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JUNE 2023

Austria: Gas Pipeline Blast Reportedly Injures At Least 50 People (Video, Photo)

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Between 50 and 60 people were injured in an explosion at the OMV Gasstation Baumgarten in Austria on December 12, accordng to various sources.

At least one person was killed in the incident, AFP reports citing a Red Cross official.

The affected station takes in approximately 40 billion cubic meters of gas every year. Then, the gas is redistributed further in Europe.

Fire engines, ambulances and rescue helicopters are now  patrolling the area.

OMV’s spokesperson said the company is seeking to find out which parts of the plat have been affected.

A criminal investigation has begun, according to the local media.

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NTDWI of course?


This is a very important station for delivering russian gas to europe, if it’s manmade explosion than we know who is behind it.

Solomon Krupacek

sure you!


Salamander, you have shown incomprehensive behaviour in the couple of last days, your meds were not delivered in time, again ?

Solomon Krupacek

this was technical accident, you stupid, rusikie hater!!!

go in siberia, therei si your homeland, idiot!


Your whole life seems to be a technical failure, since when is Siberia homeland of the Rus, you uneducated bafoon.

Solomon Krupacek

your homland, ugly hater! the foxes are your level :DDDD


Foxes are pretty cunning, unlike you salamander.

Solomon Krupacek

better be salamander, then fascist like you.


Sol, you do realize your remarks are like cheap comedy for most regulars here?


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Yup, I am just awaiting that by some divine miracle, when they are finding an complete and spotless Iranian Passport,, just await,……….


Brother Ma

America punishing Austria for being more autonomous in foreign affairs and to warn off other euro countries from buying russian gas or laying russian pipes!

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