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August 15th Fall Of Kabul Is US Empires’ Final Moment As Suez Canal Crisis Was UK’s

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August 15th Fall Of Kabul Is US Empires’ Final Moment As Suez Canal Crisis Was UK’s

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Written by Simon Ndiritu 


If August 2021 will be remembered for anything in history, it will be the US defeat in Afghanistan, as signified by the fall of Kabul or 15th or the departure of the last troops on 31st. The US humiliation and withdrawal is in line with a series of events that have taken place indicating social economic decay in the country. However mainstream geopolitical observers have conveniently ignored or are induced to look the other way. The international media is also awash with views of how Taliban will be unable to govern and are somehow seeking for goodwill from the west. Their prediction can only be as sound as earlier ones, which hyped and cheered the war that has sunk $ 2.2 trillion and tens of thousands of innocent Afghans life. 20 years ago, they may have predicted that the US would easily bit Taliban to pulp develop a secular and neoliberal Afghanistan. Here, I illustrate how August 15th 2021 is as significant to the US as the 1956 Suez Canal crisis was to The British. Also, I describe what the US defeat means and reveal other events that show unmistakable pattern of social economic decay and confusion in the US.

UK Colonialism and US Corporate Neocolonialism Resisted

Among the most important occurrences of 2021 have been Gaza War in May, Numerous antilock down protests, and the Fall of Kabul and dismissal of west- approved constitutional

changes in Kenya. A casual observer may view them as unrelated events. However, they are at the center of decay of US as the head of Anglo-Zionist Empire, and may have locus comparable to 1956 Suez Canal crisis, in marking serious decline of one world power. All these events illustrate the common citizenry in different countries, without backing of any state power standing against Anglo-Zionist and holding their ground or humiliating the western empire all together, here is how.

When Anglo-Zionist Empire had Absolute Power

The power of Anglo-Zionist Empire over the last century has been immense and pervasive; competing powers were virtually unable to stand it. It was comprehensively expressed through the British colonialism, the US corporate neocolonialism and a string of bloody wars spanning the globe. The brute power was rationalized through the military, media, Hollywood, judicial courts and paid researchers. This empire was able to plant a country at a place or time of its choosing. For instance, it planted white Australian in South Asia in which Asians were systematically excluded, while other whites including people from the Baltic had to be ‘Anglicized’. Another example was Israel. With a stroke of a pen, Belfour declaration crystalized on paper and Europeans Jews would then pack their bags and in 1947 establish a country on another, just like that! Planted countries continued thriving. They saw no need to be sustainable and could remain both apartheid and colonial, as the empire was able to sustain them. The policy of planting countries was British and when America assumed the leadership of the empire, the policy would entail invading and bludgeoning countries leaving well connected corporations to exploit resources. The Fed would print more dollars backed by the occupied resources, while the walls street would trade stocks of exploiting companies and of Military Industrial Complex. Everyone made money and everyone was happy. The list of examples here is endless and I will probably lose you by the time I finish expounding Iraq. In other countries, say Kenya, Egypt or South Africa, the British colonialists left puppet governments primarily serving western corporations. The evidence is endless, for instance in Kenya, there has been outcry about governments systematically over taxing local companies to give monopoly to foreign ones.

Masses Fight Back, the Empire Humiliated By its Own Contradictions

Gaza, May War

When the empire thought it defeated everything, and the world was there for the taking, 2021 happened. The first notable event occurred in early May. After Israel had spent weeks trying to evict Palestinians from Sheikh Jarah Neighborhood in East Jerusalem, the international community feigned ignorance. However, all armed groups in Gaza, and for the first time launched war against Israel. This was significant noting that Palestinians have always been on the receiving end. Gaza’s action this time round deterred Israel from launching ground invasion and inflicted significant cost. By the end of the war, the message was home even if Palestinians lost many buildings and lives. Israeli’s wings had been clipped and they no longer had leeway to start war and end it at will. Also, armed factions in Gaza were able to impose their red lines in east Jerusalem and Sheikh Jarah evictions were halted. Importantly the Government of Benjamin Netanyahu, the long-serving Israeli Prime Minister, was removed after a political deadlock that had lasted for years.

Over the same week, Kenya’s Western Backed Government and Western-backed opposition lost a bid to change the constitution, which would have been a sweeping validation of these politicians and their backers. Coincidentally, those championing the constitutional change (current president and former prime minister) are the sons of Africans that literally inherited the colonial government, as president and vice president respectively. During this ‘transition’ Britons were replaced by Africans in prevailing colonial government, and piecemeal constitutional changes were put together, and a colonial government was afterwards termed as independent state.

