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Azerbaijan Continues Shelling Stenapakert and Hadrut, With Lasting Ceasefire Hopes Dwindling

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Azerbaijan Continues Shelling Stenapakert and Hadrut, With Lasting Ceasefire Hopes Dwindling

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Following the establishment of the ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh on October 10th, hostilities were supposed to subside.

They haven’t entirely.

A video was released to provide evidence that Syrian mercenaries are still operating in the area.

The Azerbaijani armed forces are shelling the city of Hadrut. The Artsakh defense army stops the opponent’s attempts to advance in the southern direction, said Armenian Ministry of Defense spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan.

According to Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) President Arayik Harutyunyan, Azerbaijan is immediately attempting to sabotage the ceasefire.

“I have just returned from Hadrut. As you know, the opponent, ignoring the agreement on a humanitarian truce, launched a sabotage attack on the center of the region [Hadrut]. The situation at the moment is completely under the control of Artsakh Defense Army. I will talk about the agreements reached and their violations at a press conference at 10:00 am [Yerevan time], tomorrow. I hope this time there will be no new obstacles.”

Additionally, the Armenian side claimed that since the beginning of hostilities in Artsakh, the Armenian side has a total of 404 servicemen who fell defending their homeland.

“The opponent continues shelling Martuni, Shushi and other large rural communities of Artsakh,” press Secretary of the President of Artsakh Vahram Poghosyan said.

The Ombudsman of Nagorno-Karabakh Artak Beglaryan said that according to their information, today Azerbaijani armed forces saboteurs who tried to enter the city of Hadrut killed two residents of the city in their own home – a woman and her disabled son.

Beglaryan promised to present details of this war crime on October 11th.

During the first night of the “truce”, hundreds of grenades exploded in the capital of Artsakh, and the Azerbaijani armed forces again used cluster munitions on Stepanakert. A dozen BM-30 Smerch grenades rained down on the city. “We were woken up by explosions all the night.”

Also, in spite of the ceasefire, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense continues releasing videos showing their attacks on Armenian troops and equipment.


It is showing how much will there is to establish a ceasefire, especially on the side of Baku.


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Basic Guy

Yeah thats right, why should Azerbajan be interested in a ceasefire when a 28 years long truce didnt so anything?

They want their territory back

Vox Populi

20% of NK is already in Azerbaijani hands and Armenia could not garner even western support as the international community recognized NK as Azerbaijani territory and the right of return for the million Azeris displaced by this conflict. About 50% of the Armenian illegal squatters in NK have already fled to their Armenian homeland.

Arman Melkonyan

The Turk thinks lying is a virtue.

You simply cannot have normal relations of any kind with the Turk.

Turks NEVER had to work for a living until the last few decades and Turks HATE it.

The Turk’s way of life is PLUNDER. The Turk invades, rapes and murders and steals. That’s ALL the Turk knows.

The Turks raped, tortured and genocided millions of Christians and stole their lands and genes — they raped so many Christian women and impregnated them that they lost their slanted mongoloid eyes.

How can any human being accept the existence of Turkey or Azerbaijan? How can any human being NOT turn away in disgust and revulsion upon seeing the abominable Turk?

How corrupt is the United Nations that admits Turkey — which was built upon the genocide of the first Christian nation of the world, the Armenians — as a normal nation? The same UN that places the Muslim terrorists Saudi Arabia as the head of the UN human rights council?

I think it’s clear that unless the psychopathic Muslim terrorist Turk is eradicated, they will not stop until they have conquered the entire planet and murdered or enslaved the entire human race.

Of which they do not consider themselves to be a part of: the Turk himself always says, The only friend the Turk has is the Turk.

Do we have to wonder why?

Mustafa Mehmet

Idiots scumbag.


Yes, we know what you are Mustafa. :)

Servet Köseoğlu

feeding trolls:)) you have to learn ignoring bliss….:)even if they like what you wrote,they will never upvote you at least..welcome to the slavian-orthodox brotherhood:)..yikes..


There is no such thing as slavian orthodox brotherhood, other than Russians and Serbians they all hate each other. Let’s not involve religion.

Servet Köseoğlu

thats right…ı am non-believer and dont give a penny to religion but sf brotherhood does at least behaving,acting to your nationality..(not everbody here but there are plenty and its obvious)


That’s because Russian imperialism includes religious branch too.


