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“ATO” Headquarters: Chronicle of Morning Delirium

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"ATO" Headquarters: Chronicle of Morning Delirium

An Ukrainian military expert informs the international community about the Russian invasion

SouthFront doesn’t know how much vodka ATO headquarters drinks or how much drugs takes. We just observe the result. 

This article originally appeared at Rusvesna, translated from Russian by Olga Seletskaia

The headquarters of the so-called “ATO” are in panic: the separatists are violating the Minsk agreement, firing at Military Forces of Ukraine (MFU) positions with heavy weapons. What caused such a panic in the ranks of senior Ukrainian military leadership? Let’s take a closer look at it.

This morning media-center “ATO Headquarters” reported on the use of prohibited in the Minsk Agreement weapons by the Armed Forces of DPR and by the people’s militia of LR. Allegedly, this explains the failure of the punitive units under Novolaspoy, in the suburbs of Avdeevka and in the Gorlovka direction.

In fact, it’s the MFU (Military Forces of Ukraine) that use banned by Minsk weapons, including MLRS “Grad”, as evidenced by numerous sources , including the reports of the OSCE mission.

That’s what ” Facebook – ATO Headquarters ” writes about the current situation:
“On August 11, from 18:00 to midnight Ukrainian Army positions were under 120 mm mortars’ fire in Novgorodskoye, twice in Peski and Avdeevka. Around 21:00 the terrorists were firing from 152-mm caliber artillery at Krasnogorovka. In addition, at 23:45 the criminals used multiple rocket launchers in the area of Krasnogorovka. Near Mariupol from 19:00 militants were firing from 120-mm mortars and from 152-mm caliber artillery at Starognatovke and Chermalyku.”

However, the Facebook press center is modestly silent about what caused this fictional report.

The cause of the impressive blows that allegedly militias generously “rewarded” Ukrainian “heroes” ( DPR / LR are strictly observing the Minsk Agreement), was a thoroughly planned and prepared by MFU reconnaissance, the purpose of which, apparently, was to test the defense of the DPR and to feel the state of morale of servicemen in the Republic Military Forces.

They “tested”. The morale is high (about 12 “200”s and several dozen wounded in MFU) .

Also, according to the Ukrainian side, MF of DPR (Military Forces of Donetsk People Republic) violated ceasefire 87 times ( 12 cases of artillery, 21 – mortars, 5 – MLRS, and 65 times – mortars) . Anyone who can think critically will notice an obvious duplicity here. Witnesses from the local population on both sides of the demarcation line clearly explain that it is the MFU that sin with the use of cannon artillery and MLRS. Including weapons that are often deployed in densely populated areas. For example, in Avdeevka one of the batteries is located in the backyard of a nine-storey apartment building! By the way, this fact is recorded by Ukrainian servicemen themselves, who took a video of this battery a work on their mobile phones and then posted the video on YouTube.

There are many more inconsistencies and outright lies in the “ATO-Headquaters” reports. We chose the most obvious one so that readers on the territory of Ukraine had an opportunity to think independently and to draw their own conclusions.

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