August 15th Fall Of Kabul Is US Empires’ Final Moment As Suez Canal Crisis Was UK’s

Illustrative Image

Taliban Country Boys, August 15th

In August, the US was withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, with hopes that the western-backed government would be left to govern. This Western-Backed Afghan government was a perfect example of colonial puppet for many reasons. First, it could not last weeks without western support. Secondly, it never sought legitimacy by solving people’s problems, which made citizens to remain poor. Thirdly, despite Afghanistan being among the poorest country, the government had ‘sovereign wealth’ stashed in western banks, which is now blocked from Taliban. Fourthly, it failed to secure citizens’ life and property, only safeguarding its installations in cities. For all intents and purposes, US projected that this government would remain in place so that there could be McDonald’s and other fast-food chains in Kabul and other cities, and Wall Street could continue trading stocks. Also, Kabul would remain a military client buying overpriced light attack aircraft, helicopters, Humvees and small arms. Lastly, it would be a noose for containing China, Russia and Iran. With this ‘Genius’ thinking from Anglo Zionists, they probably projected that their government would last for decades but it crumbled in tens of days. The fall of Kabul is one event that is important in US history as is the Suez Canal crisis of 1956 was to the British Empire. The event came eerily on the exact anniversary of 1971 closing of the Gold Window by President Nixon, which removed any real measure of fair compensation globally. The American corporate empire, as the torchbearer of the Anglo Zionist Empire has been defeated by peasant from rural Afghanistan. Consider this, the western backed government that was used to US largesse in money and tech toys could not fight, while poor rural masses with old Kalashnikovs did. This is interesting and reflects the current status of the US economy. The fed continues printing money and recording economic growth even amidst consistently declining productivity. Trump alone issued stimulus package that could account for about 20% of GDP and the economy grew by a percentage or thereabout. Americans can remain at home for moths for Covid-19 or whichever reasons and continue receiving cash. Elsewhere, millions are working very hard and cannot make a dollar per day. Despite free cash in the US, rent default is swelling and people face eminent eviction or foreclosure; some Americans receive stimulus but cannot pay rent. On the other end of the globe as signified by the Taliban, people without any resources have stood, made great sacrifice to reclaim their land or dignity. This is similar to the Gaza war in May, or botched constitutional amendments in Kenya.

Kenya’s Judiciary, 20th August

On 20th August, the court of appeal in Kenya dismissed governments’ appeal to amend the constitution. As I said earlier, the constitutional change movement was driven by pro-west government and opposition. These are people whose only claim to powered is that the British colonialist government left it to them. To them, the concept of social contract is not important so long as they continue drinking from cornucopia of western corporations. They are comfortable strangling local businesses at the expense of foreign ones while pretending to be democrats of being guided by ‘rule or law’. Traditionally, they have built roads with motorways for corporations and tourists but no cycling lanes, pedestrians’ paths or shades for citizens. What is interesting is how Kenyan Judicial system, which is based on British common wealth threw away the arrogance and machinations of western backed politicians. The Anglo-Zionist Empire that props these politicians is in so much disarray, such that like in Afghanistan, it did not foresee humiliating defeat that ended up being broadcast in western media.


The west and its paid analyst will continue behaving like nothing happened. The attention will be placed on the incompetence of Taliban in governance or their women’s right violations there. Nonetheless, the leadership understands that times have changed. On August 31st, President Joe Biden hinted that US withdrawal was the end of the US military trying to ‘remake countries’. It’s erroneous to assume that he said this out of altruism. The simple reason of Biden’s statement is realization that his country can no longer afford or is in no position to engage in forever wars. Confusion and contradiction is not only visible in the US but also in the collective west. Their empire that could plant countries at will or destroy others for fun will have to retreat to its capital for some time and stick to badmouthing opponents. At the same time, potentially groundbreaking events at home are expected.


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Simon Ndiritu

It is not out of Joe Biden’s Benevolence that he stated that exit from Afghanistan marked the end of the US military trying to ‘remake’ other countries.

L du Plessis

When the US Military industrial Complex closes down then only will the world have peace.


Unfortunately L du Plessis, this will only make way for the Sino-Russian MIC. War is the most lucrative business in the world, until we address this we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Simon Ndiritu

That is a lazy conclusion. China is growing without invading anyone, same as Russia, or Brazil

Deng Xiaoping

The axis of the US Military Complex and the US Neo-Con cabal seek absolute power and control everywhere. Including within the US itself, against the average US citizen’s interests, as they borrow against public monies to fund ridiculously over-scaled annual military budgets and fund aggressive overseas wars of conquest. They are a hostile elite in both the domestic sphere and in international arena.

Simon Ndiritu

The sad thing is that decent people in the west think that the cabal work for “their values”. The truth is, a fair future, decent health care and education is being lost as all money is expended to the military, which has very little capital mobility. As a result, their economic models are stuck to wars and not innovation or production. The next shock in their economies, or global dedollarization will leave economies that can’t function. It will be worse that eastern Europe

Simon Ndiritu

The greedy MIC needs to continue with is fear mongering and robbing Americans of fair chance at decent education or healthcare, until the sheepish rednecks decide to take back their country. If not, rednecks can tolerate the gravy train until the next financial recession.

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