“Russian imperialism…” yah, sure.. ? ?comment image


Existance of American imperialism does not prove that Russians are not imperialists , you moron . What is yr argument , ” but NATO is imperialist as well ” ?

Great Khan

Too many fans close to Russia, so it very cold. I have same sign for AC in yurt.


im not russian or a fan but the facts are facts, you know? thx for you attention, honey

Great Khan

Russia no money, too many Jew and no empire.


So true , I never had any idea about these fanatics before I met them here.But seems that you analyzed these bigost very well.

Great Khan

Serb move to NATO too. Russia, no friends.


It is not only a Slavic-Orthodox brotherhood …. but an anti-Turkish union has been created, there are many more states … such as the Arabs, the Egyptians, the Libyans … the Iranians …. The core of Turkey’s geopolitical identity is the disaster..it is the logic of the bravo, I enter the store, I break everything, I dissolve them, I shake everything in the air .. to negotiate afterwards how I will repair the damages that I did. Do not be surprised that no one likes you….
This is the truth.

Servet Köseoğlu

ı dont need anyones confirmation bro..ı even dont read peoples comments here(except 7-8 like that)..it has nothing to do with Turkish geopolitical identity-or the short-comings of Turkish leadership..if we live ultra peaceful with everyone, some excuses still has to be re-invented again and again…ı am really enjoying the moment..if you supply facts,evidence et cetera,people will deny anyway here…funny:)))


Sweetie I have been in Iran ,stayed at Azadi Hotel.for almnost a month. Did not even speak a word of English neither at hotel nor on the streets – Turkish was enough. In restaurants I have even met some people who took the photos of Turkish artists and singers from their wallets and showed me. Same for Egypt . There is a strong presence of proTurkish people both in Libya and Syria as well.

Please do not confuse the attitude of goverments with the feelings of the people – And dont try to involve others into your sick and decaying brotherhood of Orthodoxy.

Moreover , something else ; strong identities do not care who likes them or not . They just do what is necessary and what needs to be done . This is the main diference beyteween some european poodles like you and us. So please drop that funny ‘ everybody likes us’ argument’ . It is feminine , pathetic and foolish.


Sweetie say your first child..and to be a boy too. Did you understand STUPID;;;


Are you drinking straight from the bottle again , you lowlife ?


Homo musun?


And looking at yr pain you must be sitting right onto that bottle now.


Ebeveynlerinin eşcinsel olduğunu söylememiştin.


Çek pençelerini, seni koca goril!


Maymun aynı senin gibidirler. xa xa xa


This is the mentality we are fighting with ; This is the ugly face of Orthodoxy which is nothing but shallow, hatefull , lying and deceiving cult since last 1500 years. You marginalized the peacefull teachings of Jesus and created a crooked religious sect by adding some pagan gods inside that equilibrum which you could not give up , and you are the end result.

Thanks for showing us what you all actually made of . In the eyes of such small hatefull releigious fanatics , even trade , importing food between an orthodox and a muslim is a shame .

You are as disgusting as ISIS itself , may be even more. At last ISIS can be spotted easily , but you are like a cancer growing deep down inside.

Arman Melkonyan

Turkish Muslim terrorists practice TAQIYA or LYING which Islam exhorts Muslims to do.

THIS IS ISLAM as recorded in the holy book of Islam, the Qur’an:

Qur’an 22:19 “Punish the unbelievers with garments of fire, hooked iron rods, boiling water; melt their skin and bellies.”

Qur’an 3:28 “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.”

Qur’an 3:85 “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.”

Qur’an 5:33 “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam”

Qur’an 8:12 “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran.”

Qur’an 8:60 “Muslims must muster ALL weapons to terrorize the infidels.”

Qur’an 8:65 “The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.”

Qur’an 9:5 “When opportunity arises, Kill the infidels wherever you catch them.”

Qur’an 9:28 “The infidels are unclean; do not let them into a mosque.”

Qur’an 9:30 “The J-ws and the Christians are perverts; fight them.”

Qur’an 9:123 “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.”

Qur’an 47:4 “Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; Behead them when you catch them.”

Qur’an 3:54 “Allah is the greatest deceiver” – “Allahu khayru al-makireena”




Church clown , I already told you that I have no religious beliefs, but you are still spewing some Orthodox trivia at me. Because you have no argument other than the BS told to you by yr priest while he was fondling yr legs behind the Altar during a sunday mass.

