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Azerbaijan Claims Armenia Carried Out Military Provocation In Artsakh, Threatens Response

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Azerbaijan Claims Armenia Carried Out Military Provocation In Artsakh, Threatens Response

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On December 27th, an “illegal Armenian armed group” allegedly encroached on areas under control by Azerbaijan’s forces, the Ministry of Defense reported.

According to the report, 6 Armenian soldiers were killed, and 1 Azerbaijani soldier was lost in return.

“On December 27, at about 15:30, an illegal Armenian armed group or a detachment of six remnants of the Armenian armed forces that remained in the territory attacked the units of the Azerbaijan Army in the direction of the Aghdam (Akaku) village of the Khojavend region. As a result of the attack a serviceman of the Azerbaijan Army, soldier Ganbarov Elmir Rayil was killed and soldier Aliyev Emin Suleyman has been injured. The wounded soldier was evacuated to a medical institution after providing first medical aid, and nothing threatens his life.

As a result of the actions taken, all six members of the illegal Armenian armed group were annihilated.

If such a case would happen again, the Azerbaijan Army will take firm measures.”

The Azerbaijani side is waiting for a situation like this, be it an actual one or a false flag, to carry out a security operation.

It could also be considered evidence that the forces are carrying out exercises, which the Ministry of Defense openly advertises.

Armenian media called this incident a false flag and reminded that a few weeks ago 6 Armenian soldiers vanished while lost in a forest in Hadrut region.

“If you remember several days ago six Armenian soldiers were rescued from Hadrut region forests, where they got lost.They were able to make a call, and before it was traced by Azeri forces, the soldiers were discovered by Russian peacekeeping and Armenian forces. Soldiers mentioned in one of the interviews that the original group consisted of 21 member and decided to split in order to survive. Independent analysts and sources mention there might be couple of hundreds of lost soldiers in Hadrut region. Yesterday the Armenian segment of internet spread the news of a young soldier, Vanik calling home after 91 day of being missing. According to Azerbaijani MOD the fights erupted some time after. You can make your own assumptions.”

Ahmad Shahidov- Human rights defender, Head of Azerbaijan Institute for Democracy and Human Rights made some interesting claims on Twitter, entirely in line with the values of “democracy and human rights.”


Azerbaijan also put Artsakh President Araik Haratyunyan on the international wanted list, and there is a possibility of a military operation to capture the official.

In response to the situation, the Artsakh authorities released a statement:

“The Azerbaijani side continues to spread misinformation about the alleged attack by an “Armenian armed group “on a unit of the Azerbaijani army yesterday.

The Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan also spoke about this recently. As we announced a few hours ago, we confirm that throughout yesterday, until this moment, not a single unit of the Azerbaijani Defense Army, not a single serviceman took part in any operations, there was no emergency situation registered, no not a single shot from the Armenian side.

At the same time, the statement of the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan cannot be called otherwise than a propaganda provocation. The Azerbaijani Defense Army continues to strictly observe the ceasefire regime, ” the Defense Ministry of the Artsakh Republic said.

Finally, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan made a statement saying that snap elections were possible under certain conditions, he also spoke of CSTO, opposition and Syunik.

“I suggest a mechanism by which everyone’s voice is heard. This is a mechanism for creating public solidarity. The debate is over who should decide the fate of the government. The fate of the government must be decided by the people. The pre-election campaign is an opportunity for everyone to stand before the people, to voice the accusations and present evidence.

At the time of the signing of the November 9 agreement, more than 90 percent of Kubatlu and Zangelan was under the control of Azerbaijan, so there was a verbal realization that certain border points should be clarified there. At the time when it was clear that a war could break out over this issue and that it could pass to the Syunik region, we took measures to ensure the security of Syunik. The essence of the measure taken is that the zone under control coincides with the territories within the CSTO area of ​​responsibility.

There are no such words as Syunik, Meghri, or corridor in the agreement. The red line is our territorial integrity. Yesterday Upper Lars was closed for all types of cars. If it turns out that we can have railway communication with Russia, Iran through Nakhichevan, will it be good news for us or bad? How do we imagine that we should go to Russia through the territory of Nakhichevan and Azerbaijan, but Azerbaijan can’t go to Nakhichevan through our territory? Pashinyan on Nakhichevan-Azerbaijan connection through Armenia

The opposition had all the opportunities to ensure the generation of the masses around the resignation of the Prime Minister during this period. They have huge media, financial, organizational resources, which the government doesn’t have, but it’s obvious that this demand hasn’t been received and will not receive public support. Let’s not think of coup d’etat and internal conflict scenarios, but allow the people to resolve this situation.”

Protests against him continue, as he refuses to give up power, and also refuses to acknowledge any mistakes, the situation in Nagorno-Karabakh is not in full chaos, thanks to the Russian peacekeepers, in Armenia the situation, however, is quite chaotic.


