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Austria Says It Found Russian Double Agent In Its Military

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Austria Says It Found Russian Double Agent In Its Military

IMAGE: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

On November 9, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz stated that a recently retired Austrian colonel was suspected of conducting espionage for Russia for decades. His spying activities were believed to have begun in the 1990s, Kurz told reporters, without naming the officer.

“We have to inform you that Austria suspects that a retired colonel of the Austrian Armed Forces has worked with the Russian intelligence service for many years. According to our information, it began in the 1990s and lasted until 2018,” he said. “If the suspicion is confirmed, such cases, regardless of whether they take place in the Netherlands or in Austria, do not improve relations between Russia and the European Union.”

Kruz claimed that he will discuss further steps with other EU member states and revealed that Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl had summoned a Russian representative and cancelled her scheduled trip to Russia.  He also urged Russia to provide “transparent” information about the alleged incident.

According to the Russian state-run media, Russia’s foreign intelligence service has refused to comment on the accusations.

Kronen Zeitung newspaper reported citing own sources that the country’s intelligence services had detained a 70-year-old ex-Austrian colonel on November 8. This person had allegedly spied for Russia. The suspect had reportedly received 300,000 EUR from his alleged the Rusian spepcial services. He allegedly faces a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

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Tommy Jensen

Ohh poor guys. Secrets for two years prison cannot exactly be Austria´s crown jewels can it?


Not exactly a high-priority KGB target. There’s only about 10 people in the Austrian army

René Artois

Colonel Redl.

Brother Ma

Who cares! Everyone has spies in each other’s armies. So what ?…the aim is to have robust effective plans that work regardless of a spy or two.

You can call me Al

Course you did luvvies.


Uh oh .. i think we have a penetration … american dong has reached it’s target.


Retired as Colonel so 30 years ago he was recruited as an ensign or so. Being retired as a Colonel is not a high riding career. Please clarify what secrets this guy would have been able to divulge to Russia to make this worthwhile.


recruiting friends maybe?


you know nothing. colonel is enough high rank
he could have contact with sensitive information.


After military academy having served for 2 decades left the service at lieutenant-colonel just before being promoted to colonel for a private sector job I guess i am much better positioned than you.


i was an officer, too. and i know lot of colonels with clearance to sensitive information.

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