I am not interested what a caravan raider said some 1500 years ago – I am also not interested with yr jewish born circumsized pansy carpenter as well.

These lands have seen enough crusades , wars and religion based BS . You are a sickness, some form of terminal cancer just like I told you in my previous comment . You are even more dangerous than ISIS . Because ISIS can be spotted easily , but you look lime normal people till you open your mouth , or start posting.

You are the scum of this world . Thank you giving me this opportunity to express my feelings about you.

Arman Melkonyan

OK, you’re just your average secularist Turk who enjoys raping, torturing and genociding human beings and stealing their lands.

In other words, you are CHP instead of AKP whereas both types of Turks agree that killing and stealing is good when Turks do it.

Actually Turks believe and proclaim that when they invade foreign people, they are actually liberating them.

Turks are an abomination.


Why you can not put a simple sentence without a religion in it ? Why you cant you write something which does not include something that all you bigoted Orthodox guys dont use ?Why cant you post something without a rape in it ?

What is wrong with you all of you fanatic scum ?

Arman Melkonyan

There was no religious content in my previous reply as per your kind request.

Only Turkish content.

It appears YOU are obsessed with religion, Turk.


LOL , another comment based mon religion.

Arman Melkonyan

How about this one:

Turks are genocidal psychopathic mongrels.

It’s 100 percent secular, isn’t it, abominable creature?


Why dont you try this ; When you betray yr own state in war time and start slaughtering locals, someone comes and sends you all the way to Syrian deserts, and all yr fanatical Orthodox brothers can do is to bark for the next 100 years trying to hide yr ignoable betrayal behind a fishy genocide claim.

How about that bigot , did you like it ? Good , fuck off now.

Arman Melkonyan

But, but…

…You Turks said you sent Armenian women, children and the elderly away from the war zone to the Syrian desert for their own safety?

Now you’re saying you killed millions of women and children because they were killing you?

Turkish genius…


Boys and girls,

If Turks say something you must believe it.

Or the Turks will rape, torture and kill you for your own safety.

You’ve been warned.


But , but .. Who told you that they were sent for their” safety” ? They were sent for their treachery . LOL. Your brain must have melted after all that Orthodox shit you have been pushed.

I told you that we deported from the Anatolia due to their treacherous act ( collaborating with enemy – Russians – during wartime ) And we did the right thing looking at yr tone and propaganda you try to push here ,we did the best -Btw , the term genocide is coined by Raphael Lemkin on 1948n – And it does not include forced dceportation , look uou have learned something that does not write in Bible , church ape obsessed with rape.

And next time call ladies and gentlemen , not ‘boys and girls’ you pervert , this is not an Orthodox Church and yr paeso priests are not around.

Arman Melkonyan

So the Turk says,

Something cannot happen if a word for it does not exist. Since the word ‘universe’ didn’t exist at the time of the Big Bang, the universe was never created and none of you exist.

The Turk also insists that Armenian WOMEN and CHILDREN and OLD ARMENIAN FOLK were killing Turks that’s why Turks had to kill them.

Turkish dog,

Since you didn’t commit genocide, why aren’t you allowing Armenians to return to their homes TODAY?

Why isn’t the Turkish State opening up its property deeds archives?

Why are you Turks not opening up Turkish Deeds archived if you are not committing genocide TODAY?


As you very well know,

That Jewish chap came up with the word ‘genocide’ after seeing what the Turks had done to the Armenians.

You are one sick puppy, Turk.


Shame on you, paedo church monkey,.How you dare to speak about big bang while the Bible says that world was created only 6000 years ago and dinosaurs walked together with human on the face of this earth. ? Are you an apostate ? LOL.

Are all religious Orthodox guys so immature and full of hatred like you are ? Is it a part of yr church education ?

After their betrayal shud we wait for them to breed another generation who could do the same thing ? You proved that you are treacherous by by yr nature . Thats exactly the reason you can not come back till eternity .

And you must thank us indeed , look at Kardashians for example. If we did not kick you out of Anatolia , she would be sucking some Kurdish dick somewhere in Anatolia instead of living such a wealthy life in USA.

Someone shoud also tell you that we opened our archives , asked for a joint comittee but you are the ones refusing this , not the other way around , so why dont you quit lying ?

