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Attacks Continue In Iraq: ‘Explosive-Laden Drones’ Targeted US Forces In Erbil Airport (Videos)

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Attacks Continue In Iraq: ‘Explosive-Laden Drones’ Targeted US Forces In Erbil Airport (Videos)

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Late on September 11, two drones attacked US-led coalition forces in Erbil International Airport in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

Col. Wayne Marotto, a spokesman for the coalition, said that “counter measures” were used to defeat the drones. Yet, one of the drones impacted inside the airport, while the second impacted outside the perimeter of the airport.

“Each attack against the GoI [Government of Iraq], KRI [Kurdistan Region of Iraq] and the Coalition undermines the authority of Iraqi institutions, the rule of law and Iraqi National sovereignty,” the spokesman said in a statement. “These attacks endanger the lives of civilians, & the partner forces from the ISF, Peshmerga & Coalition.”

The Directorate General of Counter Terrorism in Kurdistan said that the attack was carried out with two “explosive-laden drones”. According to the directorate, the attack didn’t result in any casualties or material losses.

Drones have been already used multiple times to attack US-led coalition bases in different parts of the Kurdistan Region this year.

  • On April 14, a suicide drone hit Erbil International Airport. The target of the attack was reportedly a hanger containing equipment for the US Central Intelligence Agency. Pro-Iranian forces were blamed for the attack.

  • On June 26, a drone swarm attacked a number of targets near the US Consulate in Erbil. Pro-Iranian forces were again blamed for the attack.

  • On July 23, a suicide drone targeted the US-led coalition’s al-Harir base near Erbil. A pro-Iranian group calling itself Liwa al-Tha’arin [the Rebel Brigade] claimed responsibility for the attack.

Pro-Iranian forces will not likely cease their attacks on US-led coalition troops in the Kurdistan Region and other parts of Iraq anytime soon. Washington is still refusing to withdraw its troops from the war-torn country.


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L du Plessis

Get out oil thieves get out!!

Assad Defeated Zionists

Bush told a ‘stunned’ Tony Blair he was going to attack Iraq just three days after 9/11.

Rhodium 10

US AD systems have failed again…

Icarus Tanović

Fuck around and I get hardcore, C-4 to your door, no beef, no more nigga. Feel the rough, scandalous, the more weed I puff, more dangerous.

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Lance Ripplinger

The dumb American Empire is rotting away. Sooner or later, they will be forced out of Iraq.

US & EU are Zion slaves

The easy thing to do is to kill all backward Sunnis at once, just look at Iraq, both the Iraqi and Kurds – Sunnis help the US+NATO and kill for them like pigs and even now they give safe heaven to yanquis.

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