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Aussie Government Unleashes Counter-Terror Unit To Halt Youth Crime Storm


Originally appeared at Zero Hedge

The Northern Territory (abbreviated as NT) is a federal Australian territory covering 520,902 square miles with a total population size of 245,000 (8th largest in Australia).

A brand new report from the NT Police Commissioner indicates an elite unit of the Australian Federal Police called Territory Response Group (TRG) will be using military grade weapons to patrol Alice Springs and Darwin at night.

Aussie Government Unleashes Counter-Terror Unit To Halt Youth Crime Storm

Commissioner Reece Kershaw confirms TRG’s deployment to the area and said, it’s in response to concerned communities as the youth crime wave spirals out of control.

Timing of the deployment is for the holiday season, as many local officials believe crime will surge.

Police estimate more than 50 percent of property break-ins in NT are from youths as young as 10 to 12-years old. TRG will be using military grade equipment and weapons to monitor people  kids “acting suspiciously”.

“We’ve had information around Alice Springs of kids jumping onto roofs of hotels and stealing people’s wallets and all sorts of things. TRG will be there to act as surveillance, and what we call the night-time assessment team”, Mr Kershaw said.

According to ABC Australia,

The announcement came a week to the day since a royal commission delivered its report on youth detention and child protection systems in the Northern Territory. The report published damning findings about police over-arresting and over-charging children and youth.

A recommendation to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 12 years of age has so far been accepted by the NT Government “in principle”. Legal groups have called for an immediate moratorium on child arrests, but so far the Government has not provided a timeframe on when the recommendation would come into effect.

Earlier this year, A Current Affair, an Australian TV media outlet, launched an investigative report called ‘Aboriginal Youth Crime Storm In NT’.

The mind blowing report highlights the out of control crime by youths breaking into commercial and residential properties.

TRG will be providing protection and surveillance to community members in Darwin, the capital of NT, and Alice Springs, a community in the most southern point of the territory through the holiday season.

Aussie Government Unleashes Counter-Terror Unit To Halt Youth Crime Storm

The Australian Bureau of Statistics says the “youth offender rate, as measured per 100,000 persons aged 10–17 years, was highest in the Northern Territory”.. As noted on the chart below, theft is the most popular by youth offenders.

Aussie Government Unleashes Counter-Terror Unit To Halt Youth Crime Storm

Mr Kershaw did not provide concrete evidence of what started the youth crime wave, but offered to give his opinion on broken families and domestic violence.

We’d rather prevent crime before it occurs, and some of these kids are out on the streets because of things like domestic violence.

We know that because of studies of repeat young offenders and some of their history. We’re going to be working with Territory Families and other agencies and NGOs to answer how do we provide that safe place for these kids to go to, and keep them on the right path.

At the moment, we’re bringing these children and youth before the courts, and nothing has come to me to say we’re breaking the law — we’re here to uphold and maintain social order.

And lastly according to ABC Australia, TRG officers would be approaching children as young as 10 while camouflaged and carrying assault weapons, Mr Kershaw said it was up the response group to determine how they conducted their operation.

Aussie Government Unleashes Counter-Terror Unit To Halt Youth Crime Storm



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  • FlorianGeyer

    I am sure this will not end as intended. Using the Israeli doctrines of how to educate and control children with bullets and torture has worked soooooo well in Israel of course.

    The Zio-Nazis in Australia are a chip off the old block it seems.

    • Kathleen

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  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    “Mr Kershaw did not provide concrete evidence of what started the youth crime wave…”

    Is he kidding? It is an Abo crime wave *because* they are Abos. Just as in the US there is a Negro crime wave *because* they are Negroes.

  • Veritas Vincit

    The militarisation of law enforcement is an aspect of the broader developing militarism of Australia (that involves its participation in successive allied wars of aggression and proxy warfare operations, including against Syria and importantly the Russian Federation [involvement in Ukrainian operations]).

    Australian military/intelligence is aware that active proxy warfare operations against Syria (and previously Libya, violating international law through the conduct of proxy wars of aggression) involves the allied support of terrorist-listed/affiliated groups. Australian military operations in Syria are also in violation of international law:

    – “The “collective self defence “ justification was also used by Foreign Minister Julie Bishop [to] explain the legal basis for Australia’s announced intention of intervening in the Syrian war. Her answer then was identical to that of Dunford. Neither of them was correct. Article 51 of the UN Charter does provide for collective self-defence in tightly defined circumstances. The ICJ has stipulated what those circumstances are. It requires as a minimum that a State is attacked by another State, and that the party being attacked requests assistance. It does not apply in the case of attacks by non-state actors. Manifestly, neither applies to either the US or Australia in the case of Syria. The legitimate sovereign government of Syria has not sought the help of either country. Both are operating in Syria in contravention of international law. Both the US and Australia are quick to invoke the ‘rule of law’ or the ‘rules based international order ‘ when it suits them but are singularly incapable of applying those same principles to their own conduct.” (The Situation in Syria Just Became More Dangerous, James ONeill, 10/07/2017)

    Australia also supports the Saudis that are conducting a war of aggression (and committing war crimes) in Yemen:

    – “The ABC revealed yesterday that in August, the Royal Australian Navy conducted training with its Saudi counterpart on the Red Sea, not far from where the Saudi-led coalition is enforcing its naval blockade….. The UN has warned that if Saudi Arabia does not allow the port to reopen there could be the largest famine the world has seen “in decades” and that “millions of Yemenis could starve”….. Saudi Arabia has been accused of contravening UN security council resolutions by implementing a tight air and sea blockade that has blocked all UN humanitarian flights….. Seven million Yemenis are already classified by the UN as being on the brink of famine…..”

    – “Australian firms have signed military contracts to provide weapons to Saudi Arabia, despite the regime’s ongoing war in Yemen that has killed over 12,000 people since March 2015. The Australian Department of Defense has secured four contracts to export weapons to Riyadh in the past year and Canberra has led the push for more arms sales…… Last week, Amnesty International condemned the US and UK for their “shameful” weapons transfers to Saudi Arabia, saying Washington and London were fueling the serious human rights violations and war crimes in Yemen committed by Riyadh. ” (Australia selling arms to Saudis amid war crimes in Yemen, PressTV, Mar 25, 2017)

    – “Saudi Arabia arguably remains the most prolific sponsor of international Islamist terrorism, allegedly supporting groups as disparate as the Afghanistan Taliban, Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Al-Nusra Front. Saudi Arabia is said to be the world’s largest source of funds and promoter of Salafist jihadism, which forms the ideological basis of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and others……” (Wikipedia: State-sponsored terrorism, Saudi Arabia) [yet Australia is enhancing military cooperation with Saudi Arabia]

    Recognising Australian involvement in successive allied wars of aggression, proxy warfare operations (involving the support of terrorist affiliated groups), support of regimes engaged in gross human rights violations and actions that conform to crimes against humanity (for example, the ongoing collective punishment of Palestinians by Israel and Yemeni civilians by the Saudis, etc.), it is evident that Australian beliefs and claims of moral superiority are incompatible with their actions.

    Australian officials frequently proclaims to be the upholders of international law yet Australian policies and actions continue to violate international law.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Riot gear and guns won’t fix broken families or a culture of tolerance for domestic violence.
    It only serves to furthers the break down of the social contract between the state and citizens/children.

  • The NT has introduced the welfare card, meaning that those on social security benefits will not have money deposited in their bank accounts.

    If crime has indeed gone up – the catalyst for that would have to be denying cash to an entire group of people.