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Australian SAS In Afghanistan Allegedly Planted AK-47s To Cover Civilian Killings

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Australian SAS In Afghanistan Allegedly Planted AK-47s To Cover Civilian Killings

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On July 14th, Australian outlet ABC released a report on Australian special forces allegedly carrying out various war crimes.

This is another report, in what appears to be, a somewhat regular, series.

In the newest report, the outlet alleges, based on testimony and videos that the Australian SAS allegedly planted the same weapon on the bodies of two different Afghan civilians after a raid in which locals say unarmed civilians were executed.

An AK-47 assault rifle with teal-coloured tape wrapped around the stock was photographed next to two bodies in separate locations and logged in the special forces database after the raid at the village of Shina in May 2012.

The operation by members of 3 Squadron SAS left three Afghans dead, with the special forces claiming they were all insurgents and legitimately killed.

According to ABC’s unnamed sources, one of the killed individuals was Taliban, the other two were civilians.

ABC spoke to several members who served on that 2012 special forces rotation of Afghanistan who say that so-called “throwdowns”, such as assault rifles and radios, were often used to cover up unlawful killings.

“Often people who had been killed had weapons placed on them and [they were] photographed with these weapons,” said an SAS patrol member who served on that special forces rotation of Afghanistan.

“That happened on numerous occasions.”

ABC even hired an Afghan journalist to visit the village of Shina and interview residents and investigate what had transpired back in 2012.

Relatives of two of the men killed that day say both were civilians and were shot in cold blood by the Australians.

Australian SAS In Afghanistan Allegedly Planted AK-47s To Cover Civilian Killings

Abdul Wahid’s photograph. Click to see full-size image

Abdul Wali said the Australians landed in one helicopter near his family home and in another helicopter near the village reservoir.

“They had gloves on and their faces were camouflaged with green and other colours. They were unidentifiable.”

Abdul Wali is the son of Abdul Wahid – a man in his 80s, who was allegedly killed by the Australian SAS.

“They called on my father and my father went towards them along with another elder, Mr Aminullah,” said Abdul Wali.

“They were together at the time when they went towards them … and they shot [my father].”

According to his testimony, the soldiers shot his father in the neck and abdomen.

Another resident – Sakhi Daad said he was irrigating his wheat when the Black Hawk helicopters landed. According to his story, all the men of the village were detained and put in a compound.

“We were all handcuffed and they had guns. They told us not to look at each other,” said Sakhi Daad.

“After a while shots were fired on the other side [of the compound].”

After a while, the soldiers freed the Afghans and left them return, where they found three bodies.

One of them was his brother-in-law, Jan Mohammad.

“He was 20 years old, he was engaged, and he wasn’t married yet. He wasn’t able to work because his brain didn’t work properly,” said Sakhi Daad.

“He was mentally ill.”

He said when the Australian soldiers arrived, Jan Mohammad was grazing a cow.

“When the cow heard the helicopters, it ran and he ran after it,” he said.

“Soldiers came his way … and saw him running. I don’t know what they thought, that maybe he is a Talib and running away or a civilian that is running away. They shot him straight away in the head.”

The third Afghan allegedly killed in the SAS raid was the imam of the local mosque, Muhibullah.

Abdul Wali says the killing of his father was unforgivable.

“He was on his own land. He never stole or did anything bad to anyone. He was an elderly person. This is impossible to forgive and I won’t forgive it,” he said.

“I want [the Australians] to be tried,” said Sakhi Daad. “If the government cares about us, if they care about our widows and orphans, then they must summon them and try them in the court.”

Also, in 2012, evidence surfaced of Australian SAS carrying out a mass shooting of civilians in Kandahar Province.

The raid is believed to be the worst one-day death toll uncovered to date of alleged unlawful killings by Australian soldiers in Afghanistan.

Up to 10 unarmed civilians were allegedly killed.

Afghan witnesses and Australian sources have told the ABC that the Special Air Service Regiment (SAS) operation left a number of Taliban dead. But also allegedly left many civilians dead.

Below is the testimony of a local farmer named Rahmatullah:

“First, when the helicopters landed, they started with the Taliban. They also shot other people who were there as well. The tractor moved from the area because they were scared.”

