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JULY 2020

Scoring Up August


Dear friends!

Thanks to your support, SouthFront collected the needed amount [5,435 USD] to continue its work in September.

In August, the project produced:

Videos: 35 (including 4 live streams and 3 analytical videos); Graphics: 219; Texts: 601.

In August, the project released a 23-minutes long documentary about the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units.

Soon, SouthFront is going to start working on a similar documentary about Hezbollah.

Thanks to your help, the project also repelled an attempt to censor SF’s Youtube channel.

Thank you all for the donations and warm words!

The number of content, which SouthFront is able to produce, depends on your donations.

Support our work:

Account: southfront@list.ru

Scoring Up August

Scoring Up August

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Scoring Up August

Scoring Up August Scoring Up August Scoring Up August Scoring Up August Scoring Up August


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Sincerely yours,

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team

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Scoring Up August Scoring Up AugustScoring Up August Scoring Up August

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Scoring Up August Scoring Up August

Scoring Up August

Scoring Up August

Scoring Up August

Scoring Up August

Scoring Up August



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  • Moussa Saab

    What happened to the video on YouTube. It said you removed the video for “scoring up august”

    • Dear friend, it works https://youtu.be/DVGnpHmow0I

      • Moussa Saab

        Yeah it works now. It somehow did not work for me then. Thanks for the reply.

        • Keith Smith

          What music used in this please?

          • It is from audiomachine. Don’t ask me the name of the song because they have too many of them. But you should definitely give a try to their channel, amazing epic music.

  • Keith Smith

    Am skint, can only recommend you guys, have been a fan since 2015 at least tho. TY SF. What music is being played on this tho please?

    • Two Steps From Hell – Heart of Courage

      • Keith Smith