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Attack On Manbij Has Not Begun Yet, FSA Spokesman Says

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Attack On Manbij Has Not Begun Yet, FSA Spokesman Says

FSA members are looting the city of Afrin

A spokesman for the Syrian Nation Army (SNA) denied that the attack on the northern city of Manbij has begun and said that the Free Syrian Army (FSA) reinforcements, which were deployed near the city a day earlier, are only a part of the ongoing preparations for the upcoming battle.

“These movements have led some [Turkish-backed] commanders into believing that the battle has begun. However, these movements were meant to test and reinforce the frontlines,” Yousef Hammoud told the Syrian news outlet Enab Baladi on December 26.

Hammoud went on and denied that there are any negotiations with the Syrian Demcoratic Forces (SDF) on Manbij. The spokesman said that they don’t negotiate with “terrorist-designated groups.”

A day earlier, a pro-Turkish militant group, Jabhat al-Aisalat wal-Tanmia, declared the “start” of military operation against Kurdish armed groups in Manbij. The announcement coincided with the deployment of several units of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the Russian Military Police in village of Arima west of the city.

The fate of the strategic city appears to be swinging between a Turkish-led invasion and a possible deal between the SDF and the Damascus government. As for now, U.S. forces are still present in the city and around it.

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  1. Redadmiral says:

    So, the Yanki Scumbags are playing mind games with the SAA and it’s allies. Hoping to bomb Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah and SAA before they fuck off or maybe start a world war.

    1. Justin says:

      Nah they are pulling out for real! They believe Syria is a quagmire that will be a vietnam scenario! Pulling out first gets them out clean without any clean up money to be paid! I kind of agree with this! Russia will have a very hard time keeping everyone happy! Kurds, SAA, Turkey, iran and Israel! Plus their own interests!
      USA can claim victory over isis and their citizens will know no better! They all will think “mission accomplished” and thats enough for them!
      US has major debt issue and is facing a REAL crisis via the Fed bumping up interest rates! But guess what…. Jews own and run the Fed! Id say trump made a move based on what the Fed is doing! Putting Israel in an uncomfortable position! France cant afford to take over, they already have protests concerning taxes!
      There is a lot more to this than u know!

  2. jorge says:

    The turkish takfiris are guys of the Muslim Brotherhood, common criminals escaped from the prisons and the worst scum of the syrian society, more the international jihadi mercenaries like those of the turkestan party. If is with these guys that Erdogan want to conquer and build his “Syria”, the man must be crazy.

  3. Rodger says:

    It seems far more likely to me that they’ll cut deals with Arab tribes in the south, east of the Euphrates and with the oil, to KO the Kurds with a double hit. The SAA destroys the SDF by breaking off the Arab support and the Turks get rid of some YPG forces in the north. After that Erdogan can proclaim victory and let Syria clean up the mess. Erdogan can station the troops ‘on the border’ to further fight the Kurds in his own backyard.

    1. Bill Wilson says:

      Where’ve you been? The Kurds consider the oil & gas fields to be Syrian state property so have been allowing Damascus to repair and operate those where it’s safe. They worked out a deal with Damascus to get paid a royalty on oil & gas sales to help pay for the civil administration of the regions they’ve liberated and pay the local Arab militias that guard those fields.

  4. Benoit Balderacchi says:

    Turk one day Turk everyday !

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