“[They] shot them at the tractor. They were shooting people intentionally. They were mass shooting,” Rahmatullah said.

“Then some people busy with irrigation were shot, some were shot near the onions. Some people went in the tractor and they were shot in the tractor,” Mohammad Nassim, another villager said.

The Australian Inspector General is preparing a report on SAS activities such as this and it appears to be taking a while.

The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force has spent the past four years investigating rumours and allegations of war crimes committed by Australian special forces in Afghanistan.

An Australian Defence Force spokesperson said: “It is not appropriate for Defence to comment on matters that may or may not be the subject of the Afghanistan Inquiry.”


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Well done SAS, kill those goat fuckers.

Lone Ranger

Unarmed civs?
What did Afghans do to get you upset?

Gary Sellars

You can’t reason with hateful racist Chosenite scum.

Lone Ranger

I think he is suffering from PTSD…

John Wallace

The only way he could get PTSD was when he was born and realised he was a Jew and would have to abuse Palestinians and threaten atrocities upon them so he could steal their land and property. More like he is drinking too much of that caffeinated and sugar drinks for his age.


I’m not sure about that. I think he has some serious illnesses ranging from “A” to “Z”.

Антон С

May be he like to collect downvotes? Masochism.

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, the IDIOT is PUNK and did not even know about the standard IDF firearms. I had to give him a lesson on that. He is a teenage dysfunctional cowardly cunt and an total idiot.


Oh, I know their kind very well Ranger. I’ve dealt with those Islamic scumbags for a very long time, and the last thing I can say is that I have any respect for them or their sorry lives. Tose are not civilians, they support the taliban jsut as the Shias in SL support Hezbollah. Thus, I don’t see them as just regular human bengs, I see them as terrorists that need to die.

Lone Ranger

Thats the same argument the U.S. made when they were strafing peasants on rice paddies.
Yet no evidence was provided in most cases, only their geographical location.
Its a slippery slope…
Same as nazis got gradually more inhuman and barbaric against jews and other minorities leading up to WWII.
They also started out small.
Than targeted killings assassinations, than full on extermination camps.
What makes you think doing the same things will end up to a different endresult?
Isnt that the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results?
Enemy combatants are one thing, civs are another.
Maintaining the moral highground is more important than you think.

Zionism = EVIL

You guys realize that you are replying to a cowardly teenage PUNK and liar, whose only aim is to get attention, just mock the bastard and that just ruins his day :)

Антон С

Right, don’t speak with such kind of people, just ignore. If they insult other people, report to admins.


I don’t deny what you wrote, but in order for Israel for example to end the terror threat, the population must be held accountable too.

Zionism = EVIL

Stupid arsehole, dumbass three days ago you were posting totally moronic lies about on-going “battles” with Hezbollah on the border of northern occupied Palestine and “your unit” was ready to be “deployed” armed with Americunt made BB guns, LOL. Seriously, you are one demented teenage arsehole PUNK. Dumbass, let me give you another lesson, the IDF cowards since 2006, when Hezbollah hacked their phones, don’t allow the child-killers to have phones and they have to turn them in when reservists are called. IDIOT!

Антон С

“Same as nazis got gradually more inhuman and barbaric against jews and other minorities leading up to WWII.”

Not only minorities. 26,6 million people, including jews, but mostly russians, has been murdered. Soldiers losses – 11 million. Died in battle – 8 million. Murdered in death camps – 3 out of 4,5 million POWs. Rest ones are civilians. Zionism was recognized as hate ideology by the UN, but recognition was cancelled later. Zionists suffered from nazism, but promotes similar ideology. Double standards: acts against me – bad; my acts against someone – good, because I’m special. As Obama said, exceptional. Nazis said the same.

Gary Sellars

Well done Hamas, kill those shekel-grubers.


They’ve been trying for a long time and still failed.

Gary Sellars

It ain’t over till it’s over Zio trash.

In the future, a kid (reading a history book) will ask his parents “Dad, whats a jew”?

Dad will answer “Dunno, never heard of it.”

A Jew-free world. A place where decent people can live in peace.


