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Azerbaijan Claims Of Ceasefire Violation, As Pashinyan Meets Putin

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Azerbaijan Claims Of Ceasefire Violation, As Pashinyan Meets Putin

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Russian border guards are preparing to be deployed along the border with Azerbaijan along the Gegharkunik section to the Iranian border

Photos of the vehicles with Russian flags have already appeared on the web. Users report that the case is taking place in the Gegharkunik region and claim that these are mobile reconnaissance groups of Russian border guards and servicemen of the 102nd base of the RF Ministry of Defense, providing cover.

Earlier, the governor of Gegharkunik region Gnel Sanosyan said that Russian border guards will be deployed on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

The the armed forces of the two sides will be mirrored. This was also confirmed by the Chief of the General Staff of Armenia Artak Davtyan, who noted that negotiations are underway, but the final decision has not yet been made.

Meanwhile, Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced that an Azerbaijani soldier was wounded as a result of violation of the ceasefire in Karabakh, Baku informed the command of the Russian peacekeepers.

Armenian armed forces subjected to fire the positions of the Azerbaijan Army in the direction of Tovuz region

On July 7, at about 13:40, the Armenian armed forces units in the positions located near Kolagir village of the Berd region using small arms subjected to fire positions of the Azerbaijan Army in the direction of Garalar village of Tovuz region.

There are no losses or wounded among the military personnel of the Azerbaijan Army.

Currently, the situation in this direction is stable. Our units control the operational situation. The Russian peacekeepers said the situation was smooth.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will meet with Armenia’s acting prime minister Nikol Pashinyan, who will be in Russia on a working visit on July 7th.

The agenda includes discussion of the implementation of the statements on Nagorno-Karabakh made by the leaders of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan on November 9, 2020, and January 11, 2021.

“Special attention will be devoted to support for the residents of the war-ravaged districts, and also the restoration of economic and transport links in the region,” the Kremlin press service said.

Besides, the two leaders plan to discuss “current aspects of the development of Russia-Armenia strategic partnership and alliance, as well as the outlook for building up cooperation within the framework of Eurasian integration associations”.

It will be Pashinyan’s first visit to Moscow after his Civil Contract party secured victory in the June 20 early parliamentary elections with 53.91% of the vote. The Armenia bloc of former president Robert Kocharyan came in second with 21.9% of the vote. The I Have Honor bloc of another ex-president, Serzh Sargsyan, joined the parliament with 5.22% of the vote.

During the election campaign, the acting premier repeatedly spoke in favor of allied relationship with Russia, both in the spheres of security and economy, and signaled his country’s interest in having Russian border guards deployed at areas of tension on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Pashinyan also thanked Russia for helping to end hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh in the fall of 2020 and for deploying a peacekeeping force to the region.

This goes completely counter to years of Pashinyan’s policy towards Russia that was entirely antagonizing.


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NATO – via stalking horse Turkey and its Islamist proxies – cannot be trusted anywhere near or within occupied Syrian territory.
NATO – via stalking horse Turkey and its Azerb proxies – cannot be trusted anywhere near Armenian or Iranian territory.
NATO is engaged in hostile expansionism in Mesopotamia and Central Asia.

Marco Polo

1. I wouldn’t mind if Islamic terror proxies and/or hostile Turks were subject to gang stalking on foreign soil, whether in Syria or anywhere throughout Europe.

2. Turkey has a hand in this as well.

3. Closer to colonial occupation than territory expansion.

Last edited 19 days ago by Marco Polo

The entire world is laughing at Russia ^^


Really, what makes you say that? Who is laughing at Russia? THE ENTIRE WORLD? Jezz 7billion are now dying of laughing,hihi hahaha.


The entire world is laughing at your stupidity and lame moronic trolling.


actually nobody in the world even knows that sad loser exists. this site is the only place he can spam his worthless twaddle because they are too lazy to ban this moron and his husband jens the retard


You just committed a logical fallacy – based on your statement if one person in world isn’t laughing then you have clearly made a false statement. I know that I’m not – so ergo your statement is false and has no credibility.

Next. Childish. Troll.


russia still has some 20 years to be around before it turns out empty collapsed since its entire governing structure and unfortunally for the russians also by now social structure is based on preset failure but america is going to collapse way way before that so better dont laugh at russia because america is litterally collapsing with 120 people missing while the building gets destroyed above their heads so please have some shame and look at yourselves you failures before you talk

Last edited 19 days ago by farbat
Chess Master

Those percents show Pashinyan popularity in Armenia is huge. A bit strange after losing a war.


I was surprised too. But as I thought twice, it came to my mind, that perhaps most Armenians have understood, that renewal of fighting will lead to more loss of land. So perhaps this is why they voted for Pashinyan because he guaranteed the ceasefire. Althrough imo he caused this bad situation with his very stupid policy before.

Ivan Freely

Most likely fake news.


Apparently there has been considerable change within Armenia in the last several years. The Azeri’s were keen to take advantage of the realities on the ground.

Despite their recent military success they are no doubt mindful of their Northern neighbors economic and military capabilities.

Georgia and the Ukraine provide constant reminders of Russian restraint in the region for Azerbaijan.

Last edited 19 days ago by block
Monkey Killer

Love Armenia

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