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Azerbaijan And Armenia’s Forces: The Numbers


Azerbaijan And Armenia's Forces: The Numbers

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As of September 24th, Azerbaijan and Armenia have introduced martial law, and the situation is nearing all-out conflict over the Nagorno Karabakh region.

Below is a brief comparison of the capabilities of both countries.

According to Global Firepower, Armenia is ranked 111th out of 138 countries considered for the annual GFP review 2020.

Azerbaijan, on the other hand sits at 64th position.

In terms of population, Azerbaijan has a population more than 3 times larger, sitting at 9.9 million, compared to Armenia’s 3 million.

The available manpower for Azerbaijan sits at 5 million, while Armenia’s is at 1.7 million.

The active personnel of the militaries, however, is quite comparable.

For Azerbaijan it sits at 67,000, while for Armenia it is 45,000. However, Baku has almost twice as many reserve personnel sitting at 307 thousand, compared to Yerevan’s 171 thousand.

The defense budget gap is massive, with Azerbaijan’s sitting at upwards of $3.2 billion, while Armenia’s is at upwards of $225 million.

In terms of naval capability, Armenia has no navy, but it is unlikely that such assets would play any role in a possible conflict. Azerbaijan has 4 submarines, 1 frigate, and 12 patrol crafts.

In terms of air power, the total aircraft Armenia has at its disposal sits at 64.

Out of it 11 are attack aircraft, 18 are transport aircraft.

In total, Armenia has 42 helicopters, out of which 15 are attack types.

In comparison, Azerbaijan sits at 135 aircraft. It has 18 fighter jets and interceptors, 29 attack aircraft and 64 transport aircraft.

It has 93 helicopters, out of which 17 are attack types.

Finally, in terms of ground forces, Azerbaijan has 1,451 armored fighting vehicles, 187 units of self-propelled artillery, 227 units of towed artillery, 162 rocket projectors and 570 tanks.

Armenia, on the other hand, has 748 armored fighting vehicles, 38 units of self-propelled artillery, 150 units of towed artillery and 68 rocket projectors. It has 110 tanks.

In pure numbers, Azerbaijan greatly outclasses the Armenian military capability, in addition to Turkey allegedly deploying Syrian militants to assist, as well as providing it with Bayraktar TB-2 strike UAVs, and it also operating various Israeli types.

Russia, and likely Iran, are potential allies that would likely provide assistance to Armenia in the case of a larger conflict.




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