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Authorities Detain Large Group Attempting To Break Into Roscosmos Research And Testing Center

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Authorities Detain Large Group Attempting To Break Into Roscosmos Research And Testing Center

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On September 9th, there was an “interesting incident” in which several people attempted to break into a Roscosmos Research and Testing Center, head of the company Dmitry Rogozin said.

“The attackers arrived to take photographs on the roof and inside the sensitive facility and to further post the images on the Internet,” the Roscosmos press service said.

“The police will find out who they are. If they found something there, including something that wasn’t recorded on their cameras. We contacted the police. They found a lot of interesting things there. Not only the police will … be interested. There’s political affiliation, and the citizenship of the guys is interesting,” RIA quoted Rogozin as saying.

The Roscosmos security and guard service detained 17 people who were planning to enter the territory of the Rocket and Space Industry Research and Testing Center. They planned to take pictures on the territory of the sensitive facility and climb on the roof.

The company’s report stated that the investigation established that on the night of September 8th, up to 50 people were planning to enter the facility’s territory “in order to conduct vandalize equipment and other illegal actions.”

Rogozin also said that strangers were detained in the territory “where a stand for Buran” was created earlier. Currently, Roscosmos does not use it, but leases it.

“Anyway, this is a large external perimeter of our enterprise,” said the head of Roscosmos.

He recalled that the facility is the key enterprise of Roskosmos, where all rocket engines are tested.

“At first, a small group was detained, then it turned out that their comrades would appear. They packed the comrades, sent them to the police. Are they vandals or not vandals, but someone is more interesting, it’s not even important to me now, it’s important for us that the system worked security,” the head of Roscosmos said.

“It’s not a matter of who penetrated, it’s a slap in the face to the security system. If a blogger has penetrated, God bless him, they will clean him and let him go, but what if they’re a sabotage group? My attitude to any penetration, any violation is negative. I do not recommend anyone to climb into the security perimeter,” Rogozin said.

“We will not spare anyone: they are bloggers, dancers or terrorists, what’s the difference? The attitude will be the same,” he added.

The company is located in the Sergiev Posad district of Moscow region, in the city of Peresvet. There are tests of rocket engines and spacecraft. In this city, work was underway to create the Vostok spacecraft, on which Yuri Gagarin made the first manned flight into space.

No other information regarding the identity of the arrested individuals was provided.

It should be recalled that in June 2019, millions of rubles in space technology that is only useful for the International Space Station was stolen from the premises of a Roscosmos subsidiary.


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Rhodium 10

they were fool Freakys like same people wanted to do vs Area 51 in USA…

Toronto Tonto

There is only junk in there and scrap metal , But most of the scrap got taken last month .

Daniel Miller

mmmmm i can taste the salt thro my screen hahahahahahahahhahaha XD man you are so salty how mutch did the big bad Russian rape you? Did you squeal?

Toronto Tonto

Less than your wife did .

Daniel Miller

oh yea keep the salt coming Mr.meme ;)


Because you have been there, right? And you are an actual rocket scientist, right?

Silly, childish, and pointless troll.


“junk in there and scrap metal”

I didn’t know they had a copy of Canada’s great contribution to manned space flight there. But, junk is no way to describe the shuttle’s robot arm. Have a little pride in Canada, man.

Toronto Tonto

A stolen copy is not Canadian pride .

Xoli Xoli

M16 and CIA agents Trump and Satanyahu will request Putin to release this agents.Just wait and see.

AM Hants

Wonder how many nationalities and passports, each of them will have? Canadian, UK, US and Irish, so comes to mind, owing to others who tried it.

Toronto Tonto

Russians in need of vodka poobles I bet .

AM Hants

Darling, so last century, when Yeltsin was running things. Now how long has he been dead and who took over and when?


You overlooked Austrian

AM Hants

US trying to find out how to build a rocket engine, for their space rockets?

50 and they seriously believed nobody would notice?


Always the same methods.

Toronto Tonto

Space X is USA too dufus .

AM Hants

Not very good though, are they? Will they be using Tesla Technology, trying to get into space? Or carry on with the rusty nuts?

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Yo guys check YT, only Amerikan would dare to do such idiotic acts.

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