the best time to take N-K and they been saving and building up their army. That is all thanks to Pashinyan.


The legal consensus seems to be playing the crucial role in this conflict. – Azerbaijan refers to UN resolutions and failure of Armenian commitment to peaceful conflict resolution. – Armenia with its army integrated with CSTO, can’t openly participate, and can only send supplies, weapons, own soldiers (on voluntary basis). Which as it becomes clear is not enough. – Azerbaijan cuts the border of NK with Iran, thus preventing any potential smuggling. Then moves to choke Lachin corridor, while the northern corridor seems to still be closed due to frequent insurgency. – Iran moves troops to the border to prevent own border violations, however watching from distance with neutrality. And since establishment of Azeri control over the border, will likely continue its neutrality. – Armenia was trying to linger until Winter with hope to stop enemy advance and have time to fortify. Which was an obvious but a smart move. But losing the supply lines was not in the plans, and seems like now the winter is the disadvantage for Armenians. Unless they can secure 1 of 2 corridors. – Russia legally constrained to do anything to militant mercenaries within Azerbaijani territory, targets the source in Syria. Totally fair response, but little effect in NK conflict. Since mercenaries were mostly used in southern front, and the Armenian layered defense doesn’t exist there anymore, they might as well pack and go home with mission accomplished. – Turkey, tries to secure the energy projects that feed its economy, and could potentially have secured a discounted rate for exchange on political and military support to Azerbaijan. Plus the PR benefits within Turkish electoral base. – Pashinyan, having secured the power, will fight until there is no point to fight anymore (loss of Lachin and retreat lines). No one want to be in Pashinyan’s shoes where concessions are necessary, hence no one will attempt to over-through him. – Azerbaijan pretends to agree to international humanitarian ceasefire attempts, thus showing commitment to peaceful resolution and decrease international pressure on themselves. While quietly continuing the advance. – Armenia trying to raise the cost of Azerbaijani advance targeting the cities (as well for retaliation), lowers possibilities of international support. – Armenian Diaspora, sending money and humanitarian aid, while not being able to support the military with ammunition or supplies, are not able to affect the outcome of the conflict from military point of view.

It is very obvious that one party of the conflict has prepared significantly better than the other. Militarily, politically and economically.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Russians have just been testing some new equipment which would be very useful for the Armenian side if they’re eventually allowed to deploy it on the battlefield.

“MOSCOW, October 28. /TASS/. Army engineers disrupted an enemy offensive by creating a magnetic field during drills in the Republic of Udmurtia in the Volga area, the press office of the Central Military District reported on Wednesday.

Using the experience gained in the latest local conflicts and the possibilities of computer technologies, the combat engineers specifically created a magnetic field that was exerting force on electric charges and bodies. This made it possible to demoralize the enemy manpower and make it retreat,” the press office said in a statement.

The military engineers also laid minefields, set up booby traps and artificial obstacles at the boundary of the enemy force’s deployment, which helped disrupt its offensive, the statement says.

The exercise involved over 600 troops, the press office said.”


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