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Australia Suspended Airstrikes In Syria, Refers To US Downing Of Syrian Warplane And Russian Response

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Australia Suspended Airstrikes In Syria, Refers To US Downing Of Syrian Warplane And Russian Response


Australia has temporarily suspended air strikes in Syria following the US. downing of a Syrian military jet and the Russian reaction to it.

On Sunday, the US warplane downed a Syrian Air Force Su-22 in the area south of Tabqah in the province of Raqqah. The US-led coalition accused the Syrian Air Force of bombing Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters in the area. However, this claim was described untrue by opposition and pro-SDF sources.

On Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that it is halting all interactions with the US within the framework on the memorandum of incident prevention in Syrian skies. The ministry added that now Russian missile defense will follow any US-led coalition aircraft west of the Euphrates River.

On Tuesday, Australia’s Department of Defence said in a statement that “As a precautionary measure, Australian Defence Force (ADF) strike operations into Syria have temporarily ceased.” However, it added that “ADF personnel are closely monitoring the air situation in Syria and a decision on the resumption of ADF air operations in Syria will be made in due course.”

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Don't read butthurt replies

Criminals only understand one language, violence. And with violence one should reply to them.

Nigel Maund

The US is without all doubt playing complex double games and is a war criminal. It undoubtedly supports ISIS and is working to a hidden agenda. All its actions have been illegal and in breach of all International Laws which they clearly do not repect. The situation is both untenable and downright dangerous. The US is now, without any doubt, the most dangerous country in the world.


You are partly right. According to leaked emails and recordings, the US are aware of their allies funding ISIS and allowed them to do so. In Hillary clinton email leaking, she wrote that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were the primarily funders of ISIS and that the CIA had full knowledge of that. In a leaked recording of John Kerry, he states that Obama allowed ISIS to grow and expand in order to force Assad to negotiate.


1> Russians are not aggressors.
2> Russians have given full support to Syrian nation.
3> Russians have sacrificed their lives for the dignity and safety of children of Syria.

4> Russia is a great nation in entire World by discipline, talent, education, industrial infrastructure, science and technology.
5> Russia has more universities than any other regional countries and education in Russia is compulsory for both genders male and female.

6> Russia produces 100% defence weapons in their home country.

7> The nation of Russia is the most beautiful nation in the world that know how to live with dignity.

8> The world’s first satellite launched by Russia called Sputnik-1. The world’s largest and durable space rocket motors produced in Russia, even NASA purchases it.

9> The world’s large number of heaviest ICBM produced in Russia.
10> The world’s first fusion reactor produced by Russia called Tokamak.

11> The world’s first largest three stage thermonuclear weapon produced by Russia called Tsar Bomba with a capacity of 100 Megatons. It was tested with low strength 50 Megatons capacity.

12> The world’s fastest airspace defense system produced in Russia.
13> The world’s first space lab has produced by Russia called Mir.

14> The world’s first largest cargo aeroplane produced by Russia called Antonov An-225 Mriya.
15> The world’s safest man and cargo space transport vehicles produced by Russia.

16> Russia has the largest numerous industries in the whole world.
17> The world’s largest fighter jets and bombers produced in Russia.
18> Russia is a modern country. Many cities of Russia are hidden from Satellites.

Tudor Miron

I’m Russian sitizen and while I love my Motherland but I don’t agree with those that similar to US ecceptionalism try to promote somekind of Russian supremacy over the rest of our home (planet Earth). Don’t want to offend but your post looks strange to me… Yes this is a great country, with great history, great nation (multinational historically) etc. But we’re not above or below any other nations – we’re part of Human race.


You are from Ezrahel.

Tudor Miron

Christianblood and Stephen, what exactly are you agruing with me about? :)
I’m from Ezrahel? That’s no even funny my friend. If you look up my posts than you’ll clearly see what I support and what I’m against.

I’m Russian of Moldavian nationalty (mix of Moldavian, Ukrainian and Greek blood) and I live in Moscow suburb. I don’t hide my name (like many do) and openly express my opinions. Here’s a link to my work (sorry, didn’t update the blog for a year or so) https://www.drive2.ru/r/nissan/79138/

Christianblood, I’m not saying that what Stephen wrote is not true and if you check the link above than there’s good evidence for your added statement :)

All I’m trying to say is that Russians are not better or worst than any other country. Saying that we, Russians are better than others is humiliating for other nations/countries and that’s exactly the opposite to what Russia is standing for – equal rights vs hehemony and domination of one nation over other nations.
Even the rogue states like US for example – overhelming majority of US sitizens are normal people just like me and you. It’s just that they have no say in what their rulers are doing (democracy my ass).

If you didn’t grasp it yet – YES, Russia is a great country and Russians (of different nationality) are great people. Yet we equally respect all the other great (even if small in numbers) nations and countries. We understand that they are our brothers – Human beings.

Promoting Russian supremacy is no better than promoting Jew’s or American supremacy. Try to think about that.


My comments are always based on facts.

If somebody doing great job then he deserves to be appreciated.

I cannot bear insects suffering so how I will bear human suffering.

