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Austria Plunged Into New Political Crisis But Its Foreign Policy Unlikely To Change

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Austria Plunged Into New Political Crisis But Its Foreign Policy Unlikely To Change

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As the crisis is unfolding, it is too difficult at this moment to see how Austria will emerge from this predicament.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz submitted his resignation after being accused of participating in a corruption scandal that threatens to bring serious political turbulence to his country. Kurz’s decision to resign was made after the Austrian Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into his involvement in a corruption scandal where he allegedly spent state money for the purpose of promoting his party.

In response to the investigation, a Parliamentary session was announced at which a vote of confidence was taken. Kurz, despite the stated position that he would not step down, scheduled a press conference and announced his resignation as chancellor in favor of party colleague Alexander Schallenberg, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

It appeared on Friday that it was almost certain that the government would fall because Kurz and his ministers announced that they would not resign. Also, when it seemed that the Government would inevitably fall last Tuesday when the opposition was supposed to submit a request for the recall of the entire government at the extraordinary parliamentary session, the Greens announced that they would support the centre-right Kurz Government.

According to Austrian media, Kurz’s ultimate decision to resign was either the result of pressure and the threat of facing more serious repercussions, or an attempt to try and preserve some kind of position and power.

“It would be irresponsible to fall into months of chaos and a dead end. I want to leave the place to someone else to prevent chaos,” Kurz said during his resignation.

However, chaos has not been prevented as the political crisis has existed since the Ibiza affair where officials of the Freedom Party, which was in coalition with Kurz’s Austrian People’s Party, were seeking foreign funds for their election campaign. This ultimately led to the fall of the coalition government in 2019. Effectively, every few months there is a new political scandal in Austria, whether it be minor or major, and mostly related to the state prosecutor’s office and the Austrian People’s Party. Although not well known outside of Austria, Kurz’s inner circle has been under investigation for more than a year on various corruption scandals.

Amidst this political crisis, a minority government could be created, but it would have to be comprised of the Greens, Socialists and Liberals with the support of the right-wing conservative Freedom Party, something that the Freedom Party president already said he would not support. There could be a broader coalition, but the Greens and the Liberals do not want to cooperate with the Freedom Party, even though the Socialists have shown readiness in principle. Due to these unrealistic outcomes, it is likely that Austria will go to early parliamentary elections next year.

Considering that the former Foreign Minister from the same party is taking Kurz’s place, it is expected that in the short-term there will be no major changes to Austria’s foreign policy. Kurz will remain in parliament at the head of the Party and is replaced at the Chancellery level by someone of his own choice.

It is reminded that Austria is one of three countries in the Western/Central European zone that is not a NATO member, along with the famously neutral Switzerland, and the other being the small Principality of Liechtenstein that has a total population of under 40,000. Both countries are direct neighbors of Austria. Because Austria is not constrained by NATO, it has cordial ties with Russia and not consumed by the chronic Russophobia that can be commonly be found in Central Europe.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the launching ceremony of the Cemix dry mix plant in the Bashkiria Region in August that: “This country [Austria] is one of our key partners in Europe, and we treat it exactly so, which was confirmed by the participation of its representatives – and this was the largest representation, too – at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, as well as by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz’s speech at the Forum’s plenary meeting.”

According to Putin, over 1,500 Austrian companies conduct business in Russia, with about $6 billion of accumulated investments. He noted that “the influx from Russia to the Austrian economy is just as big.”

In this way, if a centre-right government is removed from power in the next election, which could be soon following the current political crisis, it is uncertain in which direction Austrian foreign policy will go. Given the deep economic ties between Austria and Russia, even if a Green, Socialists and/or Liberal government was to come into power, it would be difficult to steer Vienna away from having a more balanced foreign policy.

However, as this political crisis is still unfolding, it is too difficult at this moment to see how Austria will emerge from this predicament.


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foreign minister immediatly takes over shows just how controlled austria is from outside

jens holm

You are a not updated Irianian robot.

Austrains are able to control themself unlike the Irianians having needed to have old men and canes for it also having world records in unsober execusions as well as car accidents.


“along with the famously neutral Switzerland”

Please, be serious. The swiss are the biggest whores in europe. Just look at nestle corporate behavior. One of the largest scumbag companies on the planet. Search out their scandals and scams. Many incidents of criminal activity.

jens holm

I will remond You that NESTLE is based on shares and you as well as million others can be owners.

And yes, as many other companies small and big they have to be kept in line and now and the punished hard. The Kaoitalistic system is like that. We keep limits and try to make them work.

You of course forget how many good things they do too.

NESTLE only is a small part of the Swiss economical activity.

jens holm

Why dont You look up facts. Maybee You also descriebe countries by the criminals they have and forget the rest.

jens holm

You ignore how western economics are. We really try to keep the bad sides down. Its much more plus like that but some hard minusses as well.


Oversensitive about nestle. Poor quality troll who has exposed itself.

JC Denton

That deluded imbecile actually thinks that you can “own” a corporation like Nestle by buying shares. LOL. Yeah people like us can own 0.0002% right? It makes such a difference Jens you grown up abortion.
btw Switzerland is also the home of a major scumbag bank, the BIS. Can’t get any less neutral than that.

jens holm

Thats right. Things in Europe has changed.

After WW2 the USA and others by the Marshall planes, UN and NGOs tryed to regain the world by economic and social devellopments.

Thats should make the war countries and the new ones possibilities for better independency. Parts of that worked very well mainly because it actaully repaired and renewed what existed.

But it has gone too far and too much out of context for many parts of the world. It the last many years has been giving a finger people take the arm for free or given a hand or a little more we are just free suppliers for people doing nothing to change their own conditions.

We too often see many nations and partsb of them as the few lazy bums, we still has here in fx Europe and USA.

So that says STOP. It never was meant people should come here and we even are blamed for it. We dont want those people unless they integrate well and continue Our systems well.

By that Austria for very good reasons dont want incommers unless the few ones, they ask for. Its the same here. It should be no right to come here and settle down and 50% are not even in jobs after 10 years and do alot against Our conjstitutions we have decided by elections and devellopments.

People in Austria as well as here has a lot to keep. Thats what its all about. No more muslim influence here. It also make bad confrontations with the ones we fx know as right radicals and national conservative. Those fractions has grown and their trenches too.

So they agree in that and the rest is moderate changes only and not in conflict with the constitution.


How’s the weather in london?


kurz, a weirdo looking freak. So long imbecile.

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