I love your imagination, keep it up it’s amusing!


is that really all you have to say you stupid fuck ? not an ounce of dignity left in you ? all the emerging evidence of many wrongdoings being coppiled by relevant authorities,at least you can give an ounce of credit to possible crimes, and all you have to retort right now is the worst type of racist slurs ? how do you like it when people yell antisemite stuff like ” death to the kikes in the IDF” ?


I’m used to them shouting it, I don’t get offended. I am the mirror of them, they have created many more like me with their “let’s destroy Israel” crap. For example, the Houthis motto is death to Israel and the Jews even though we don’t have a conflict with them, I don’t get offended it’s their way of live. But I’m sure as hell happy when each one of them dies by the Arab Coalition.


Then I simply feel sorry for what you have become. Turning into the worst of the monsters in front of you and behaving in the exact same absurd and blindly hateful manner, while not showing a modicum of distinction in comparison to their lowest standards is just plain sad. Those Afghan villagers have never done anything to you or even the IDF or Israel, yet you somehow manage to hate them so much as to rejoice at each and every kill,even the most horrible and undeserved death hapmening in their homes. Shame on you. You would deserve the exact same fate yet I won’t want that since it makes no sense to wish ill to people I don’t even know, and it becomes absurd to even continue discussing with a braindead.


Those Afghans would kill israelis without a reason if they had a chance, you know it very well gryzor. Do we have a conflict with the Houthis? none, except them being an iranian puppet. So yo uexpect me to show mercy? why? they would have slaughtered my family and kill my people if they could. The only thing is they can’t, because of people like me who are willing to fight to the death against them and their ideology.


I’m not speaking of the Houthis here, I’m discussing the article about innocent Afghans getting killed in cold blood by hateful criminal serving among the Australian SAS and getting investigated for it, why do you try to distract away from the topic ? Houthis are armed men with military training and they know what they’re in for in their own country, some of them are religious zealots indeed probably with an antisemitic element and that is obviously terribly wrong (just like the many racist Jewish supremacist zionists serving under the IDF banner are utterly wrong) and some are nationalistic traditionalists defending their centuries-old tribes against foreign Saudi invasion, and they don’t even care about Israel or Iran for that matter, it’s a question of sacred soil and nothing else.

Some of “those Afghans” you so mercilessly chastise even beyond death never even participated in the active war taking place in their country, there were regular farmers whom have probably never bore a weapon in their lives, that’s the whole point of the article, eyewitness accounts and suspicions of the investigations.

Now if you arbitrarily choose to presume that every innocent person there is actually not that innocent since it “could have killed Jews” then we’re slowly slipping in fascist grounds, so be careful. Indeed by following that doctrine and rationale, anyone and everybody in a given country or society can be found guilty and deserving of death by your supreme hand self-proclaiming both judge and jury, reading their minds and intent and hammering them down in anger without second thought without any need for compelling evidence to do so., which is both absurd and extremely dangerous .

“Nobody is innocent, and those who seem are hiding their game as they are all evil” said the Nazis of Jews, Communists, Gays, Homosexuals, Slavic people , Gypsies or anyone simply opposing their views.

Now I gather you said you don’t mind becoming the exact mirror of your worst foes. So if that includes becoming as fascistic as they are, going the eye for an eye route and not minding killing of innocent any more than they do : be my guest.

Bobby Twoshoes

We should bring back hanging for these cunts, they bring shame on Australia for no benefit other than our colonial occupier. It saddens me that the only sovereign decision we are able to take is whoring our sovereignty out to yet another dying empire.

johnny rotten

History teaches that the worst psychopaths are the kapò, more dissolute than the masters who command them, and commit the most serious crimes, why should an Australian kill an Afghan thousands of miles away from home? only psychiatry can explain it, perhaps but not for sure.

Lone Ranger

The learned it from Sugardaddy U.S.
They were already doing that in Nam.

Zionism = EVIL

Anglos by nature are cowardly cunts, largely due to their broken societies and lack of humanity. Americunts are the biggest war criminals in history followed by little arse licking lapdogs like UK, Canada and Australia.

Антон С

No talibaners around? Create them! Killed a local one? Put AK (not 47th, it’s prototype) near body and blame dead one – he won’t answer to your charges. C – clever.

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