I am not from Middle East even my parents and grand parents are not from ME but I have human feelings. I feel pain for others any where in the world.

I don’t want to argue with you but most sites are full of Ezraheli terrorists. That is why your comment smack of Ezrahel. Sorry.

Tudor Miron

Salute my friend. No hard feelings here but we will all benefit if we read the posts before jumping the gun :) That’s exactly what “shakehead parasites” want – divide and conquer us.

Justin Ryan

Most insulting thing u can say to a Russian or a ukrainian is that they are Jewish!
Its worse than Calling a black gangster a N—-r!
If anyone called me a Jew….. id beat them until they were on their knees begging me to stop!
And im a pure White Aussie with english and Irish Ancestry!


You aren’t an Australian you ignoramus, you’re an illegal immigrant, piss off back to Europe.


Are you infected with the Western disease known as Moral Relativism? Stephen is 100% right in all he wrote about Russia. Thanks Stephen. Keep it up please!

I will add one thing to the list, Stephen:
Russian women are the most beautiful, the most caring and the kindest women on Earth!

Gabriel Hollows

You both sound like shills.

>inb4 i get accused of being an US/CIA plant

Tudor Miron

Please, check my reply to Stephen and you (below).

Justin Ryan

totally agree! Although i support Russia in this war and its foreign policy (not its domestic policy) Russia is very far from being innocent! However…. Ukraine is a disgrace in my view!


Official Australia eh? Dontcha just love ’em? Uberloyalty until there’s a risk of retribution and then voom, off like a rat up an aqueduct.


You are being unfair. NO ONE in the anti-isus coalition is flying west of Euphrates now!


Of course I am, I’ve had it in for Australia since they dumped the turgid God Save the Queen and didn’t choose Waltzing Matilda….Wimps!

Justin Ryan

Australia was the first country in the commonwealth to vote on its independence in order to become a republic…. not needing a war or revolution! We chose to stay…. i believe commonwealth nations are mainly the best countries in the world!
Australia fights in ww1, ww2, vietnam, korea, borneo, gulf war 1, gulf war 2, afganistan, east timor, libya, syria…… maybe u should show more respect!
Australia lost more people per head of population than any other allied country in ww1 and ww2! We committed more troops % than USA…. lost more soldiers….. and still hold the record for fighting in a battle that lost the most forces (against turkey) for the smallest amount of land (not bigger than 2 tennis courts)
So from australia i can say to the USA fucktards whom supported Osama bin laden and his Al-quieda, whom allied with sadam hussein, whom allies with Saudi arabia whom heads the UN human rights council, whom has invaded oil rich nations since the fall of the soviet union, whom flew out the bin laden family the day after 9/11 when the entire USA flights were grounded, whom allied with Iran but when Iran did not want the USA leeching sucking its resources then sanctioned them for 30 years and gave sadam hussein chemical weapons (re: donald Rumsfeld admits this.. re: hand shake with Sadam on internet).

Sadam Hussein then goes on to use these US supplied chemical weapons against his own people “The kurds”.

So from an Aussie who fucking hates the USA i can say from the bottom of my heart…..



Australia became a republic when the right of appeal to the Privy Council was abolished in 1986. Australians ran away at Gallipoli, Messines Ridge, then ran away again in 1942, volunteering to be a US protectorate. Failed in Vietnam, failed everywhere except when torturing boat people or boiling real Australians to death in the back of the van. The Seppoes can have you.

Justin Ryan

Australia is not a republic u moron!
We have a Govenor General!
The Govenor general sacked on of our prime ministers and the canadian GG sacked a minister only 10 years a go also!

The queens head is on 2017 coins, our ships are HMAS, if u go to court its “the queen versus …..”

We are a commonwealth country!

We failed in Vietnam? Hahaha u must have had a hard time on google search! In face the americans couldnt leave vietnam until they had a kill ration as good as australia’s! They were so surprised when they studied that their kill ration was only slightly better than the VC!

VC had so much respect for Australian’s just as the Turks do!

VC called us “phantoms of the jungle”

Australians run away lol!
Saved american special forces in operation annaconda! Taught american forces tier 1 special ops in 1979

In turkey we won galliopli, we won the high ground and held it for 6 months (ive been there and the turks even told us this)
Ataturk would attack our positions and lose! The brits arrived with their ships to bomb the turks and then to replace our ships! Bombed aussies instead! Ataturk charged again but failed again!
British troops came to relieve us and they lost the high ground in 2 hours!

This is written by Turkish historians! When i go to turkey, they literally bow to us! Yet they hate americans!

Yes, they literall bow to australians!

Torturing boat people lol! U idiot! We send them to christmas island! Its like a jail! They then protest


England has been a republic since 1688 you div.

Justin Ryan

They’re a Monarchy u fucking twat! The Queen gets reported to weekly by the Prime minister and she can sack the prime minister!

Why are u so dumb?

here…. first thing u will find in a google search U DUMB PIECE OF SHIT!

“Republicanism in the United Kingdom is a movement that seeks to replace that country’s monarchy with a republic. For those who want a head of state, the method by which one should be chosen is not agreed upon, with some favouring an elected president, some an appointed head of state with little power.”