That Jewish chap ( I though you hated jews , now look what you have learned – it is a jew who coined the word you are using now . God works in mysterious ways , doesnt he LOL ) coined the word for the jews , not for you.

So , why dont you quit throwing hollow threats , trying to down vote everything I write like a retarded baboon as if I give a fuck , and go read something so that you can quit making a clown of yourself here ?

Arman Melkonyan

I present to you…

…the Turk.


Nope, you only presented yourself and you did it brilliantly. . While I was mocking you , you just showed how bigoted , how hateful and how murderous you are with all yr threats and fanatic world view.

You should f/off when I asked you to do. Seriously. LOL


Ne aşağılık herifmişsin be!

Great Khan

Great Khan say Gayreek fuck off mamtu.


The humanitarian ceasefire did not last long I guess.
Azeri BM-30 Smerch with 280mm rockets being used to shell Stepanakert.
You will not see Seven Morons posting these pix. :(
comment image
comment image


Ouufff that second photo is a massive crater with massive building destruction, horrific. Looks like Azerbaijan military advance has stalled so they are resorting to bombarding civilian targets. An empty Artzakh is better than an Armenia occupied one from their point of view.

Azerbaijan will be loosing the moral high ground in the “people occupied vs legally recognised territory” dispute.


Ganja , yesterday. We wi,ll not see morons like you poosting these either.


Random Dude

Ceasefire? https://news.cgtn.com/news/2020-10-11/5-dead-17-injured-in-Ganja-by-Armenian-forces-says-Azerbaijan-UuR8tInkt2/index.html
comment image
Not only they continue to illegally occupy land that is not theirs, they also fire at civilians killing children.

Vox Populi

It was a bit premature to pass out gratuitous accolades for “Russian diplomacy” while Armenia indiscriminately shells Azerbaijani civilians to internationalize this conflict. Azerbaijan may not have achieved a total victory in 10 days of conflict, but thanks to a military modernization effort, weapons purchases and alliance with Turkey and Israel it has fared much better than inept Arab militaries who have failed to liberate one centimeter of their lands in 75 years of conflict. Azerbaijan in contrast liberated 20% of very difficult terrain in Nogorno-Karabakh and if it pursues an all out war, it will prevail by the sheer dint of size, deep pockets and more motivated manpower. Armenia is only digging itself deeper by shelling civilians.

Dana Corkery

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Great Khan

Azeri brother must finish off job. 500 more Harop arrive today. This very brave warrior boy, no cry like Armenistani bitch loser.


…and 5000 horses..

Great Khan

Armenistani will need horses to move to yurt soon.

Arman Melkonyan

Jews are actively fighting on the side of the Turks against the Armenians.

The Azeri side are using Israeli ballistic missiles to destroy civilian infrastructure. These LORA missiles are most likely operated by Israeli Jews who are the only ones in possession of the requisite skills and knowledge to use them this effectively:


Vox Populi

Armenia has no real economic or demographic significance and the Jews always look at potential areas of exploitation and opportunity. Part of their support for Azerbaijan is linked to flawed thinking that it can be used as a base against Iran, but considering Turkish regional ambitions and leadership bid in the Muslim world, it is a double edged sword. Israel will come out a strategic loser out of this conflict and a totally fragmented Arab world, with Saudis and UAE in the forefront of stalling Turkish ambitions.


A. you don’t have any proof, just like the other SF big talkers here.
B. We will provide them with more LORAS, in case Aremnia keeps shooting Scuds. That is unacceptable for us.

Great Khan

Jew make money, sell more harop for oil.

Servet Köseoğlu

Sf pro-russian shitters doesnt like İsrael because israel spoiling russian weapon-industry reputation

Ashok Varma

That is what the Zionist criminals do. BTW, the NAM led by India has called for an end to the Zionist occupation of Palestine. Luckily, Indians are smart and did not fall for Zionist warmongering against China.

Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) member states led by India and Indonesia while condemning the Zionist crimes in the occupied territories, calling it a gross violation of international law, … especially the annexation of Palestinian territories, and called for an international community to end trade relations with the Zionist regime and backed the BDS.


Goodluck with that.

Samuel Vanguard

Azerbaijan clearly is not interested in any peaceful resolution of the conflict,unfortunately it will get bogged in this war which it will not have any gains on the ground besides Armenia will not allow nagorno-karabakh to become an azeri enclave.

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