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Random Dude

Wait until entrenching in new gains, then restart the clearance operation. Hmmm smart move

Kenny Jones ™

You have no experience in guerrilla warfare, and without air support you’re nothing, the lands you occupied will not be peaceful for you

Random Dude

No worries!!! We got this. Haters gonna hate,
Fidain will fly, high to the sky,
In multiple pieces like a pie,
Doesn’t matter if you cry,
Any resistance has to die!
Valar Morghulis, Dracarys!!comment image

Kenny Jones ™

You seem to have forgotten that Russia closed the sky over the whole area, your drones would fall down with EW

Random Dude

One cannot forget something non-existential. But dreamers will keep dreaming.

Kenny Jones ™

Lol #russianpeackeepersout is trending on azeri twitter, they are already tired and it’s been 1 month, imagine 5 years

Random Dude

which gives an idea on what will happen in 5 years. brace yourself

Arman Melkonyan

This Azeri agent is saying ‘I fuck your mama’ to the Armenians on his picture.

Arman Melkonyan

Learn about the REAL Russians.


How Russians blackmailed, betrayed, defrauded and STOLE from their allies the Armenians:

In January 2013, Gazprom became the 100% owner of Armenia’s gas facilities.
The “gas contract” signed by Presidents Putin and Sargsyan assumed that gas would be supplied to Armenia at domestic Russian prices.
In practice, it turned out like this: “Gazprom” actually sold gas at domestic Russian prices to its 100% subsidiary. But “on the border” of Armenia gas suddenly grew in price – and the “daughter” Russian state-owned company Inter RAO UES sold this gas to Armenian consumers about TWICE AS EXPENSIVELY through Electric Networks of Armenia which is its 100% owned subsidiary.

Armenia was negotiating with Europe on the Association Agreement. In July 2013, they were crowned with success; it was expected that the parties would sign an agreement in the fall. Then, in July, it became known that Russia had raised the price of gas for Armenia: from $ 180 per thousand cubic meters to $270. Russia had blackmailed Armenia against signing the European Association Agreement. Consequently, the Armenians were forced to drop the agreement with the EU.

But when Armenia asked to join the Eurasian Union with Russia, Russians refused saying that they did not recognize Karabakh.
Russia said this in May 2014, that is, two months after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Even though Armenia, was one of the very few countries that welcomed the referendum in Crimea.

Prior to this outrage, until the Armenian Metsamor power plant was reopened, Russia was selling electricity to Armenia on credit terms which were 1.5 times more expensive than the more favorable financing terms available from Europe.

In 2001, Russia forgave four billion dollars of Ethiopia’s debt.

In 2000 – nine billion to Vietnam.

In total, from 2000 to 2005, Russia wrote off about 30 billion to Tanzania, Iraq, Laos, Benin, Guinea-Bissau and other close friends.

Then right before the second Karabakh war started, Russia sold more sophisticated arms than Russia’s ally Armenia ever had, to Armenia’s enemy, Azerbaijan.

Russians themselves had documented in Baku and Soumgait between 1988 and 1990 the fact that Azeris had tortured and killed their citizens of Armenian ethnicity as a matter of state policy, in pogroms organized by the Azeri government, during which the Azeri authorities had manufactured and distributed sharp-edged iron bars to Azeri civilians to enable them to stab and hack Armenian civilians to death.

After the second Karabakh war started, the Russians REFUSED to employ purely defensive Electronic Warfare assets which the Armenians did not possess. As a result, Turkish and Israeli drones murdered thousands of defenseless Armenians. The Russians watched their allies the Armenians get slaughtered without lifting a finger: https://jam-news.net/russia-armenia-allies-eurasian-union-economy-karabakh/?fbclid=IwAR1iVv5YADCF3GSDp_LNXCaDlFxgPuIIhcR4latVW-IB6Wsr5d1-fzWei9U

Arch Bungle

The “REAL” Karabakh war is that you lost Karabakh. Deal with it!

Arman Melkonyan

One more Russian agent provocateur.

Arch Bungle

You got the “provocateur” part right, that’s 1 out of 3.

cechas vodobenikov

poor weak gypsy upset again—too much LSD with jens

Arman Melkonyan

Russian agent provocateur.

Al Balog

This is simply Pashinyan acting like a sore loser. Those Armenian groups should have stayed-out of the Azeri zone and withdrew, like what the other Armenians did when Russia escorted them. This is the kind of stuff that Haftar does when he goes into Western Libya, when he’s supposed to stay behind the battle lines. Do Pashinyan or Haftar understand what it means to follow a deal you signed?

“The Azerbaijani Defense Army continues to strictly observe the ceasefire regime” the Defense Ministry of the Artsakh Republic said.

Say what you want about Azerbaijan or the NK Republic, but taking into account the NK Republic’s (Artsakh’s) position, which is a different country than Armenia, neither of them are doing anything wrong regarding the deal. Each week, Armenia just keeps trying to stir something new between Azerbaijan and the NK Republic. Armenia needs level-headed moderates that can properly respect what was signed, not a war hawk (like those crazy Armenian protests on Tv) or a goon like Pashinyan.

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