“In UK there is indirect democracy in which representatives of people are elected by majority for parliament and the head of state is hereditary (Queen Elizabeth 2). That’s why it is a constitutional monarchy.

On the other hand in case of India there is also indirect democracy in which representatives of people are elected by majority for parliament and the head of state is elected indirectly by representatives of people (President), that’s why India is Republic.”

Are u Black?

All u say…. all u do…. is worthless!

I win!
U lose!



Do your homework, you colonial arsewipe.

Justin Ryan

Hahahaha coronation oath act of 1688

Australia wasn’t discovered until 1775 u moron.

Everything u write is wrong hahaha

“Australia became an independent nation on 1 January 1901 when the British Parliament passed legislation allowing the six Australian colonies to govern in their own right as part of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia was established as a constitutional monarchy.”

England doesn’t have colonies anymore. We don’t pay a cent to England.

So Australia is apart of a constitutional monarchy and England is a constitutional monarchy.

None of us are a republic.

U ARE dumb!

Why are u so dumb?

I think u make up bullshit and then desperately look for a link that proves ur point. And the links u send say nothing about what u are talking about.

Dude…… u are literally walking urself into stupidity. Do u hate facts that are against what u wish to be true.

Dude u live in a dream world..

If u can’t handle the world then buy a truck load of cotton wool and fill ur house with it. Live in it and never leave ur house.
That’s my advice.

Oh and read a fucking book once in a while for Christ sakes.


You’re running away even faster than the cowards at Gallipoli; is it something in the water?

Justin Ryan

Are you still here? Wah!


We’re all Africans, even you you fat git. Put your trousers on and get a life.

Justin Ryan

Australia has supported the USA in every war! Wars that were not even Australia’s wars!
The US shot down a Syrian war plane in Syria!
Lets shoot down a US war plane in the USA and see what happens!

Australia arnt gonna follow the US off a cliff!

Keep in mind, turkey is against USA, Germany now too!
As for loyalty….. how about BULLIED into helping!
Try those shoes on for size!

This war is OVER!


Good! Now suspend them permanently.


Syria and its allies, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Shiite militia have to do this:
ignore the desperate, pro-ISIS U$ and Nato side provocations for now, Focus All your efforts on destroying and eliminating various jihadist U$ proxies such as ISIS and others in the Palmyra-Deir Ezzor-Raqqah Triangle and other vital areas. To be able to do this, bring in thousands of troops from Iran and Russia and highly intensify the air and ground campaigns against the terrorists and don’t let up the pressure. Also Russia, please keep the de-confliction hotline switched off and keep tracking and targeting the U$ and its pro-ISIS coalition planes. U$ BACKSTABERS and its evil, pro-ISIS ALLIES CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Period!

คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

US are INTERNATIONAL MAFIA PLUS TERRORIST COUNTRY . Violate international ,UN law and regulations.

Veritas Vincit

– “Australia is in the process of receiving an upgrade to “enhanced Partnership” status, giving greater diplomatic and military access to NATO operations. Australia is represented by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and Defence Minister David Johnston, who have Russian president Vladimir Putin firmly in their sights.” (NATO summit: Australia strengthens ties with Atlantic alliance, By Mark Corcoran, [Australian] ABC news, 05/09/2014)

Despite its temporary cessation of air operations in Syria (due to concerns of a Russian military response), Australia will continue to augment U.S./NATO operations in various active conflicts. Australia is a major non-NATO ally and is seeking to enhance its partnership status. For example:

– “there are indications that NATO will be much more active in Australia’s region than in the past. The Alliance will approve a new strategic concept later this year to guide NATO’s objectives, strategy, and force planning, which will clarify the role NATO may play in the Asia Pacific. The new concept will acknowledge that NATO remains, at its core, a transatlantic alliance.” [Dr Stephan Frühling and Dr Benjamin Schreer are Lecturer and Senior Lecturer in the Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University] (Australia and NATO: A deeper relationship?, LowyInterpreter, 11 October 2010)

It is worth observing Australia is fully integrated into the U.S./NATO military bloc and operations. Australian assets also play a key role in destabilisation, partition and regime change operations within the Russian Federation. Much of Australian media are actively engaged in an information war/propaganda (anti-Russian narratives involving demonising efforts, predetermined assignment guilt for incidents, the misrepresentation of events, omission of accurate context, etc. as part of efforts to cultivate anti-Russian public opinion). The hosting of U.S. (and Singapore) military forces, including nuclear capable air and naval forces (largely in preparation for potential military conflict with N Korea and China), the integration into allied missile architecture and the nature of military exercises and procurements indicate accelerating preparations.

In the event of a more significant military conflict (an increasingly likely scenario despite efforts to prevent this outcome), Australia will similarly continue to augment U.S./NATO operations. Regardless of what subsequent Australian polices are pursued in Syria (anti-Syrian government operations in various forms and mechanisms will almost certainly continue in some format), Australia continues to clarify its posture and status as an adversary through its actions (with much rhetoric limited to manipulation as similarly employed by U.S. officials). It is likely the policies of the Russian Federations and China will quietly respond accordingly.

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